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Update # 7: Deciding Jerry's Cosplay

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

It looks like we’re only $5k away from hitting the Jerry Cosplay (aka Yummy-Chan-town) stretchgoal, so we figured we’d put it to the community vote so you AND Jerry know what you’re getting into.

This is an open submission form, so write in who you think he should cosplay as for a day at both PAX East and PAX Prime 2013.

We’ll close submissions on Friday morning and then do another vote of the top 5. Thanks!


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    1. Shmee on

      I did Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo. I am not sure why but it struck me as funny at the time.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Ranger on

      Seriously, Jerry with pigtails. Sailor Moon, GO!

    3. Ori Klein on

      Bridget. There can be no doubt about it. Tycho in a Bridget custome is the ultimate horror.
      The best way for him to inflict upon the unsuspecting masses his sadistic evil side in an artistic photo-sensory manner that does not involve using words.
      His mere visage will rend souls and hearts apart.

      Make it happen!

    4. Bradley Schaefer on

      LOL @ Bunsen Honeydew. I only want to point out that you really need an accomplice Beaker for full effect.

    5. Maxx Mittelstadt on

      Bunsen Honeydew is a character I forgot about and is one of the great muppets and would be a good and easy cosplay choice forJerry.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael McDonald on

      Bunsen Honeydew, all the way.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Booth on

      Cardboard Samurai!

    8. Walt Steverson on

      Surely Jerry cosplaying as regular Gabe would mess with everyone's mind the most. Sexy Gabe does kick it up a notch but I say let the guy have some smidgen of dignity.

    9. Jonas Schiött

      Doctor Raven Darktalon Blood.

    10. Michael on

      LeeLoo from 5th element

    11. Missing avatar

      Paosheep on

      I kinda really like the idea of Olimar. It would be super adorable.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Bartlett on

      Dr Bunsen Honeydew

    13. Nick Grugin on

      I said Barry from Alan Wake

    14. Missing avatar

      Cutter Waller on

      Or perhaps Tycho's Precipice of Darkness counterpart, making a cosplay within a cosplay. Cosception.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cutter Waller on

      Perhaps this "Yummy-Chan" herself? That'd be fitting. Or, maybe as a less humiliating possibility, as Tycho, complete with the appropriate wig and everything.

    16. Rick Ernst on

      Pinhead from Hellraiser.

    17. Missing avatar

      B A Neto on

      Fluttershy :p

    18. Missing avatar

      Ritchie Thai on

      Or I guess the Doctor from Doctor Who for something more dignified that would actually look decent and which has precedence in the Penny Arcade comics.

      Knowing that we can choose anything just makes me want to abuse that power and choose something more absurd though.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ritchie Thai on

      Whatever it is, I'd like it to be something that makes him a cross dressing man child.

      Yummy-Chan works. The first thing I thought of was Twilight Sparkle.

      I'd prefer Card Captor Sakura though:…

    20. JNH on

      The right answer is Kuja.

    21. Jeremy Reimer on

      Yummy-Chan for the win!

    22. Missing avatar

      Manifesto on

      I suggested Yummy-Chan around when the comic and goal were announced, so I see no reason to change now. Make this happen -- it may call forth the end times.

    23. Missing avatar

      Adam LaMore on

      Juliet Starling

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Montgomery on

      I am resigned to the inevitability of Yummy-Chan's victory, but my vote is for the Fruit Fucker 2000.

    25. Missing avatar

      James Chandler on

      Detective Regal from Automata

    26. Thomas James Egan on

      Jerry would be a good Puppet Man, in my opinion

    27. Missing avatar

      Purple Q on

      Professor Bunsen Honeydew, and Mike should go as Beaker

    28. TPRJones on

      Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

      I bet Jerry would be stunningly dignified in the part, in his own special way.

    29. Thomas James Egan on

      Dickwolves sounds promising, but there is bound to be other great suggestions.

    30. Dude Wellen on

      Bwahaha! Yummy-Chan!!
      Ooooooor, something less hideous. Can't wait to see the top 5 choices!!

    31. Ethan Cantil-Voorhees on

      Dickwolves. Vote dickwolves.