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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries proved that fictional stories can be told through video blogs. What's Next!?
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries proved that fictional stories can be told through video blogs. What's Next!?
7,158 backers pledged $462,405 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joanne Lawrie on


      I'm in the same boat as Kirsty and haven't received my perks. I can't find an email address for such enquiries. Anyone got one? Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kirsty on

      Still have yet to receive the DVD. Is there anyone I can email?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim Jester on

      I have not received any DVD or any replies to my emails. What do I need to do next?

    4. Bernadette McMahon on

      Just got back from Royal Mail sorting office to pick up my button packs that were sent separately to the dvds. Customs charge was the same as it was for the dvds, no doubt because the customs declaration is the exact same! Somehow I doubt the buttons have a value of $55!
      I expected a customs charge going into this but not having to pay it twice.
      On a more positive note I am pleased to have all my perks now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Helena Bex on

      I have the same issues with the DVD commentary. After a few minutes I have to switch it off, I can't stand it and I can't understand three quarters of what is being said. Additionally, the Lydia videos are a lot louder than the Lizzie ones, so if you choose to watch all, you have to keep your controller close to manually change the volume every few minutes. Choosing subtitles doesn't work. I can't play the DVD's on my computer, only on a DVD-player.

      The book has "foreward" on the cover instead of "foreword". The book is pretty, but the letters are so small they are almost unreadable and the book is quite a bit taller (and heavier) than an average paperback. It won't fit on my shelves.

      I appreciate all the hard work that went into this project and into making the DVD's. From the last few explanatory posts, it's clear it has been a taxing venture for everyone involved, with a very steep learning curve. I don't regret funding --when you support a kickstarter that can happen-- but I am disappointed. I feel bad about posting this, because in this post and the others I made here I've been so negative, while I loved loved loved the LBD (and still do). I'm stuck with DVD's I won't watch and a book I won't read, but worst of all, with negative feelings about I show I loved.

    6. Missing avatar

      Christina on

      I had the same problem as Ashleigh with the DVD commentary. Depending on who is speaking, it's either easy or hard to hear. If Ashley Clements (or another female) is speaking it's absolutely impossible to hear. Their voices are lost among Lizzie's. When it's a male voice (ie. Bernie, Hank, DVG, etc.) their voices power over Lizzie's and thus it's easier to hear. You can not differentiate between commentary and Lizzie though-- major, major problem. The audio on the episode should've been lowered, period. Ashleigh is absolutely right, it is virtually at the same level as the commentary.

    7. peshk on

      Are there different production charges? I only tested DVD 1 and looked at the rest, but the DVDs are without scratches, and at least DVD 1 workes perfectly. Subtitles on and off, and the commentary is louder than the rest.
      And it was everything in the package that should have been.
      Not to take away from the misfortunes of the others who posted, but I wanted to leave a positive comment as feedback. I had to pay customs, too, but that is what is to be expcted...
      So thanks for the DVDs. I hope the rest will be fine, too. I enjoyed the episodes I tested.

    8. Missing avatar

      Margaret Ann Hazelton on

      I also put in for a signed poster, but I just moved out-of-state a couple of weeks ago, so I emailed DFTBA to notify them (also put a forward with USPS) but they said that "The DVDs and Poster were all shipped at the same time so the poster should arrived within a couple days of the DVDs." I got the DVDs on May 20 (moved addresses May 23), but haven't seen anything since and I can't tell if its a forwarding issue...? Is there anyone who put in for the signed poster and HAS received it (not an unsigned one)? If not, I'm going to assume they haven't been mailed yet

    9. Ashleigh Morgan on

      Very disappointed in all of this. The process was absurd and the DVDs are pretty crappy themselves. You used the audio commentary as an excuse to make this whole thing take extra time and you can't even listen to it because it's the EXACT SAME volume as the regular audio. Nice jobs. Do us all a favor and never attempt something like this again. You clearly can't handle it.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Sophie Dembski on

      Just some advice for you guys who got sent the unsigned posters (which sucks!) I'd suggest contacting them through the "contact me" button or wherever they have said they actually check - cos it doesnt seem like the people in charge check here :/

    12. Missing avatar

      Ellen Ball on

      I purchased the $300 package with a signed poster, I received the DVDs and the poster today however it also wasn't signed, is there another one coming? Has anyone with the same package received theirs?

