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Every PAX, people ask "When are you doing more Podcasts?!?!" With your help, the answer will be "Really, Really Soon."
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Revenge of the Drive, and the Pin

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

Turns out these mockup images were too hot for the first update, so we moved image hosts for this followup. Without further ado: a mockup of the 8GB USB drive which, thanks to robust backing, is of custom manufacture:

That image is straight from our manufacturer. The stick and its cover come together to form the DLC logo badge. As of this writing the drive will contain: all previous episodes of DLC, Penny Arcade Book 3: The Warsun Prophecies, the "Downloadable Content" wallpaper, PAX Q&As from every PAX (except '06), the Paul and Storm albums "Do You Like Star Wars" and "Learning Town Soundtrack", and the MC Frontalot album "Favoritism." That's... that's a lot of juice. 

Headsup that we're limiting this drive, the $55 backer reward, to a quantity of 2,300 units. If you want this reward now's the time to back the project or to bump your pledge.

Next up is the "Downloadable Content" Pinny Arcade pin. This is a legit and official Pinny Arcade pin, fully collectable and fully tradable. If you're unfamiliar with Pinny Arcade check out . We did a soft launch at PAX East and will go strong at Prime.

Currently, 140 backers will receive this reward so it's safe to call this pin a rare.


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    1. J Pierce on

      Supply your own extension, should you need one. Otherwise, they have to build in the cost for every pledge. Better that the one person out of 100 (wild guess) who needs one just buys it.

    2. Missing avatar

      EScottH on

      USB extension... and a pony, too.

    3. Stephen McBarnes on

      For the record, I am completely satisfied by the response from PA regarding the design of the drive. I will love it so much that I will end up calling it my precious. If a small person steals it from me and tries to destroy it by throwing it in an active volcano... well then that person is really crazy to go to all that trouble to destroy a flash drive. I mean why fly to a volcano in Iceland when you can just throw it in the garbage disposal?

    4. Gabriel Garcia on

      if I may suggest? possibly add a short male/female usb extension with the drive? the awesome form factor is kept intact and people concerned about crowded ports are satisfied? it wouldn't have to be a long cord 1' at most really 6" would do I would think

    5. Missing avatar

      Asaf Nahum on

      Hi "whomever penny arcade staffer reads this"

      first of all - cant wait for the podcast, thank you for doing this :)
      now - the pin - i am not a collector type, plus i'm a poor isreali boy who cant afford stuff like this.
      but this pin - it is amazing, and encompasses everything i love about your work. i'm not exaggerating when i say the image moves me.
      now, i'm not asking for any freebies and i understand the collectabillty element. just saying that if there was a second edition (like a diffrent color bg to differentiate the first "rare" version) that sold for a normal amount of money i would wear that pin on my dash every single day, seriously.

      sorry for the long winded post, and meny spelling mistakes (not my native tongue)
      just wanted to try
      thanks for all the laughs and love

    6. Penny Arcade 3-time creator on

      For those with concerns re: the drive, we are viewing it as a collectible first, and a drive second. It'll obviously be a fully functional storage device, but it's true that we aren't taking into consideration super tight port placements, etc. We could have just put the logo onto a more traditional looking drive, but that didn't seem to be cool looking enough - the mockup shown is our compromise of form/functionality. -r

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Holst on

      @Stephen I agree - I know it's just a mockup, but man it looks like it'd be awkward to try to plug into my computer. Custom design is nice, but if it gets in the way of the actual functionality of the drive it quickly becomes self-defeating.

      That said, I'll lay my worries aside - I'm fairly confident the PA staff are competent enough to deliver us a functional drive.

    8. K J on

      @Stephen I thought the same thing, but I will let it slide as I only intend to plug it in once to copy over the content. It's a collector's item over utility.

    9. Stephen McBarnes on

      Won't the "A" on the flash drive become an obstacle when trying to plug the drive into a USB port that has other things plugged in next it? I think the "A" and maybe even the arrow should be a part of the USB drive's cap.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bobby Smith on

      @Yroark Basically yes. They've said before '06 and '08 where recorded on *gasp* TAPE which was subsequently lost. Since the kickstarter kicked off the office crew actually managed to find and digitize '08 but apparently '06 is being more recalcitrant.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin St. Laurent on

      @MichaelTighe - the pin is at the $150 level.

    12. Michael Tighe on

      I'm at the $100 level. I get the pin too, right?

    13. Austin Smith on

      It's just the $55 pledge that is limited. The $150 pledge still gets a drive, right?

    14. Bryon Yamada on

      Another pin for the collection :)

    15. Batmann Leong on

      The pin is amazing :O!

      It's going I be über rare xD

    16. Missing avatar

      Yroark on

      Question....Why is the 2006 excluded? Was it simply not recorded? Either way wicked excited that I already had the $55 backer selected.

    17. Missing avatar

      Simon Green on

      Damnit, no stealth after all.

    18. Tim Loots on

      Looking awesome! Keep up the good work!

    19. Missing avatar

      Rick Mercado on

      That pin looks amazing! That one is going into the case.