Tritone: Italian Automatic Diver Watch inspired by mythology

by Pegasus Watches Venezia

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      Stephan Jansen on

      When will this launch? Ever? Never?

    2. Boris Aubourg on

      was it not supposed to be launched on the 15th? what is the delay then?

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephan Jansen on

      Wow, Will be a succes. Some suggestions: is the combination Watch/strap custimizable? If so, I would tell the public. And all the other great watches you have already made? Where can you buy them?

    4. Missing avatar

      Klassik on

      would you consider using seiko VH31 instead for sweeping second hands to cater for those who dislike the tick2 of normal quartz

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Tritone: Italian Automatic Diver Watch inspired by mythology

Tritone: Italian Automatic Diver Watch inspired by mythology

pledged of €10,000pledged of €10,000 goal
30days to go

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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches it's goal by the campaign deadline.


What is your mind crossed by when you hear the word “Triton”? Surely you will immediately think about the legendary mythological figure, the outstanding sea creature, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, traditionally represented with the upper body of a man and a fish tail instead of legs. But look… surprisingly Triton is also the name of a new line of Pegasus Watches: the brand has created and now launches a matchless and high-quality timepiece, just Triton watch. Its aim is to combine classical mythology with modern style according to the features of the twentieth century in a unique masterpiece of Italian watchmaking, meticulously well-finished with the greatest attention to every detail.

Legionarius, Mercurio&Nettuno, Prometeo… do they remind you of something? Innovative watches that Pegasus Watches Venezia has already launched on Kickstarter receiving great success and positive feedback from all the backers who have supported these campaigns. We hope they will be satisfied also by this exclusive timepiece.

If you look carefully at the dark dial of Triton watch you will see how its colors reminds you of the oceanic depth: we can even say that it seems to be a stormy sea where Triton’s trident, one of the creature’s most distinctive attributes which characterized him in Greek mythology, suddenly comes out of the waves as if by magic. Sounds interesting? So, keep on reading!

Triton is an enduring, fashionable timepiece which perfectly shows the great care and accuracy of manufacturers whose collaboration with notorious brands has made them some of the most skilled workers in watch industry. They work with extreme attention to details in order to avoid even the smallest imperfection and to offer our demanding customers reliable, remarkable and also affordable products of luxury, high quality and great uniqueness. Quality, essential to create an unrepeatable watch, is our priority: we want you to be proud of wearing a Pegasus watch. For this reason, after the assembly process, watches pass through the quality control department where all the pieces are carefully inspected by experts: no mistake is tolerated.

 Tritone is a sporty, but stylish watch with a simple, thin and linear case: an innovative design and the original mythological background give it a peculiar mark of distinction. A top quality which can be found also in the choice of the materials and fine components we select for our watches: for instance, we want to make each watch suitable to all wrist sizes using elastic, comfortable and durable straps, handcrafted by experienced artisans with 100% Italian leather in well-known Italian tannery district.


Pegasus Tritone is made of 316L stainless steel, offering high resistance and reliability. This is a marine grade stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion and shock, extremely popular and worldwide used.


  • CASE: 316L stainless steel, Ø40,5mm 
  • MOVEMENT: Automatic Movement NH35A by Seiko made in Japan 
  • GLASS: Double domed sapphire glass 
  • INDEXES: Diamond cut indexes 
  • WATER RESISTANT: 10ATM (100 meters) 
  • STRAP: Handcrafted Italian Leather

 Someone said that sometimes an attractive aesthetical appearance is necessary to make people curious to discover something new, but what really counts is often hidden behind external beauty. A watch needs to be not only an innovative, well designed quality work, but also a device of great functionality and precision: watch movement, the heart of the watch, is the elaborate, internal mechanism that makes it work. Every second each part of the watch has many functions and contributes to give harmony to the whole mechanism. 

Speaking about Triton watches we are referring to two precise movements: Automatic CAL.NH35A by Seiko and Quartz CAL.2035 by Miyota.