    13. Deidre Bongaerts on

      I have finally received my $123 perk!!!
      Same story as mr. Hopkins earlier.
      Why couldn't you have put a lower value on the package?
      I have just spend a FREAKING load of money I DON'T HAVE!!!
      Please send me a solution
      please please please
      I'm really desperate and this is really depressing

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert A.D. Hopkins on

      1 Year 1 Month and 7 Days after this project was completed I have finally received my $95 (+$10 Shipping) perks after paying a further £14.55 ($24.32) in customs fees.

      That final customs charge just feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth after the whole fiasco that was this project. Especially when I went to collect the parcel this morning the person who was serving me was telling me that the sender "shouldn't have put a value of $55, they should put $20 because then you don't have to pay the customs fees".

    15. Ari Sheps on

      So I got the DVD and all four buttons packs of the characters but I haven't got my Poster (Lizzie Bennet Diaries Poster autographed by Ashley Clements, Laura Spencer, Julia Cho, and Mary Kate Wiles). Thats the main reason I did this, and I wanted that more than the other stuff (or at least I did, its been way too long for me to feel the same love for the series that I did before I had to deal with this kickstarter.)

    16. Missing avatar

      Crispin Webb on

      So I got my DVDs and buttons, but not the poster, last week. Okay, fine. I email and I was told that the posters had to be shipped later and it was coming. Great. I get my poster today. It's not autographed. I purchased the level where it's supposed to be autographed. Did this not get done? Did I get sent the wrong poster?

      I'm really disappointed in how long all of this has taken, and now I'm more disappointed that I'm not getting the things I was promised and how I don't even know if it's an error anymore.

    17. Missing avatar


      @Christine Baumgartner I was wondering the same thing!

      Honestly, as of right now (having not watched the full series on DVD yet), I do not like the changes. Some of the additional material changes the nature of some of the scenes and (without verifying on YouTube) I am pretty sure that some lines have been cut from the DVDs.

      However, I am reserving full judgment until I watch the full series at least twice to see how it is as a whole.

      That said, were we told that the DVD's were going to be different? This is not meant as a complaint, but I'd like to know if I missed the memo or if this was an editing decision that wasn't mentioned beforehand.

    18. Barbara Skoda on

      Got the shipping Email on May 9th. The package arrived here in Austria yesterday (12 days later). And it even skipped customs. Yay!

    19. Missing avatar

      Robyn Smith on

      I know LBD got told the DVDs were shipped a week ago, but I only got my shipping e-mail today, along with a warning that the DVDs will be up to 6 weeks and perks could be much longer (I'm in the UK). I also was told that I had provided an invalid shipping address, but the address WAS completely correct. So I've been waiting a year and now face waiting longer, possibly to then find out a DVD is missing or faulty (based on previous comments).
      This whole experience has seriously affected my opinion of what was once a brilliant project. I doubt I'll be able to enjoy the DVDs as much as I'd hoped after this fiasco. Please add me to the list of disappointed fans.

    20. L. C. on

      I got my package yesterday, minus the button packs, but I am happy they went ahead and sent what they had, so I can start watching my DVDs. :)

      And @Margaret is right. My package was shipped from UPS Mail Innovations to my local post office and then delivered by USPS. And each service had its own tracking number. To track my package, I used this link: and then the tracking number listed on the DFTBA/ Teapplix page (which I got to by clicking the blue "Track My Package" button). This gave me the tracking status for UPS MI as well as a delivery confirmation number for the USPS. With the delivery confirmation number, I was able to go to!input.action and figure out when my local post office was actually going to deliver. Definitely complicated, I know, but it worked.

