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A feature that tells five different stories that all take place and intertwine over the course of one night in Philadelphia.

A feature that tells five different stories that all take place and intertwine over the course of one night in Philadelphia. Read More
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Pennsylvania People
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Hello and thanks for visiting our Kickstarter page.

HOAGIE tells the story of a single, eventful night in the city of Philadelphia. It's an anthology that ponders the questions: who are we and what is the importance of our everyday lives? We follow five separate stories as they run their course from dusk til dawn. Throughout the night we meet a slew of different characters and watch their nights unfold. Each story focuses on the characters who inhabit the film and the choices they make. Now rather than going into a long-winded description about the nuances and plot turns of each story, we'll provide the following short summaries:

- Guff is a young, hip guy who will do whatever it takes to be cool. Tonight is his first night of drinking and he's headed to a friends house for his big 21st birthday bash. In his quest to look cool at all costs, he realizes he has the miraculous ability to drink an obscene amount of alcohol and show no physical signs of being drunk. When will this catch up with him and what will be the consequences?

- Paul and Danny are opposites. Although they are brothers, Danny is charming and confident while Paul is awkward and timid. When Danny sets his brother up on a blind date with the beautiful and gregarious Chrissy, Paul must learn to combat his nerves and curb his inhibitions or risk losing the perfect girl.

- After stealing a car and partaking in a joyride, a thief picks up a young man, Simon, who is looking for a taxi cab. Seizing the opportunity, the criminal forces Simon to accompany him on a mission to rob a local drug lord. Amidst the crime-spree, they form an unlikely bond.

- Richard is everyone you ever knew. He's you, he's me, he's your best friend and siblings. He can't face the facts and has a problem dealing with anything the slightest bit serious, important, or “heavy.” Tonight is a particularly tough night to face. He must call out of work to meet someone he hasn't seen in years and, in the midst of this, is harassed by a bunch of punk kids. Let's hope he gets through what was supposed to be the nicest night in history.

- Parker is a young man looking to break free of his sheltered upbringing. He meets the vulgar and impulsive Andrea on the bank of the Delaware River, where she's about to kill herself. The opposites attract and Andrea tags along with Parker, making it her mission to show him the night of his life. Little does he know that means joining her on a drug deal and accidentally ingesting acid.

Focusing on the stories, characters, and the choices they make will create a realistic and intimate feel to the film.


The stories will be presented in a way that is similar to Magnolia and Paris, Je T'Aime. The five stories all occur over the course of one night. However, the characters and events never overlap or connect. Instead, we will weave in and out of them on a linear timeline. Each time we cut between the stories, an on-screen time-stamp will appear to advance the evening and events. We did this to express the diversity of city life rather than the “small world” that other anthologies choose to present. And much like Paris, Je T'Aime, each story in our movie will be written and directed by a different person.


The five writer/directors are part of the Philadelphia-based production company known as Pennsylvania People. We are a group of DIY filmmakers that have been working together for the past five years. Making movies is our dream. It's what each of us want to do for a living to some extent or another. Some of us are writers, some directors, sound men, editors, actors, producers, etc. This project is the culmination of all the work we've done together over the years.

If this campaign is successful and we're able to make the movie as professionally as we strive to, it could change our lives forever. After several years of honing our filmmaking skills through experimentation and short films, we are now confident enough to take this important step. This project has the potential to determine our entire future. It can define who we are and what we're capable of. It is a means to establish ourselves and claim control of our lives and the paths they're headed down.

And this is where you lovely people come in...


To do this movie correctly and as professionally as we can, we're looking to raise $5,000. We want to treat this project with as much love and respect as we can. The finished film should be a reflection of our hard work, talents, and dedication. Now while we have some equipment already (we're shooting on the Canon 550D/T2i & recording sound to the Tascam DR-100), there are still a number of pieces to this puzzle we're going to need. The list goes as follows:

Actors – This is the most important piece of the puzzle. We need people who can deliver our material with the skill that will elevate our film to a higher level. We have some actors in place, but this is five stories in one and thus, a lot of characters.

Equipment  We're shooting predominantly outside and entirely at night. Therefore, we need fast lenses to capture as much light as we can, along with portable LED lights that don't rely on noisy generators. Furthermore, we need high-quality mics that will deal with the noisy nature of a city. These can get quite pricey.

Set Design – The little things make all the difference. Some key scenes are going to require permits and licenses, which are beyond costly. Then there's costumes, locations, set design, and all the fun little details in every scene that make the final product look professional and aesthetically interesting.

If we are able to raise the money we're seeking, it will legitimize our work and provide us with more opportunities to do what we truly love in life: make movies. We look forward to your support and donations. Spread the word and check back for frequent updates as we move along in the pre-production phase.

Thank you!


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