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Peejamas are a more affordable, fashionable & environmentally friendly way to potty train at night! 
"Look good peeing the bed!"
Peejamas are a more affordable, fashionable & environmentally friendly way to potty train at night! 
"Look good peeing the bed!"
Peejamas are a more affordable, fashionable & environmentally friendly way to potty train at night! "Look good peeing the bed!"
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandi Dalton about 18 hours ago


      Wondering where we are at with production and shipping. I put an US address down I am traveling to pick them up at July 1-7 week. Will they be shipped by then. June was estimated delivery from what I previously understood. Thanks


    2. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernandez on June 12

      Great news!, when can we expect an official update (hopefully with pictures or videos)?
      Best regards

    3. Peejamas Creator on June 5

      Hi @Juan,

      Thanks for reaching out! We are under production and rolling fast to make all 10,000 units. The samples and proofs have come and are looking great!


    4. Peejamas Creator on June 5

      HI @Bryan,

      You can update your order preferences in CrowdOx. Simply click the link in the email you received and you will be able to update your order there.


    5. Peejamas Creator on June 5

      HI @Amanda,

      The email would come from us or perhaps includes the name 'CrowdOx'. I checked and it looks like one went out to you. I would search in your mail (and possibly your spam) for those. If you still didn't get it, please message us and we will make sure you can get it.


    6. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernandez on May 31

      Hello Creators,

      Any update you would like to share with us?

      Best regards

    7. Missing avatar

      Bryan Huang on May 30

      I think I ordered two size 2 peejamas. Wondering if I can change that to size 3?

    8. Missing avatar

      Amanda Armstrong on May 22

      I have never received any emails regarding my pledge. I’m afraid the wrong email is being used, but can’t find any way to change that. I haven’t completed any survey regarding size.

    9. Peejamas Creator on May 7

      Hi @Carolyn!

      Unfortunately, delivery doesn't appear to be before July. But, we are still on track for a July delivery. I'm so so sorry we can't deliver immediately. We REALLY wish we could!

    10. Peejamas Creator on May 7

      HI @Andrew, @Chandra, @Ayden -

      The survey would be coming from 'CrowdOx'. You should have gotten another email from them last Thursday (and every Thursday for the past 4 weeks). If you search 'CrowdOx' in your email, it should pull up the email. If not, keep an eye out for an email coming from that name this week.


    11. Ayden Armitage on May 7

      I have a feeling I may also be part of the 350, could you please resend the survey link?

    12. Missing avatar

      Carolyn McCann on May 7

      Hi. Any chance that production might be sooner than anticipated? My son is really ready to use these, as he keeps leaking from his pull-ups.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chandra Hardwicke on May 4

      What he said! Please resend the survey email. I can’t find it in my beast of an inbox either

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wang on May 4

      Hi guys, in relation to the update #10, I am not sure if I am one of the 350 people that hasn’t answered the survey. I cannot find the email at you. Can you please resend the email for the people who has not responded in the first time? Thanks

    15. Peejamas Creator on April 27

      Hi @vincy -sorry for the delayed response! We are hoping to get all surveys completed ASAP. If you by chance know the address where you'll be moving, feel free to just put that down.


    16. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernandez on April 27


      When are we expecting an update on production?
      Hope everything is going great.

      Best regards

    17. Missing avatar

      Vincy on April 20

      Is there a deadline to fill out the survey? I am going to move in July but I do not have my new address yet.

    18. Peejamas Creator on April 17

      Hi @James and @MDrake, Please check your emails/message inbox for direct communication. I'm not sure what type of problem CrowdOx must have been having with their payment processing, but I will follow up.

      Thanks for checking in!

    19. M Drake on April 17

      Hey folks, Filling out the survey and my card was "declined" but it wasn't so I have 4 charges 2 on two different cards. My credit card company is freaking out thinking fraudulent charges have been made. All I wanted was some pj bottoms. Please on your end how do I cancel 3 of the 4 packs.

    20. James Smith
      on April 15

      Backerclub member here I should have a survey for 2 but my survey only asks for 1 pj ?

    21. Peejamas Creator on April 12

      Hi @Stephanie!

      Please see below for the answers to your questions.

      1. Shipping is free for the add-ons! If you already paid for it, it is in the process of being refunded. That was a mistake. Thanks for clarifying!
      2. Peejamas uses cotton for the pajamas with parts of bamboo in it as well.
      3. The top does NOT have absorbent materials in it.
      4. The child will be left feeling a wet sensation.

      Hope that helps!!