      Good luck to all those that are still waiting on something.

    21. Sarah T on

      OMG I got my package!!! I'm in Canada and it took only a week and a half since the shipping email got sent, which is average so that's not a problem.
      All the DVDs work and I am LOVING the bonus features, and listening to the commentaries. I love hearing how the experience was for the actors and I was reminded just how much I loved this show back when it was first online - it brought back the fangirl in me that was somewhat lost due to all these KS problems. Those are the pros!!!

      CONS: I wish I'd just got the DVDs, to be honest. The 'journal' is super tiny that it will be pretty useless to me and honestly I'm only 25 years old but the book print is TINY! Ohmigosh it is such small print that I doubt I will be able to read it without straining my eyes. Compared it to other paperbacks I own (ie Harry Potter etc) and it is abnormally small print. So that's a bummer. Also haven't received the button packs yet.
      I guess it just seems that for 115$ I now have a book I can't read and a journal I can't use.
      The DVDs just became quite expensive.

      Still, going to watch them with my Mom and I'm sure she'll love them so it'll be worth it!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Margaret Ann Hazelton on

      For those of you with "no tracking data" concerns I just figured something key out--the way that the transport service works involves other (UPS or FedEx) companies moving the packages, and then transferring them to your local post office for delivery. So if the tracking with USPS doesn't work, try putting the number into (as in the DFTBA email) to see scan updates.

    23. Helena Thomson on

      Just got my DVDs, book and little signed journal in Australia. Everything's accounted for and they look wonderful. I'm feeling pretty crook today so that was a lovely surprise this morning. Thanks guys :)

    24. Annalise Nielson on

      at this point can I just have my $20 back I don't even want the damn buttons.....

    25. Annalise Nielson on

      Anyone else at the $115 tier missing their 4 button packs?? or is it just me?

    26. Missing avatar

      Christina on

      Missing DVD disk 6! Anyone who gets their package needs to check theirs. I'm waiting on a DFTBA reply. I see I'm not alone. Horrified it took exactly 3 weeks to get to Canada. I've purchased lots of stuff from US in the past & this is the absolute longest! Thanks to the poster who explained how to get the commentaries. What a weird, round about way to access them! TPTB you really need to tell people about possible disks missing & how to access commentaries.

    27. Paul Melampy on

      I had the same issue with the tracking. It's because the site assumes one carrier when it may not have been sent by that carrier.

      Just copy the tracking number any put "track (tracking#)" into google. It will take you to the correct carrier website for tracking info.

    28. Missing avatar

      antjohnst on

      I just noticed something weird... on the back of the DVD box, "man with beard and hand near his neck" is on the left of Jane. On the side of the box, the whole cast is exactly the same except "man with beard and hand near his neck" is suddenly on the right of Jane. I know...creepy. Why the shift? What mystical powers are in play?

      PS the reason I don't know the guy's name is I am the boyfriend of the person who backed this so I barely know who is who. Unfortunately I am being dragged along for the ride currently so that is changing (up to disc 2...sigh). Also thanks team for delivering this.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ruth Macy on

      I got my poster today! Just waiting for the magic box full of other goodies now!

    30. Christine Baumgartner on

      Has anyone noticed that some of the episodes on the DVD are different than the YouTube episodes? Like they used a different take for the DVDs?

    31. Alison on

      @Kristin tracking info doesn't work for me either. Apparently it's not high enough level to be tracked, so why did DFTBA even suggest that it could be tracked? As my package is travelling halfway around the world and is untrackable; it's anybody's guess when I'll actually receive it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Virginia C Tharrington on

      None of my tracking information worked and I find it ridiculous that the higher perks are the last to receive ANYTHING. I just received my email 4 days ago but when I put the tracking numbers in everything came up "Not Found." I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a project before esp because I was so excited that I did 2 $300 perks.
      We have received so few updates and comments from them which makes me feel like I am just complaining to no one or at least no one who cares about what I think.

      They have such a great product and concept. I hate that it had to be messed up by this shoddily run campaign.

