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People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.
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Update #5: Automata Project Unlocked, More Lookouts Info, Comic Sketch Reward and Additional Q&As!

Posted by Penny Arcade (Creator)

We’ve just crossed the $325,000 mark, meaning the Automata strip for 2013 is LOCKED IN. As a teaser, Mike created this image to give you an idea of what’s in store:

Our next goal is to make Jerry cosplay as whatever you want him to, which for those in the office is VERY EXCITING. If that goal is met, we’ll first open submissions via an online survey, and then select the top 5 choices by raw #s. From there, we’ll have another online vote-off.

Looking down a bit further on the stretch goal list, Jerry also wrote this piece to go along with a new sketch by Mike for the Lookouts, Daughters of Eyrewood:

daughter, daughter,
killed her father
look at what her
blood has bought her

New Reward - Original Comic Pencil Sketch This isn’t a reward you’ll find on the right side but is actually one that applies to ANYONE that contributes more than $2,500. You will receive in the mail, one of the original pencil sketches from the Penny Arcade archives (and for those donating $5k, you’ll receive two, and so on).

These sketches are what are scanned in and digitally inked, so each online strip has ONE pencil sketch associated with it. These are the ORIGINALS. (please note, the strip you receive will be at random) Since Mike no longer does the pencil sketches ahead of time, this part in the process no longer exists making these extra rare.

We've also updated the FAQ with some additional questions. 

Q. If the Strip Search goal is reached, how will the contestants be selected?
A. It will actually be very similar to the early stages of our own hiring process. We’ll have an application to fill out, ask for a portfolio submission and conduct video and phone interviews.

Q. Will the automata / lookouts / other stretch goal rewards be only for supporters or will they be for everyone?
A. They will be for everyone and available online!

Q. With your Game 3 rewards, is this the PC version only? Is the copy of the game giftable?
A. Nope, it’s for BOTH PC and Mac. Since we’re using Steam Play, you can download the PC or Mac version with the Steam code we’ll provide. And yes, the copy of the game will be giftable.

Q. Your business guys are idiots. Your advertising is great. Why not do advertising AND kickstart these projects. You could make way more money. Break these projects out into separate kickstarter projects!
A. It’s not about money, but time. We’re incredibly proud of how much integrity our ad model has, but it takes time for that model to work. We play each and every game that gets pitched to us. We’re perfectly fine doing this, but the tradeoff is less stuff like Lookouts and Automata.


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    1. Travis Richey on

      AHHH! I want to be in a live-action version of Automata. So. Much.

    2. daft_inquisitor on

      @Nicholas: Need brain bleach. Now. ASAP. Bah...

    3. Adam Sentz on

      Looking forward to it. Let's pick up the pace people. Stretch goals!

    4. Missing avatar

      Manifesto on

      I just kind of assumed that Jerry's cosplay choice was going to be Yummy-Chan from Monday's strip:

    5. Robert Porter on

      Thanks for addressing my (and others') thoughts re: your business guys. I don't think they're idiots; I think they're just misguided. You could have taken this money we are all eager to throw at you and hired a couple more guys to play games, weed out the baddies and present you with the cream of the crop for your final approval. I don't imagine you have to pay that much to get people to play games for a living. I'm pretty sure there are ravening hordes already pining for just that. Your time is freed up, you make a couple people incredibly happy, the economy improves, we colonize the moon, we finally defeat China in table tennis. And as an added bonus, people can actually put money towards goals they want, not gag goals like seeing Tycho "The Man" Brahe dressed up in some silly outfit (even though we know the depths of his masochistic psyche crave the ridicule and attention).

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nugent on

      You could do pro-bono ads on the site. A lot of people have commented that they like your ads because they promote games that they find interesting. Picking games that you're playing and enjoying and giving some ad space away for free for them would be a great way of using your freedom *and* your website to promote good games.