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People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.
9,069 backers pledged $528,144 to help bring this project to life.

Update #6: $350k Reached, New Rewards Added!

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

We crossed the $350,000 mark over the weekend, so it looks like this thing has some legs. After listening to a ton of feedback, we have a few more rewards that may interest you!

Precipice Promotional 1 GB Flash Drives - $250 (30 available)
When we made Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1, we had manufactured 50 USB Credit Card drives (seen here) for media kits, etc. With this reward level you’ll receive this Flash Drive in the mail filled with the digital versions of Books 1 and 2 and the remastered Jerry tracks! We have two versions of the drive (Gabe and Tycho) – which you receive will be picked at random. Add $10 for International addresses. 

1 lb of Jerry’s Coffee Roast - $300 (10 available)
Jerry will ship to you a one pound bag of his signature coffee beans that he roasts himself. Add $10 for International addresses. 

Logo Design by PA Design - $1500 (10 available) 
Give Kiko and Erika the name of your company and a synopsis of what exactly it is you do, and delivered to you will be the one-colour AI/PDF/PSD files for your further manipulation. This is the team that designed the PAX Logo, the Trenches Logo, the Child’s Play logo, etc. 

Brew with Jerry - $2500 (4 available) 
It’s no secret Jerry loves brewing, and this reward gives you the opportunity to brew with Jerry in Seattle. You only need to handle your transportation, and Jerry will take care of the rest. Must be 21 or older. 

Ping Pong. Your Team vs. Team Inferno - $5000 (1 available) 
Invite you and up to 9 of your friends for an officially sanctioned match against Team Inferno in Seattle, WA. The most expensive pizza you have ever purchased will be included. You just need to handle transportation. 

PA will crash your birthday party - $5000 (1 available) 
Mike and Jerry and possibly some other people will crash your party and totally eat all of your food and drink everything in your fridge. Must be in the Seattle area. 

Khoo will plan your bachelor party - $7500 (1 available) 
This is for planning and day-of execution only. Robert Khoo will take whatever your pre-determined budget is and plan a… uh… experience for you and your friends. A more detailed description to this reward would be against the code. See PA:TS S02E28 for reference.

Mike and Jerry DM - $8000 (1 available) 
Mike and Jerry will be your DM for you and 3 of your friends, running an adventure just for you. You just need to handle transportation to Seattle. 

We’ve also been getting some really interesting ideas for stretchgoals from readers – if you want to suggest some before we announce our next set of them, send an email to Thanks! 


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    1. Penny Arcade 3-time creator on

      Coffee: I will check!
      Brewing: Jerry will be taking you to this place:

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt Hicks on

      Question about the coffee... what kind of coffee (area of the world) and what style of roast (dark, light, low-delta, high-delta, etc) does Jerry tend to do?

    3. Bryan Nolan on

      Also curious about the Brew with Jerry reward since the process involves multiple days of work (mash/boil, gravity readings, move to secondary if required, bottle, etc).

    4. Missing avatar

      C. Peel on

      With regards to the "Brew with Jerry" reward, does he brew all-grain, partial mash or extract?

    5. Gregory Pisacane on

      Oh my god the DM level, I'm going to need a third job. This is arguably the most fantastic thing you could offer, I'm hoping I can kick in for it with some help from my party :)

    6. Missing avatar

      David on

      These are super cool but I'm wondering how much time the team will be spending on brewing, volleying, DMing, designing, etc. to service the backers instead of the awesome projects they were hoping to have time to do? How much more time was spent on Penny Arcade Presents ads than will be on all the myriad of Mike & Jerry's (and Khoo, and Erika, and Kiko..) time-based rewards? Hard to say, probably, but it was the first thing that came to mind after this update.

    7. Missing avatar

      Clinton on

      Ah got names mixed up halfway through previous post blurgh, embarrassment.

    8. Missing avatar

      Clinton on

      Donated a dollar just to write this! (Pat me on the back XD)

      I've always been a fan of the PA art style, maybe we could get a low-mid tier reward for an avatar image drawn by Mike of ourselves for use on forums etc? I'd pay some dollars for something that was me by Jerry that I could use on Steam and everything.

      People love taking away little bits of themselves inspired by you guys.

      Another low tier reward could be someone coming to you with their own catch-phrase that couldbe intellectualised through the use of superior language by Tycho (or dumbed down by Gabe!).

    9. J Pierce on

      $5k to play ping pong might be a lot, but just think of splitting it with a group - $555 each! That's really not too bad for a stretch goal.

      I'd also like a little more detail on the "Brew with Jerry" reward (okay, who am I kidding, I can't afford it - but I AM curious!)

    10. Alex on

      Jerry brews? I know the guy has plenty on his plate already, but if he ever felt like posting about what he's working on or some of his brewing experiences I would read the shit out of that. Twice.

    11. Kuroi Kaze on

      Paint the Line was the inspiration for me to take up ping pong, I beta-tested the game, and I have signed paddles from Mike and Jerry...but $5k to play them? I'm local to Seattle and I don't have 9 friends that play. I'd love a cheaper locals-only option to play on a random team with 8 other backers. If Khoo or anyone reads this and doesn't mind extending an offer for a game or two I'm Kuroi Kaze at the gmailz so I can rush down there with my Paddle Palace custom. PS...I'm the guy that sent you Push Fight for reference (I hate to beat that dead horse but I know you meet too many people).

    12. Noah Rusnock on

      Wow! Those are some awesome rewards!

    13. Nicholas Sturm

      Jerry Loves to brew (Beer?)?

      If this is the case I certainly did not know that!