    33. Missing avatar

      kitsunerei88 on

      Received my DVDs! I got a shipping notice on 04/29 and received them on May 12 and I'm in Toronto. I was at the $75 level. I haven't yet checked for problems but will do so soon!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kristin Uzzi on

      Does the tracking information from the DFTBA emails work for anyone? I've tried numerous ways. From most of the comments below i'm thinking "no" but i figured i'd check. I got my email on May 8th - $95 level - and the tracking still isn't working. Anyone in NYC get anything and could give me an estimate of how long it took from receiving the email to receiving the package? THANKS!

    35. Lisa Morand on

      In two weeks, i'm gonna celebrate my 1st I-answered-your-survey anniversary and still no email, no dvd, no book, no nothing.

    36. Missing avatar

      Martin Connor on

      Received mine at the weekend. *Yay* Watched my way up to disk 5 already. :)

    37. Emma Foreman on

      Just got my dvd's and book, and on ny birthday too :) so that was nice surprise. Looking forward to more Emma

    38. Sophie Dembski on

      Thanks guys, will hunt up the pdf i think.

      @Rachel - my dvds arent glitchy -so far - touch wood - but i dont seem to have any subtitles, even when i ask for them to be on. Plus, shouldnt we have a choice of languages? considering so much time was spent on the subtitles specifically? or do other people who's subtitles actually work?

    39. Missing avatar

      Rachel on

      Received my DVDs and I'm loving the bonus features and watching LBD on my TV instead of my computer!...but does anyone else feel like their discs are a bit glitchy? Most of the time I have to manually turn off subtitles that automatically play (but not always), and when I put Disc 2 into a player (I tried the one hooked up to my TV and my computer), it automatically starts playing in the middle of an episode--I have to manually make it stop and go to the disc menu. Weird.

      I really don't want to sound ungrateful (I know folks have spent a lot of time stressing about these DVDs and don't want to add to it) or like I'm complaining (these are minor things that can be easily overlooked), I was just curious if anyone else is having similar issues.

    40. Alison on

      $95 level here too and just got what I'm pretty sure is the shipped notification for this project. Email from DFTBA Fulfillment Services, but nowhere in the email content does it mention LDB. Friends of mine who just got the DVD have received theirs at least a week ago. Looks like I'm waiting another 4-6wks for my package to show up.

    41. Missing avatar

      Amy Kelly on

      @Sophie Someone compiled a pdf of all the transmedia stuff a while ago. I'm sure it's still floating around somewhere.

    42. Sara Johnson on

      @Sophie - You're correct that they were going to try to incorporate the transmedia into the DVDs, but *try* is the operative word. They didn't end up getting it to work out so it's not on there.

    43. L. C. on

      I'm at the $200 pledge level and am still waiting on my stuff AND the notification email. I have literally heard NOTHING. I get that there will be delays, that is part of the Kickstarter process after all, but this is ridiculous.

    44. Sophie Dembski on

      @Lori There are commentaries that are working for me - as said, its through the Play All button (which is weird that its not like a separate menu cf Play All. Plus the default it commentary on - why??)
      Also realised (though I'm only at disc 2 so maybe itslater?) that there is no evidence of the tweets/pinterest or anything? I thought they were going to try and incorporate it? (though maybe i made that up....)

    45. Missing avatar

      Jill Meade on

      Received my shipment yesterday. One of the DVDs is missing!! :(
      Now will try to figure out who to contact. Will start with

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert A.D. Hopkins on

      I have my fingers crossed that is the case.

    47. Katie Young on

      Received my DVD+book combo, but never received a shipment notification email. And I would guess I'm not the only one, so there might be products on their way without people expecting them to show up.

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert A.D. Hopkins on

      I am also still waiting for my shipping confirmation for the $95 package.

    49. Missing avatar

      Johanna Virtanen on

      Still waiting for a shipping confirmation :/ I'm getting the $300 package with the scripts, so I'm a little disappointed about having to wait this long.

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