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People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.
9,069 backers pledged $528,144 to help bring this project to life.

Update #9: More Lookouts Art, a New Reward, FAQ Update, Jerry Cosplay

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

With 15 days left, we've raised almost $400,000, which is nearly a half-a-million dollars, which is basically a million! Right? Or...? Listen. We don't have time to thrill you with our incredible mathematics right now. It's time to reveal the terrifying revelations of Kickstarter Update 9!

More Lookouts!

Gabe drew more concept art for Daughters of the Eyrewood to further entice you:

I know this level seems out there, but we still have 15 days!  We are also adding another reward level at $50 for a hi-resolution, 8.5” x 11” print of the above Lookouts image sent to your door. Please add $3 for international addresses. (this level also includes all previous rewards!)

Jerry Cosplay Poll Results!
I'll be honest, I'm actually a little shocked at the result. The winner is... the Fruit Fucker? I just feel like... that doesn't have a lot of shame-factor to it. This was an opportunity to really get some ridiculous photos of Jerry, and the community chose the Fruit Fucker? All right, we'll try to do something with it that will maximize embarrassment. 

Oh! And I forgot to mention in the last update with honorable mentions that we also got a lot of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew suggestions, which would have also been really funny.

Updated FAQ Questions:
Q:What if I'm out of the country, and I am unable to use Amazon payments?
A:We also accept Paypal on the side ( is our Paypal address). Make sure to send an email to with the transaction ID and what reward you'd like.

Q:If the mobile app level is reached, will it be ad-free?
A: We had not considered this! But after thinking about it, we decided that yes, it will be ad-free. 


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    1. Finlay Beaton on

      Just got the poster, it's absolutely gorgeous. Any update on if we could get a PDF of Tycho's Daughters of the Eyrewood poem to mount bellow it?

    2. Finlay Beaton on

      Can we please somehow get a version of Tycho’s Daughters of the Eyrewood poem's that we can mount bellow this art piece? Even if you just send people a pdf they can print on glossy paper, so they can mount them together. I think it really completes it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Summers on

      I still reckon Pikachu was a winner.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Zak on

      Any more details on the t-shirt design from the 150 level? I had asked about a week and a half ago and was told "We'll have a design ready to show in the next week or so I believe", so I was expecting to see something by now. Hopefully in the next few days, since it's down to 11 days?

    5. Missing avatar

      tpalmer79 on

      Thanks to Mike's amazing daughters artwork, I finally pulled the trigger and pledged what I could. I really hoped Lookouts gets funded!

    6. Paul Purvis on

      You can always paint his head as an orange, and make him wear the fruit fucker as a hat to one side. Fruit fucker thuggin' it.

    7. daft_inquisitor on

      I still say Laharl would have been FANTASTIC. Get a blue wig with antennae-hair, a pair of short-shorts, a long red scarf... oh yeah, he would have been shirtless too. Oh well, what could have been...

    8. Alexander Dietrich on

      Please build a working juice dispenser into the costume.

    9. Nathan on

      The ridiculous and embarrassing choices must have split the vote.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Pollock on

      If I'm at a higher pledge level that includes "all previous awards", will I get the print? I feel like I should probably kick in some more dosh for that! I guess I can do that anyways. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Pollock on

      Jerry doesn't have to be the FF, he could be the piece of fruit...

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. James Poag on

      Wouldn't that be a tripping hazard? Just saying.

    14. Maxwell Harris on

      The most embarrassing thing would be to have his actual dick hanging out the fruit chute. Just saying.

    15. Penny Arcade 3-time creator on

      Adam: That is correct!

    16. Missing avatar

      john vandyke on

      You guys should mount a working juicer machine as a 'belt buckle' for the cosplay costume and force Jerry to provide fresh juice on demand for attendees.

    17. Galen Ryder on

      Well now it needs to be Sexy Fruit Fucker.

    18. Adam Wendt on

      If I'm already at the $150 t-shirt reward. I automatically get the daughters of the eyrewood poster right?

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tolstoshev on

      You don't understand. It isn't just dressing up as the Fruit Fucker. He has to go hump the leg of everyone he runs into. The smart folks will stock up on oranges.

    20. Ariel Phifer on

      He rigged it, right? Guys? He dropped some mad hacker bullshit and rigged it.

    21. Missing avatar

      pantsburgh on

      I think the poll was skewed. People that wanted embarrassing female characters had several options, whereas people that wanted... fruit sexing characters... only had one choice. I bet if you guys did a bracket like Worst Company in America (or like, say, sports) then one of the female characters would win.

      The Daughters of the Eyrewood concept looks awesome guys. Thanks for sharing.

    22. Quadro on

      I don't know about the other options, but I think that the Fruit Fucker was a great choice, especially if you can get some other people to dress up as fruit.

    23. Ken Nakai on

      I suspect Jerry just went in and voted ten thousand times for Fruit Fucker since he figured it was the safest one. I say you go and get one of those Guiness Book record holders for something ridiculous like squash or a friggin tomato and have him fuck that in costume on stage at PAX Prime during the Q&A. Mwahahaha!

    24. Missing avatar

      R Potter on

      I felt like the Yummy-chan comic strip was *baited*. The timing seemed to convenient. Almost as though Jerry wanted the excuse to do it without any responsibility for the choice :P.

    25. an0maly on

      I believe having Jerry enact Fruit Fucker behaviour for the duration that he's wearing the costume (plus any other embarrassing things you come up with) would go a long way towards maximizing the humiliation and embarrassment.