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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries proved that fictional stories can be told through video blogs. What's Next!?
7,158 backers pledged $462,405 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #1

Posted by Pemberley Digital (Creator)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lighty on

      Congrats on the incredible response! I have to say I am only surprised at the time frame, as soon as I saw a Lizzie Bennet Diaries Kickstarted I knew it would well exceed its goal. I was away from the internet for a week and came back with the last few episodes all waiting to be watched and this up. I was mightily pleased and a little sad. It has been incredible to watch.

      I realise this isn't a store and Lizzie Bennet (unlike a lot of kickstarters) does have one but it would be really lovely to have a perk that bundled the DVD + Posters + Buttons and/or combinations thereof, without the personalisations of signings, voice recordings, etc.

      Also although in the introduction video you mention that all the perks are listed in the sidebar, I assume the pledges are this, nowhere on the kickstarter page are images or links to what the perks actually are. Indeed the DFTBA store where these things can be found is not mentioned at all as far as I can see and it took me a while to search all the links to realise this was the case and also to remember the perks might already be sold in the store.
      Could you please edit the front page with if not images, then at least links to the store so it's easy to find out what people pledging for. (As an example I had no idea what the "Mermaid" posters looked like.)

      Finally, and I know this a very long comment I'm just not really sure where to put this, but I would absolutely adore (as would many others I think) a simple poster of the LBD logo.

      Thank you so much for all the hard work that created such a fantastic show.

    2. Marita Jackson on

      If we get a large surplus of funds, do you think that you would consider a hardcover edition of the Book? I would gladly change my pledge to offset cost, if it became possible! :)

    3. Melissa on

      I would also like to upvote Heidi Yarnell's comment about maintaining suspense over Darcy and Bing. I think some of the additional content (twitter conversations, pinterest, etc) could be easily included in a booklet with the DVDs if the funds are there (which I sincerely hope they are). I'd also like to say that I really hope some of the LBD cast will be at VidCon this year. According to the estimated timeline, the dvds might be available around that time, and what better way to celebrate than a VidCon party? ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Boyd on

      I think that this a a great example of people wanting to pay to support things that they love. All the videos are online and will stay online but people who love the show want to spend money on it anyway. I think big corporations need to take a lesson form this and stop putting their focus on preventing and punishing piracy and put their focus on creating something that people WANT to spend their money on.

    5. Nadine F. on

      I think it's fantastic there is so much interest that now everyone who put in the hard work to create this can get some more pay, you all more then deserve it!

      However, that said I agree with Heidi about adding in the twitter and tumblr content as well as keeping the suspense of Bing and Darcy. And also agree with the comment another contributor made on the first update about making a Blu-ray available . I would gladly up my pledge for a blu-ray!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kendra B on

      I would like to upvote Heidi Yarnell's comment. Keeping Bing and Darcy off the cover would be nice and unspoilery. It would be like telling people Harry's brain was a horcrux before the book came out... oh wait...

    7. Missing avatar

      Chelsea on

      I agree with Heidi!

    8. H Yarnell on

      I'm commenting this here as well as in the backers comments section, in the hope that somebody sees this.

      Please, please keep Darcy and Bing off the cover / discs / menus of the DVD! I want to buy DVD sets for friends who have not seen the show, and one of the big things was the suspense surrounding what Bing and Darcy looked like (for example the tease of Lydia's over-exposed photo of Bing, and the episode when Darcy FINALLY appears and all we see at first is his torso).
      Please don't spoil that suspense by putting their images on menu options or the discs or DVD covers!

      And secondly, I echo what a lot of people have been asking - please can we have the Twitter conversations and Tumbler images inserted chronologically somehow onto the DVDs too, if that is somehow possible?

      Thank you!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Erin Wissink on

      Could some of the extra money be used to make a few more Lydia videos? It would be really nice to see some resolution for her storyline and see what Lydia thinks of herself now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Miranda Reseigh on

      This is so cool, Hank! P.S. I can see your washing machine.

    11. Nupur Maheshwari on

      @Amir Noam
      Maybe the actors could read the tweets aloud, and each mini story could be put on a dvd as a little mini-video? Just throwing around ideas here.

    12. Shannon Stone on

      yay for closed captioning!!

    13. Debra Ketchner on

      I'm so glad the extra will be going towards the people who made LBD happen! Those actors, writers, and other various crew members all deserve whatever extra they can get!

    14. Missing avatar

      Joanna Gosselin on

      I think it is a great idea that the people involved in the LBD will get extra compensation from the money raised in this kickstarter. They totally deserve it - the actors, the writers, and everybody else!

    15. Missing avatar

      Katharine Griffiths on

      I've enjoyed the LBD series so much and loved how interactive and multi-platformed the experience was. Glad that places like this can properly reward great content. I also agree with previous commenters who asked if it was possible to include twitter conversations in the dvd. I really liked the dialogue in between characters via twitter and felt it added a whole new dimension to the story - would be a shame to lose that! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Amir Noam on

      Thank you Hank.

      I, as well, would love to see more money flowing towards everyone involved in the LBD production. Besides this being the decent thing, it'll probably encourage other such initiatives (from you or from others).

