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Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
17,029 backers pledged $4,869,472 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Stacy Durack on

      I received the messenger 13 yesterday and I love it! I am a 5'6" woman and the bag fits perfect with my size! My Lenovo yoga 460 fits, but snug. The bag feels more natural to wear than the 15, which I also own. I love both of them, so the 13 for less gear and travel, the 15 for more gear. Peak Design, Thank you!

    2. Martin Bleazard on

      Now go bigger ;) had my one EDM bag stolen already so someone is looking dialed as f, cruising joburg streets. Can't wait for you guys to design a bigger bag, hoping for a Dr bag or back pack. Keep making magic

    3. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Trista I'd suggest you e-mail and see if they can fix you up with something ;-)

    4. Trista Manikowske

      I missed the deadline for the discount but was a backer and want this smaller bag, anyway I can still get the code?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Rowe on

      Got the code! A big thank you!

    6. Peak Design 9-time creator on

      Hey folks, just sent those codes out. Apologies for the delay, and thanks for your support!

    7. Missing avatar

      whome on

      How do PD know which Instagram account I use? My account name there is different from KICKSTARTER account. The form should have had which Instagram account each used. Otherwise, there's no way connecting both accounts. Or is there???

    8. Peter Imhoff on

      Its reassuring that others haven't received the code as well.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Rowe on

      Thank you, Adam.

    10. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Just to let you guys know, I'm actively following up with PD regarding release of the promotional codes.

    11. Orlando Adames on

      No code yet here either :(

    12. W!

      Aloha, It seems I'm not the only one who followed the instructions and has yet to receive a special discount code. I LOVE the Messenger 15 for my Nikon F2, and I'd like to order the Messenger 13 for my rangefinder.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Rowe on

      Still waiting for my special code. I'm looking to order the Messenger 13 as a wedding gift for my sister-in-law (gets married the end of June in Maryland). So, I suspect the timeline should work out. I've been super pleased with my original Messenger.

    14. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Doug, I'm sure you have read this above "fill out this form by 11:59pm PT on Thursday, May 5th. The next day, we'll email you a special code that will give you $30 off a pre-order of The Everyday Messenger 13 made within the next 2 weeks."

      Therefore, one would assume 6th May, I.e. At some point today, remembering that PD are on West Coast USA time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Doug Casement on

      When are the codes being sent out? I followed all the steps but haven't seen any follow up?

    16. Peak Design 9-time creator on

      Hey folks! While we definitely think that you should kick the tires on Instagram (it's a fantastic photography and adventure community) we don't have a hard, fast rule that you need to be on Insta to get the discount. We love and appreciate all of our backers!

      Regarding folks asking for a bigger bag, we totally hear ya there. A few of us on the team would prefer to carry a bit more, and we've been working on some new stuff to hopefully address that need. Stay tuned, and also, we'd love for you to leave your product suggestions and feedback in the Peak Design Community ( Lotta folks already discussing this stuff, and it would be great to get y'all in that discussion too.

    17. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      I have been a backer in every projects too, but I have no instagram
      I did still filled out the form though
      We'll see if they'll still send me the discount code

    18. Missing avatar


      Hi. It's hard to believe, but I actually do not have an Instagram account (am a bit averse to social media). Is there another way for me to get the discount? Especially since I've been a backer in every one of Peak Design's Kickstarter (including the Everyday Messenger Bag).

    19. Missing avatar


      Greate news…want to order 2…but want an Kickstarter Deal
      Have 4 of your bags …and think this is worth an 20% off

      And please don´t discriminate "Non Instagramm User" or "Non Facebook user"
      by adding an Discount to get some free and then you have to have their an account.

      Because…Yes that kind of users exist…and hey they don´t really need those sites.

    20. Bethany Moslen on

      Aw man, I wish this could have been an option during the campaign. Being petite I would probably use this more often with my camera gear. Right now I have only used my bag for my gear once, other times I resorted to my old bag because it's smaller and fits my body better. I do use the 15 everyday for work purposes and the only thing I would change on the 15 for us petite people is how the shoulder strap goes around my body, I usually use the waste strap every time I use the bag, regardless of riding my bike or not, to feel like it isn't going to fall off my shoulder. Still a great bag and the size of the 15 is perfect for all I need for work, seems the 13 would just be better for my size. :/ great product overall!

    21. Crystal Groves

      I don't have an Instagram account so I can't enter the contest. D:

    22. Karl Gibbens on

      I love my now Everyday Messenger 15. It's been on several shoots with me and its great. Now a smaller one is great particularly for as you said smaller people. How about going the other way? An EM 17? More gear more laptop (not everyone's got the relatively slim chassis of a macbook) and also ppl like me don't have relatively slim chassis I'm a bit of a behemoth and although my current EM is fine I'd love something a bit more to scale.

    23. Martin B on

      Hey PeakDesign,
      I love my Everyday Messenger bag. And I love the idea that you think about different sizes now. BUT: can you please also consider a slightly bigger version? My 15 inch notebook does not fit in the rear pocket and I will for various reasons NOT buy a 15 inch MacBook just because it fits in the bag ;-)
      Thanks, Martin

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Latreille on

      Hey guys,
      Would you consider making a slightly larger version, say a 20?
      Things get a little cramped with a Pro body and 2 lenses in the 15 + other paraphernalia.

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott Kuban on

      While this smaller messenger bag looks awesome, I would still love to see something sized between this and the field pouch.