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Who am I? Who are you? We asked you the artists to explore with us, and now Peel Pages is ready to share these words & images!
Who am I? Who are you? We asked you the artists to explore with us, and now Peel Pages is ready to share these words & images!
60 backers pledged $2,045 to help bring this project to life.

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crunch mode

Down to the wires folks.

Rest assured, the money will not go anywhere like funding our Creative Editor's trip to Spain. But it will help us print awesome contents such as these on smooth glossy paper with eye popping inks.

Just in case you've been waiting for the right moment to pledge and show your eternal love to Peel Pages, this is it.

Go ahead. Click that button.

Hatty, a fan of last minute contributors

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almost at 80%! woot!

It's still hard to wrap my mind around how far we've come... Thanks to YOU!

A tiny change in some of the pledge amounts, and we're adding an snippet of the Q&A session with another super cool artist Matt Blesse, a slammin' slam poet from small white town of Truckee.

The interview was over the phone a day before he flew to his motherland Korea. Quite long, yes. But we had a damn good conversation: discussing the slam scene; what "good" art means; politics and identity; even Dante Basco!

Like what you hear? Help us do more of this, showing off dope wordsmiths and painters, dancers and movers, sculptors and journalists. We only have about 24 hours to go, and just under $500 to cover. It only takes an email forwarded, Facebook status update, a quick hey, check this out! over lunch.

Let's do this.

Hatty, the wannabe motivational speaker

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power to the people

Hola people,

I can't say it enough; THANK YOU to all of you who've come through and pledged the last couple days. We're entering crunch mode -- less than three days away till our project deadline! -- and every time I see "New Backer Alert! on my phone screen I quite literally yelp with joy.

It's even more beautiful to see the names of people who are backing our project because you are all our friends from different seasons of life, different communities, different relationships and contexts. But Peel Pages is all about that: creating a space for folks with sometimes seemingly contradictory beliefs and thought processes to dialogue with words and images, to wrestle over hard questions and expose our skin under skin, to finally arrive at the heart of the matter.

We believe this fundraising effort has been more than just hustlin' -- though we're definitely learning or two about social media and marketing, hopefully not at the expense of annoying some of yall... At least for me, I'm committed more than ever to power of the people. Hah, my ethnic studies vocab escapes me. But really, if a group of friends who are super passionate about something can get another group of people to do something together, say raising $2,000 to print an arts and culture magazine, what can't we do? Change the world through art? Why not?

Here's a clip of our first ever artist we've profiled just over a year ago at the launch of our Tumblr. As my Aussie friends say, Chris Go is flippin' amazing. I've had so much fun shadowing him during the multiple video shoots, and am proud to call him my friend :) Enjoy! And check him out on YouTube!

If you haven't gotten around to supporting us yet, now is a good time. Simply choose your rewards and amount, and voila! You're a... OMG WEEE SOMEONE JUST BACKED US! :D :D :D

Hatty the editor in chief

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what an emotional roller coaster

Hello good friends and lovers and fam,

It's late Friday night, technically Saturday morning. And I'm just back from good companies and good drinks celebrating one of the friends' cool backpacking trip across southern Europe and Morocco.

I'm also incredibly anxious and excited at the same time, just like when you're in love, when you don't know whether to laugh or cry because what's inside you is so precious and crazy and frightening altogether wonderful.

Yeah, that's kind of how I feel right now.

Thank you to the generous and encouraging individuals who have really come through to give this project more hope the last 24 hours. I can't thank you enough. So close to 50% of our goal! $700 + in a day!

And we the staff at Peel Pages want to reach out to those who may be still on the fence about pledging to this project and say that there's still time! But not for long - we have now less than a week to finish strong this fundraising effort in order to bring you the Identity issue in flesh and blood! Well paper and ink I mean.

It only takes a few minutes to click click click, and every dollar adds up. So do your Facebook and Twitter shout outs. Tell a friend (or two or three. The closer to the 1% in income, the better. JK, kind of) about Peel Pages and why you support us!

Here's a rough sketch of our layout design. We don't want to give away TOO much, but we hope to give you a taste of what beautiful things are in store. Please consider the fabulous gifts and throw in that $ you would've splurged on Memorial Day BBQ.

You won't regret it.

A million thankses,Hatty the editor in chief

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more kickass rewards!

Hi world,

Thanks again for your continuous support for Peel Pages. Just another gentle nudge to remind you that we have exactly EIGHT MORE DAYS to finish our fundraising effort for our very first print issue!

Also please check out more amazing rewards for you and your friends to enjoy, not the least of which is the satisfaction of backing a passion project that is bringing together so many creative individuals committed to the redemptive power of arts.

Attached is the spoken word performance from one of the poets we are featuring in the Identity issue. Hope you enjoy it :)

We are excited to partner with you all in this journey. Please help spread the words!

-- Peel Pages staff

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