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$55 pledge reward (USB drive) is back

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

Good news: Brian was able to contact the USB drive manufacturer and bump our order quantity. As a result, the $55 pledge level is once again available.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Parrell on

      *originally, wtb edit function :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Parrell on

      Think it said somewhere that they had originall ordered 2500 USBs where 2000 were ear-marked for the 55 dollar mark. So would guess they ordered 3000 now.

    3. Jesse Kona on

      @ioicctsniw - I would think you are safe, but just to be sure, you should hit "Manage Your Pledge" and verify that the correct option is selected.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Browdy on

      Upped to 55. Let's hit that $200k mark!

    5. Missing avatar

      ioicctsniw on

      So I originally backed above $55 but when the USBs were out. Does this mean that those of us in that category will get one now? And if not will we at least have access to download all the cool stuff that would have gone on said USB drive?