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Every PAX, people ask "When are you doing more Podcasts?!?!" With your help, the answer will be "Really, Really Soon."
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The Drive, and the Pin

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

We've got mockups of two physical backer rewards for this here Kickstarter. First up is the 8GB USB drive which, thanks to robust backing, is of custom manufacture:

That image is straight from our manufacturer. The stick and its cover come together to form the DLC logo badge. As of this writing the drive will contain: all previous episodes of DLC, Penny Arcade Book 3: The Warsun Prophecies, the "Downloadable Content" wallpaper, PAX Q&As from every PAX (except '06), the Paul and Storm albums "Do You Like Star Wars" and "Learning Town Soundtrack", and the MC Frontalot album "Favoritism." That's... that's a lot of juice. 

Headsup that we're limiting this drive, the $55 backer reward, to a quantity of 2,300 units. If you want this reward now's the time to back the project or to bump your pledge.

Next up is the "Downloadable Content" Pinny Arcade pin. This is a legit and official Pinny Arcade pin, fully collectable and fully tradable. If you're unfamiliar with Pinny Arcade check out . We did a soft launch at PAX East and will go strong at Prime.

Currently, 140 backers will receive this reward so it's safe to call this pin a rare.


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    1. Penny Arcade 3-time creator on

      Hmm. Looks like those images were too hot for KS image upload. Stand by for a followup, *very similar* update.

    2. Mewkow on

      Looks like the s3 bucket that the pictures are in isn't set to public access. "AccessDenied"

    3. Missing avatar

      PedroAsani on

      I'm guessing the images are on the same servers as the comic archive: you can read todays comic fine, but hit the previous button and you just get the error.

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Green on

      It's probably some sort of Deus Ex/Splinter Cell/Thief/Solid Snake stealth theme, which is why it's totally invisible.

      Deus Ex beats all hands down: go!

    5. Missing avatar

      nowayout11 on

      Pics or it didn't happen... literally.

    6. Mark Miller on

      Yep, no pictures for me either.

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Strauss on

      Yeah, I don't see them either.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Penny on

      @Ben. They're not showing up for me, either.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ben Torrence on

      Not sure if it's just from my end, but the images aren't loading up.

      Thanks for the update tho, I'm stoked for the podcast.