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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries proved that fictional stories can be told through video blogs. What's Next!?
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries proved that fictional stories can be told through video blogs. What's Next!?
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DVD updates - Features and Commentaries.

So today we finished filming all of our DVD interviews and commentary. It was tough to schedule but I'm happy to say that we managed to film interviews for all 13 cast members along with the writers and producers.

We also finished recording commentary on all 160 in world videos so that took some time. Anyway, what's fun is that each video's commentary has different commentators. Every actor got to commentate on at least one episode so we hope you'll enjoy it.

It's also been fun watching the editor editing gag reels and montages. I'll say that there is nothing like trying to write and hearing Mary Kate repeatedly yell "Jackpot right!" from the next room.

Check out some of the pictures from the last two weekends below.

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DVD Update

Hello Beautiful Backers!

Bernie here just giving you a glimpse of our day of shooting DVD features and commentary. Today we had Allison, Craig, Janice, and Laura in to do some interviews and record some video commentary. It was blast and a ton of fun. I'm pretty sure that you'll all enjoy what we're putting together for you.

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Things are happening.


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Thank You from Ashley Clements

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My beautiful muffins,

Look what you did! Oh my goodness! This kickstarter has been mind-blowing from day one. We all knew The LBD had dedicated and generous fans, but none of us could ever predicted a response like this. It's deeply touching to know that our work meant so much to you, and I want to thank each of you for contributing. I'm so excited to get these sexy DVDs made and into your hands. Since that will take us a little while, it seems only fair that after all your generosity, we give you a little something to tide you over. One more Dizzie photo, perhaps? Enjoy, dear fans. You made us what we are and we will never forget that.

Much love,
Ashley Clements

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Parade of Casual Lovers

A script of the first round of Gigi Darcy Auditions.

The Parade of Casual Lovers.

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