    22. Peejamas Creator on April 12

      Hi @Andrew, @Karl, @Shaila, @ Jennifer,

      There has been some confusion about the waist that I think we need to update the table. The measurement used was with the elastic not stretched. The waist when stretched is as follows:
      2T: 23"
      3T: 23.5"
      4T: 24"
      5T: 24.5"

      We'll make sure to update the sizing chart. Thanks for the good questions and comments!

    23. Missing avatar

      Stephanie & Bala on April 12

      Hello Peejamas Representative,

      Just a few questions!

      1) Why is there an extra $10 charge for the add-on bottoms 4 pack. Isn’t it being shipped in the same box? $10 doesn’t seem to justify the additional weight in the box.

      2) What material are the Peejamas made of?

      3) Are the tops made of the absorbent lining, as well?

      4) Will the Peejamas leave the child feeling wet as they sleep in their urine?

      My daughter urinates right through her diapers and into her pants and top. She sleeps with her little tush up and legs tucked under—so sometimes the pee goes right passed the cloth diaper at the waist and right to her belly. It’s the discomfort of feeling wet that gets to her and wakes her up a night.

      Thank You,


    24. Shaila Bannock on April 11

      Sorry to be repetitive but waist measurements are definitely off - where are y'all getting that from?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Doll on April 10

      Is there a size chart available anywhere? I’d hate to end up getting a size that I’m not able to use. Are they comparable to Carter’s two piece pajamas sizing? I can relate to that.

    26. Missing avatar

      Karl Arena on April 10

      Hey guys, great invention. I agree with the below. Waist measurements seems way off. Do they have a heap of stretch in them to help hold urine in?

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew Shephard on April 10

      Hi, I am really confused by the sizing chart. My son usually has 4T clothing, but your sizing looks completely off. You say a waist measurement of 15.5" for a 4T. That is far too small. Normal measurement of waist should be around 20.5"-21.5" for this size. Please help!

    28. Peejamas Creator on April 9

      HI @Chelsea, @Vincy, @Olga, @Jaclyn, @Danielle, @ Anne,

      Thanks so much for commenting here. I apologize for the delay as our team took a much needed and mandatory spring break vacation. The way the survey was filled out was a typo. It was meant to say it will be 3 prints AND a solid, which means it will be 1 of each print AND a solid. The 4 packs will come packaged together from our manufacturer and will all be 1 size per 4-pack. The reason we chose to do it in one-size is to save parents the need of washing every night. Hence, if you buy 1 pair then 4 bottoms, you wouldn't need to wash them for 5 days (assuming they pee every night). We sincerely hope that helps answer questions and are really sorry for the confusion. We are working on getting the survey wording and descriptions fixed asap.


    29. Missing avatar

      Chelsea on April 9

      As the others have mentioned (I commented on the latest update but have not heard back yet): I would love to buy the 4 pack of extra pants, but I am torn between two sizes: 3T and 4T. Is there no way to order mixed sets? I don't think I need FOUR extra pants in each size, and extra 2 of each would be awesome!

    30. Missing avatar

      Vincy on April 9

      Same here. I would like to split the 4 pack bottoms into 2 sizes. Is there a way to do that? I won’t be able to submit the survey until I get an answer. Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Olga Pearce
      on April 7

      I too would like to split the 4-pack into 2 sizes.

    32. Jaclyn Gillingham on April 6

      I was looking forward to adding extra bottoms, but the lack of options kept me from doing so. If I could have split the 4 pack across 2 sizes, that would have helped tremendously. My original plan was to grab a full pair for size 3T + extra bottoms, and another full pair at 4T + extra bottoms. Now I've ended up with 2 pair at 3T and no extras.
      If you add the option to split a pack by size, or to order extra bottoms individually, I'd be able to revisit.

    33. Missing avatar

      Danielle Colbert on April 6

      The Peejamas bottoms only add-on in the survey says the prints offered in the 4-pack will be the 3 original prints and a solid OR 4 of a solid color (likely grey). But when I go to select a size and print, the solid color isn't an option. Will you be sending out a separate survey for these later? I'd like to get the 4-pack of bottoms but prefer the solid color. Thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Anne on April 5

      I am ordering three full sets of Peejamas in each of sizes 4 and 5. I would love to add on a pack of bottoms split, for 2 bottoms of each size. Could the survey be updated to make that possible? I don't need four additional bottoms of each size.

    35. Tiffany Brandt
      on April 5

      Thank you so much for getting back to us! Knowing how the measurements were determined helps so much! Very excited about getting these!

