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Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
17,029 backers pledged $4,869,472 to help bring this project to life.

The Peak Design Community Beta is here, and you're invited.

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Today it is with much esteem that we launch the Peak Design Community Beta! And, we are hereby inviting our Kickstarter backers to be the first to enter, poke around, and get the conversation started.

The brand new Peak Design Community Beta is live and ready for your conversations.
The brand new Peak Design Community Beta is live and ready for your conversations.


1. Check out the Forum Rules. Rule number one is be nice. We really mean it. This is not a place to let off steam if you've had a bad day. We kindly ask all community participants to be respectful and constructive with their posts and replies.

2. You have to be logged in with a account to post. When you first try to post you'll be redirected to a login page, where you can enter your account info or create an account. The process might seem a bit funky, but we're working on fixing it. Note that your account is not connected to your Kickstarter account. If you've recently purchased something directly from our website then you might already have an account.

3. To get notified when somebody posts something new to a topic, click the FOLLOW button on that topic page.

4. If you like a specific post, vote it up using the voting buttons at the top of that post.

5. If you ever need to find the Peak Design Community Beta, there's a link in the global footer of our website, as well as a link on our Support Center page.

And with that, go have fun!


And for those wanting to know more...


It's a place for customers and backers to publicly connect and share insight, tips, and feedback about Peak Design stuff. It's a forum, or rather a set of forums, where you can go to ask questions, give advice, share stories and engage in an ongoing open dialogue with the Peak Design team.


Kickstarter is an incredible community, but the Kickstarter platforms currently lacks the tools to have great ongoing conversations between our backers, our other customers and us. The Kickstarter comment board is super active (a great thing) but it's a linear wall of comments. Things said 2 weeks ago are kinda gone forever. Plus there isn't an easy way to moderate or manage discussion. The new Peak Design Community lets us organize conversations, vote-up popular topics and ideas, share images and search existing posts to see if somebody has already answered your question.

Kickstarter will still be the hub of chatter when we're actively running and fulfilling a Kickstarter project. But for general ongoing communication, we'd like to encourage y'all to try our new Community.


It means that it's not fully "baked" yet. There may be bugs, or things might look wonky. But no fret, if you see something weird we've created a forum specifically about how we can improve the community.


Who's moderating this thing?

A man with an awesome hat, literally.
A man with an awesome hat, literally.

The one and only Adam Hicks, that's who. Don't be fooled by this dark and mysterious portrait, Adam has been heavily involved in our Kickstarter projects (as a backer, comment board manager, trade show attendee and product tester) since 2013. If you've been active on our Kickstarter comments board there almost a 100% chance you've chatted with Adam. We've brought Adam on board as a PD Ambassador to help make Community conversations as fruitful as possible. Additionally, Jen, our head of customer service, will be engaging in conversation, as will be just about every member of the Peak Design team from time to time.


Seriously. Get in there and party.

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    1. Peak Design 8-time creator on

      @Edwin Looks like you hadnt filled out your survey, but have been in touch with our CS peeps today.

    2. Edwin Ng on

      Hi there, I place an order for the Field Pouch but I have yet to receive it. Can you get back to me?

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Polchinski on

      Well deserved congrats to Adam, as many have said to include myself that Adam was THE awesome ambassador as the Everyday Messenger was the first time I have been involved with Kickstarter. Looking forward to the Community Beta!!

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Hey guys, I didn't realise my ugly mug would make it into a Kickstarter Update, I don't recall having signed a model release form for that photo!!

      I'm really looking forward to being able to 'chew the fat', discuss product uses, read about what folks think PD should make next and generally hang out in a place which is a bit tidier than a (metaphorical) line of seats against the wall.

      You can even post photos direct from your iPad and have them shown in line. This is the Internet 1.5 that the Kickstarter Comments just can't currently replicate.

      A big mention should go to Mark Wang of PD for his technical wizardry in getting the forum set up and Jen for sorting the initial sections.

      I'll see you on 'the other side' to get the conversations started... But not tonight, it's late!

    5. iH@b on

      Adaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam !!!!!!!!!!! "Big Applause"