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Every PAX, people ask "When are you doing more Podcasts?!?!" With your help, the answer will be "Really, Really Soon."
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DLC Poster reveal, and final stretch goal

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

In the Comments section backer Mike Deskin wondered, “I wonder if there'll be any more stretch goals, or if they'll show off concept art for the poster.” Wonder no more, Mike, and marvel instead. Behold! The “Downloadable Content” poster:

This handsome 24x17 inch poster will be delivered to all backers who pledge at the $100 reward level or higher. Each bears the unofficial DLC slogan “It sounds boring!”, and each will be signed by Mike and Jerry.

Based on evidence from the last reveal of pledge reward images, many backers may choose to bump their pledges. To encourage and reward such behavior we’ve set a final stretch goal. In the spirit of this Kickstarter the final stretch goal is an audio podcast, and due to popular demand it’s a podcast of a game session. It’s the game that’s the kicker: the game is “Lost Lands”, as GM’d by Mike’s firstborn son Gabe Krahulik.

The guys talked about Lost Lands in a six-part story arc starting here. That wasn’t fiction; the game actually exists and if we hit this stretch goal Mike, Jerry, and special guest star(s) will throw down for some Warrior-Jumper / Daggerman adventure, fueled by an eight year-old’s imagination.


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    1. Steve Jolly on

      is a portion of the 50k jump from 150k - 200k get paid to gabe the younger? both for his DMing and his IP? and if so whats he going to spend it on? 50k worth of candy would be awesome :)

    2. Jason Hyer on

      Gabe Jr looks like he's getting ready to straight up murder somebody with them dice.

    3. Gold on

      I glossed over this in the past but didn't really give it much thought... but with this update I pledged just for hopes of Gabes Lost Lands! Really hoping we get to it, I love me some Warrior Jumpers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Deskin on

      For me, I originally had zero intention of going past 55 (70 - I'm in Canada). But seeing the pin design had me frothing a bit, as I loved the representation of Gabe and Tycho as the real Mike and Jerry (it was like the reverse of the comic where they drew the ultra realistic Mike & Jerry for retina display). For the in-between goal, I went on faith that the poster design would be solid. So in general I agree that a 70-ish goal in between would be good, but at the same time I feel like I dropped $100 for some potentially rare art pieces. Not so bad if you can afford it. That's probably a big "if" for a lot of people though.

    5. Dren Sokic on

      My problem is mainly the tiers, after 55 there are huge jumps in the reward tiers. Upping from 10, to 25, to 35 to 55 isn't that big of a deal. But going from 55 to hundred? And then to 150 and then to 250? Not to mention the 250 to 500 jump and then to 1000!

      This isn't a big kickstarter, it's one with an asking price of $10. Now don't get me wrong, when I saw the kickstarter I immediately jumped on the 55 tier. But upping from that to a hundred, almost doubling my pledge, that is just too big a leap. I can only imagine how people feel who are at 100 or higher when they want to up.

      Especially as it seems that none of the tiers above 500 are even touched. If they do this again, I'd like to see smaller increments, perhaps as digital only tiers or something.

      I know that, had there been a digital only tier at 70 I'd have jumped on that immediately. Because of shipping costs I'm paying 70 anyway, I'd rather it'd go to them then a package delivery company.

    6. Missing avatar

      PedroAsani on

      I worry that this goal won't be met simply because of the time constraint. I think if it had been on the list earlier it would be a lot closer to realisation.

      I'm hoping that someone swoops in and takes the Benefactor slot at the last minute, this is the best stretch goal so far.

    7. Missing avatar

      Enve on

      @Adam ...or they could add 500 and not tell us

    8. Missing avatar

      Enve on

      @Adam keep an eye on. I expect more people will jump up to the poster or pin tier from flash drive as the end draws nigh.

    9. Adam Michel on

      Add more flash drives and my pledge will increase by over 5x on the strength of this stretch goal. :D

    10. Stephen McBarnes on

      Only 48 hours left you guys. I don't think that we will make the 200,000 mark unless we all increase our pledges AND we all spread the news about the adorable final stretch goal.

    11. Dren Sokic on

      Will a ruleset be included with the stretchgoal, perhaps on the USB drive? I'd love to introduce the concept for my DND group when we're in between campaigns.

    12. Josue Feliciano on

      Probably one of the most adorable stretch goals ever. I really hope we can hit this one, I'd love to hear more of how this game works.

    13. BouwsT on

      Also, this stretch goal is AWESOME. I couldn't get my roommate to pledge, but I think THIS might tip the scale. Would SO look forward to seeing that.

    14. Missing avatar

      Megan on

      I'd just like to echo @Dan Browdy's question. I'm all for this stretch goal, just wondering if I have to be at USB drive level to get it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Deskin on

      Yeah that stretch goal is a very pleasant surprise. I've already upped my bid to pin level, and can't go any higher. Fingers crossed!

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Wallace-Tarry on

      OH MY GOD I want nothing more in the world right now than to hear this, holy shit THE ADVENTURES OF WARRIOR JUMPER AND MUHFUGGIN DAGGERMAN GM'D BY GABE KRAHULIK


    17. Missing avatar

      Dan Browdy on

      Who will have access to the podcast if we hit the stretch goal? I see no minimum backer level, but I want to make sure I don't have to bump up to a certain minimum.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Torrence on

      I wonder if there'll be any more stretch goals, or if beautiful, naked, big-titted women fall out of the sky.