Automatic Cal. NH35A produced by Seiko. It is a hand-windable, hacking upgrade from the Seiko caliber NH25. This caliber is extremely popular and worldwide used thanks to its qualified features.

  • Manufacturer: Seiko 
  • Caliber Number: NH35A 
  • Movement Type: Automatic 
  • Jewels: 24 
  • Vibrations Per Hour: 21,600 bph 
  • Shock System: Diashock 
  • Power Reserve: 41 hours Winding 
  • Direction: Bi-directional 
  • Hacking: Yes 
  • Diameter: 27.40mm (outside) / 29.36mm (casing) 
  • Height: 5.32mm 
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, central seconds, date calendar

Cal. 2035, a sophisticated quartz movement known as the signature model of Miyota whose mission and constant driving force is to deliver high quality watches to as many people as possible. All the main parts of Miyota Cal.2035 are made of metal to ensure a reliable, high quality and all pieces are manufactured in Miyota industries of advanced technology in Japan. Miyota has collaborated with popular brands like Citizen for a long time, building, in this way, an important reputation in watch movement manufacturing. These Japanese movements are built to last for many years.

You can prove the authenticity of leather by touch, just wearing a Pegasus timepiece on your wrist: surely it will suit you perfectly and you will be surprised at how soft the watch strap is! We use different types of leather, tanned according to natural techniques without colorings, chrome, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol and always processed in full obedience of the traditional tanning process and current laws. The hides we choose come from highly specialized, efficient Venetian and Tuscan tannery factories: Italian tannery industry is a worldwide benchmark and genuine Italian leather is deeply appreciated for its high quality thanks to the ability and manual skills of several artisans who make it a unique, extremely valued commercial product.

Leather processing is one of the oldest human activities which requires a great expertise and experience, particularly in the tanning process which consist of many stages:

• Preservation: at the beginning of the process leather is flayed, then treated with salt and dried in order to preserve it from deterioration and from the attack of harmful bacteria and microorganisms

• Preparation to tanning through rehydration: the preservation step produces a state of dehydration in the hide we are tanning and so it needs to regain the liquids lost previously being immersed in water. After the liming stage, several finishing operations contribute to make leather smooth, fine, durable: a precious material which will never get ruined!

• Tanning: a chemical process that prevents water from putrefying by placing it in wooden bands that turn around

• Post tanning: last steps all try to improve the appearance of leather with extreme precision and attention to details

All the types of leather used are from Tuscany, a well known Italian tannery districts. Therefore, thanks to the expertise of our local and skilled artisans we provide soft, vintage and durable straps.

The hides we use are tanned according to traditional, natural methods, without colorings, chrome, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol and they are processed in compliance with current laws.


How does our unique timepieces get to costumers? The traditional distribution channel requires several steps through which a commercial product passes until reaching the end consumer; moreover, the final costumer has normally to pay for extra costs related to distribution. Pegasus Watches has decided to cut this chain of intermediaries and act in a different way. Our prices derive just from the fine components we use for our watches. Our demanding costumers only pay for the high quality of the watch and not for all the costs related to distribution such as agent fees and traditional retail markups.


Pegasus Triton is now available to our backers. We have already produced and approved working prototypes of Triton being always satisfied with the appearance and high quality of the watch. The manufacturing process consists of many stages but finally it offers an unrepeatable product which will never disappoint you. This is the forth Kickstarter campaign launched by Pegasus Watches and we have to remind you that previous projects have been really successful: all the backers who have supported us were highly satisfied with the final product. We are now ready to go ahead with production again. As soon as we place the order with our suppliers, they will start manufacturing and assembling the timepieces; then before shipping every watch will be carefully tested for a further, final inspection just to deliver to our customers perfect, impeccable products. After the end of the campaign, we will provide constant updates on the status of production.

Risks and challenges

Triton is not only the forth timepiece we have produced, but also the forth crowd-funding project we have launched. We have always delivered every single watch well in advance in previous Kickstarter campaigns and we have received very positive feedbacks from our backers. Issues can always happen, however we can assure you that you will have a wonderful and solid customer experience with us.

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