    36. Peejamas Creator on April 5


      We're sorry for the price jumps for our Canadian backers and friends! We actually kept the price the exact same for all earlybird levels. Unfortunately, we are also limited in how we can price it by region/part of a specific country so we had to put a flat shipping charge that would cover locations near and far, sometimes within even the same country. In regards to prices going down on quantity, that is often true. Our Peejamas are already 30% off on Kickstarter, so we don't even have the margin to continue dropping them for additional quantity. We hope you understand our predicament.


    37. Peejamas Creator on April 5

      Hi @TiffanyBrandt and @PatrickMcAlpine -

      I am speaking with our manufacturer daily and they have zero concerns that there will be delays. We are working with manufacturers that work with companies like Carters regularly and can handle large quantities. They continue to reaffirm that shipments should be landed in the US by end of June/early July. I will be sure to keep backers updated on this as the process continues!

      In regards to the measurements, the sizes are when they are laid flat for a waist of 14.5". Typically sizing for tot sizes like a 2 or 3t are just weight and height, so the actual dimensions may seem odd, but to create the size chart, we took the sizes directly from our patterns that are being used for manufacturing.

      Thanks for the great comments and we will be sure to continue posting updates!

    38. Tiffany Brandt
      on April 4

      That is a good point Patrick McAlpine that I didn't think of initially. I am still waiting to hear back about how the measurements work but I will probably order 1 or 2 sizes bigger.

    39. Patrick McAlpine on April 4

      Posted in Latest Update, copying here for visibility:

      So my major concern in filling out a survey this soon is if you'll be able to keep with your production and delivery schedule of July in spite of your massive success. Traditionally Kickstarters that over fund by as much as you have have had problems with booking factory / production time to produce enough for everybody to keep your shipping costs within reason, and often have to delay their product by months or more to get their full orders in. With a piece of plastic or metal this isn't a huge deal, but when it comes to children's clothing, at sizes that are notorious for growing into the next size within months, I'm worried that I will be telling you what I need in July, and end up needing something different in December.

    40. Tiffany Brandt
      on April 3

      Are the measurements above laying the clothes flat and measuring across? Or are they the final measurement when they are on the child, meaning a child waist wearing a 4T is 14 1/2" around? Thank you!

    41. Missing avatar

      Anke Smarczyk on March 29

      Ich habe meine Bestellung geändert. Bin mir nicht sicher, ob das geklappt hat. Können Sie mir bestätigen, dass ich nun 2 Peejamas bestellt habe, statt nur einen? Und dass ich nun nicht 2 Pakete ausgewählt habe?

    42. Missing avatar

      Brandi Dalton on March 29

      @creater: prices actually increase for Canadians as you go up levels due to inflated shipping prices. So 3 pack $105 + $15= $40/pair, 4 pairs $140 + $25= 41.20 each, 5 pairs $170 +30=$40 each, 6 pairs $210+40=$41.20 each. I understand that shipping to Canada is more, but to increase it at varying intervals for additional pairs doesn’t make sense. Usually shipping goes down per unit in previous kick starters I have supported. It’s more that doubled from 3 to 6 pairs.

    43. Michael W on March 29

      These look like a wonderful Product! I wish shipping could have been International friendly! i can't justify 85 CAD for one pair of PJ's after shipping and Duty charges. Best wishes to the campaign, i know my pledge removal won't make a difference to the overall campaign!

    44. Missing avatar

      Sandy Marshall on March 29

      Can you add the method of measurement to the size chart? The waist measurement seems to be way off.

    45. Peejamas Creator on March 29

      HI @Adam Hanley - sorry if we missed your comment! You can DEFINITELY choose a 5T.

      Thank you so much for your support!

    46. Peejamas Creator on March 29

      Hi @Brandi Dalton - we will definitely have add-ons post-campaign. The current six pack option is priced at the lowest/pair though... $35 each. Hope that helps and THANK YOU for your pledge!

    47. Peejamas Creator on March 29

      @Irene W Miller: hi there! That survey was just to get an idea. We will send an official email requesting your size and print preference after the campaign ends (likely Monday since we end in a Sat).

      Thanks so much!

    48. Missing avatar

      Irene W Miller on March 29

      I submitted my survey before your size chart come out. I most likely will need to adjust my order, will that be alright?

    49. Missing avatar

      Brandi Dalton on March 28

      Is there going to be the option to add
      On pairs with the backer kit? I want to up to 6 pairs, but it is more expensive per pair

    50. Missing avatar

      Anke Smarczyk on March 28

      Ich komme aus Deutschland und weiß mit den Grössenangaben nichts anzufangen. Meine Tochter ist gerade 3 Jahre geworden und sehr zierlich. Die wiegt etwa 11 Kilo. Welche Größe wird da empfohlen? Bitte um Hilfe!

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