      And about the DVD itself:
      I don't know exactly how this might be possible, but I would love for the DVD to include at least the Twitter conversations of the characters and not just the videos. Some interactions on Twitter were very relevant to what we eventually saw on video (e.g. the Lydia/Wickham tweets from Vegas, or anything by Fitz/Gigi).
      As I said, I'm not sure how this might be done. Maybe by a menu option that will insert the Twitter conversation text between relevant episodes?

    17. Missing avatar

      Rachelle T. on

      you're welcome!! lol. seriously happy that the cast and crew will be paid appropriately for their work. keep making great content and the support will continue to flood in :D

    18. Joi Weaver on

      I was at a space conference today (SpaceUp San Diego, if it matters), and the LBD Kickstarter was brought up as a perfect example of how to get an audience, build a community by creating content, and getting that community to fund further awesomeness with excellent rewards. See? This project is so awesome it's even getting used to talk about space!

    19. Missing avatar

      Melissa Haack on

      I'd say "you're welcome Hank and the crew of the LBD!" but really this is the least we could do for you all for creating this amazing series and LBD community! Doing wonderful things you love is priceless, but I know paying rent is helpful. :D

    20. Morwynne Holmyard on

      I started watching The LBD thanks to a dear friend who wouldn't stop tweeting until I watched it. Since then, I've binge-watched vlogbrothers vids, cried my heart out over Alaska, started donating to Kiva under the Nerdfighters banner, and now joined in this kickstarter.

      That whole "change the communication, change the world" thing? It's working. I can't wait to see what's coming next.

    21. Nastassja Riemermann on

      I'm very glad to do my part to financial compensate everyone for their hard work - the closed captions on the DVDs are a very nice perk, too, as a hearing person who likes to leave captions on anyway.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kasey Alpert on

      I am so glad that the people involved in The LBD will get paid. They deserve all the awards and money for creating such a great show!

    23. Leigh-Ann Cruz on

      we, your fans, are so thankful for the LBD and want to give back to you who gave us such a wonderful, memorable experience. like the latter person before me, i also believe it is an honor to support you and hopefully give due reward to those who worked so hard on something so meaningful to us.

    24. Lily on

      That door looks too small for the size of the door frame - I know I shouldn't obsess over it but I've seen the door closed and the reflections and walls are maybe at a weird angle but my eyes are just gravitated to it because it seems I need to watch the video again and actually listen to Hank

    25. Rebekah Love on

      It is an honor to support this project. The LBD was amazing for so many reasons, and I want to make sure you can continue doing great stuff, as well as reward the people who made it all possible. You've earned the enthusiasm, trust me

    26. Rosie McFarland on

      I'm happy people will be paid for their hard work on this project. You all deserve it. I cannot say it enough, thank you. And I am really looking forward to Gigi's next project because that is the one Jane Austen work I have not read.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Schuyler on

      Yes! Pay royalties to the cast and crew! They deserve it!

    29. Jolene Danner on

      It's nice to hear that the behind the scenes writers/producers/camera/grips/etc will get money from this as well. It's important to pay it back. It wouldn't be the series it is without all the behind the scenes talent.

    30. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      You're welcome, Hank :-)

      Thank you for making something worth putting my effort/interest into.

    31. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Yay! I am so incredibly grateful to y'all for making me fall in love with Pride & Prejudice again, and for the opportunity to give the producers, writers, actors, and crew of The LBD my DANG MONEY, ALREADY -- I mean, the payday they so richly deserve. Much love to everyone involved.

      (Oh, and a vote for Northanger Abbey to be the next adaptation, since it's basically populated with 19th century Twihards, i.e., perfect for a vlog/transmedia format.)

    32. Missing avatar

      Lauren Leyser on

      I don't think I've ever seen that room with the door open. I may have spent the entirety of the video inspecting your hallway.

    33. Missing avatar

      Carolyn MacCallum on

      P.S. A big vote for Persuasion as the next big project. ( I believe Anne Eliott is employed in the graphic design dept of PD, hint, hint :) )

    34. Missing avatar

      Carolyn MacCallum on

      I'm so glad that the artists in front and behind the camera will have (hopefully) as generous compensation for their work as possible. They gave their time and love to something that has provided so much pleasure to so many people, just for the joy of doing it. I've never donated to a kickstarter before, but I'm very happy to have a way to give back to this amazing team

    35. H Yarnell on

      Yay for subtitles! So great that you're doing that. Also thank you for not region locking the DVDs. I hate that!

      Happy to hear that the cast / crew / writers will get rewarded for their hard work.

      My favourite thing about the DVDs was that there'll be the option to watch all / some / any combination of the videos in chronological order, which is what I most hoped for most... will there also be the twitter conversations available on there to read? And the Tumblr pictures?

      So happy you're doing Sanditon to keep us occupied until the DVD release and your next big project (really hoping you stick with the Austen theme... Emma or Persuasion?!?)

      Thank you for the LBD, I've had so much enjoyment from this show, and all the suspense and different media sources to go to for story / character chat, etc made it feel so real.

    36. Britta Daczyk on

      I'm all for giving as much money as possible to the people who worked on the show. So excited that they'll see royalties from the extra funds raised. YAY!

    37. Julie Mynors on

      Will the DVD include transmedia parts of the story, like twitter?