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People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.
9,069 backers pledged $528,144 to help bring this project to life.

Update #10: Kickstarter Shirt Revealed!

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

We’re less than $40k away from hitting our Strip Search stretchgoal, and we figured you would want to see the Exclusive Kickstarter T-Shirt commemorating the campaign!

This is at the $150 reward level and also includes The Dickstarter Print, Digital Versions of Books 1 and 2, Remastered Digital Singles of Jerry’s PA musical works, an 8.5” x 11” print of the Lookouts image from Update #9, a copy of Rainslick 3, names for your band AND your pet by Jerry, thoughts of you during coitus from Mike, and of course, the glue that holds this whole campaign together, Mike chasing a duck around while he shouts your name. 

11 days left!


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    1. melchar on

      Actually, 'we kicked Penny Arcade' makes it sound as though we overcame our addiction to Penny Arcade - and this is -completely- false. O.o

    2. Vaughn Romero

      I don't need a t-shirt to fund you for $150. Frankly I'd prefer you spend the pledge money on making more of the awesome web comics and videos you've given us so far. If you insist on giving me a t-shirt, I'd prefer one with a different design and tagline.

      Am I the only one who misreads the phrase "We kicked Penny Arcade" as either some kind of accomplishment a recovering addict declares or something a forum admin says after finally booting a troll? This shirt just makes me think, "I kick started Penny Arcade and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

    3. Paul on

      You'd have my money regardless of the rewards, I can't thank you guys enough for all the years of joy you've brought me.

      ... but I agree with the other comments, the design for this shirt is underwhelming. I mean its not even funny. How about something like "Yeah, I kicked that". Anyway, you're the comedic geniuses, I'll let you figure it out :)

    4. Missing avatar

      john vandyke on

      Tshirt 1.0 sucks. C'mon, you guys are artists!

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin Strauss on

      I gotta agree on this one... I'm super-fine with simple designs, but I don't feel like this is catchy at all. For example, I get asked all the time about my Child's Play shirt, and all that has is a controller with a cross in the middle, and I get to tell people about that great program. I don't feel like there's anything people will ask about on this. They'll read "We kicked!" (which is kinda funny in its own right) and assume it's a weird inside joke. I would hope for something that would allow me to discuss with people how great Kickstarter is as a support tool for creative ideas. I know that's not PA's job, to promote Kickstarter, but it just feels like, in comparison with the other shirts PA has created, this one was done in haste. I'm disappointed because I know there's something more creative in that team that they could have used here.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Ross on

      I pledged $150 myself and not a big fan of the shirt either. Honestly, this is something I could have designed. I love PA and PA shirts and was expecting something a little bit more than this. I'm not going to be changing my pledge though cuz I love PA and want to give them my money but I still wish it was a better design cuz the shirt was all I really wanted.

      I also with agree with the "We" and "I" thing. I'm not trying to say "I did it all myself" but the we feels a little odd when only one person can be wearing the shirt at a time. Then again the concept of “We” is cool cuz its highlighting the group effort even if the group is not physically next to each other. Honestly I'm ok with the "We" or "I" so long as they make a better design.

    7. Patrick Jarvi on

      Something about "We" doesn't feel right, if I pledged $150 I would expect the T-shirt to say 'I', not "We".

    8. Missing avatar

      Erik Ny on

      Keith, I meant, not Ken. Sorry 'bout that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Erik Ny on

      Ken, it's $25 for a t-shirt, since you get everything at the $125-level as well.

      That said, I kind of agree that the design leaves me indifferent. Needs some Gabe-art, I think. A Fruit Fucker or something.

    10. Dino on

      yeah, what Aaron said

    11. Aaron Genest on

      Sebastian and Keith, I'm not sure you folks get Kickstarter.... You're not paying for the stuff -- you're donating money and they're giving you a perk. If you believe in the cause, donate. Don't try to buy stuff here, that's what the online store is for.

    12. Keith Barowicz on

      150 bucks for a shirt!? GFYS! Oh...oh wait you get a whole bunch of other stuff...nm...that's pretty sweet.

    13. Sebastian Traxl on

      150 for a t-shirt? Thank you for the last 12 years or so, good luck with all your future endeavours, enjoy my no-strings-attached pledge, but we’re done.

    14. Mercedes (Mandy)

      ooh a t-shirt...maybe you can have it as an extra "add $## to your pledge for a kickstarter t-shirt" that way kickstarter backers that would like a t-shirt could get one. Oh wait, I just read the $150 level, never mind :) it's an exclusive t-shirt only for the $150 level...How about a non exclusive one for the non-$150 level :)

    15. Ken Nakai on

      Yeah, what about those of us who walked the streets and sold himself to questionable people for whatever cash he could get to afford a higher reward? I did things I will have to regret for the rest of my life and I don't even get a t-shirt for it?!

    16. Courtney Johnston von Nieda on

      I love the design but wish it came with the $300 level too.

    17. Adam Wendt on

      I'm not complaining, but I am kind of disappointed in the design. I would have thought there would be something more original than some stylized words.