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Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
17,029 backers pledged $4,869,472 to help bring this project to life.

Fulfillment test run! First survey lockdown in 24 hours. Plus, new bag pics!

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)


We've been real busy over here. Making Everyday Messenger Bags, freighting shipping containers full of 'em across the globe, launching a new website, and getting ready for a big ol' holiday season.

We also had another Peak Design wedding—our marketing manager Adam. Per the usual, Peak Design setup and KILLED the photo booth.
We also had another Peak Design wedding—our marketing manager Adam. Per the usual, Peak Design setup and KILLED the photo booth.

So let's get onto the business:


Yeah, you read that correctly. 200 lucky backers will have their Everyday Messenger bags shipped to them in the next week. We'll be doing this in a limited region (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan mainly) and to a limited number of backers in that region. The purpose is to iron out any lingering last-minute kinks in our warehousing, shipping, packaging, messaging and manufacturing.

If you are backing this project and have a shipping address in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore and have completed your BackerKit fulfillment survey, it will be locked down in 24 hours. That means you will not be able to add-on additional stuff or change your shipping address. Your survey will not be locked down if it is not complete (i.e. if you haven't provided a shipping address or answered the survey questions). If you don't want your survey to be locked down, then don't fill it out. If you've already filled your survey out and want to prevent it from getting locked down, email

Participants in this test run will be randomly selected. Being in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore doesn't guarantee you'll be part of the test run. We cannot make special exceptions for folks to be part of the test run. So, as tempting as it may be, we kindly ask that you refrain from requesting that we specifically add you to the test run.


We only have production Everyday Messenger bags in our Hong Kong warehouse facility at the moment. So, we're doing a test run to regions near this facility so we can get quick feedback and results.


We will be locking down all BackerKit surveys on Friday, November 6th. That means that if you want to add anything onto your order (another Bag, another Pouch, heavily discounted Trey Ratcliff digital rewards, or any other Peak Design product), login to your survey right now and do it. When we lockdown surveys it means that you will no longer be able to change your add-ons or shipping address.

What if I don't want my survey to be locked down? Don't complete it. The only reason you wouldn't want your survey to be locked down is if you're not sure what your shipping address is going to be in 1-2 months time. If you've already filled your survey out and want to prevent it from getting locked down, email


We're still on plan for our December fulfillment estimate. Things are going smoothly. We've got shipping containers full of beautiful new bags and pouches on their way to our fulfillment centers around the world. So, you should still expect to get your Everyday Messengers in time for the holidays.

If your reward contains Capture Lens or Lens Kit, those specific products will likely ship out in a separate fulfillment, as we stated up front when we announced them. The timing is still a bit hazy on those, but we expect them to be out in early 2016. They will not affect the timing of when you receive the rest of your rewards.


And now, for what you've all been waiting for: bag porn.

Final production Everyday Messenger, Charcoal
Final production Everyday Messenger, Charcoal
Final production Everyday Messenger, Heritage Tan
Final production Everyday Messenger, Heritage Tan

You'll see a few new things for the very first time in these photos. For one, the Heritage Tan bag features a rich brown waterproof bottom liner, brown Hypalon tags and stress points and brown zippers and zipper pulls. You'll also note that both bags have stainless rivets on the MagLatch ladders (instead of colored rivets on previous models). While the colored rivets looked flashy, the stainless steel rivets were many orders of magnitude more durable. In the end, we opted for better performance and a cleaner aesthetic.

Also note the silicone grip on the outside of the main strap. This grip lets you flip the strap over and carry the bag as a shoulder bag without worrying about the strap slipping off the side of your shoulder.

Additionally, the final axial strap attachment hardware is freaking gorgeous. It's made from a turned stainless steel rivied with a color anodized aluminum bezel. The Charcoal bag has a black rivet with a red bezel and the Heritage Tan bag has a chrome rivet with a blue bezel. Both look super smooth and classy.

The final tripod carry feature is sleek, low-profile and works with every tripod we've seen. Note the sleeve in the main flap of the bag—to carry a tripod, slide one leg though that sleeve and the other 2 legs over the top of the flap. Then wrap the included silicone band around the legs of your tripod to secure it. This allows continuous access to your bag, as well as continued ability to set your bag down on the ground, whether your carrying a tripod or not.

Last but not least, take a glimpse of the final outer packaging. Most bags we've purchased come in a big plastic bag or box. Inside that container you'll find another plastic sleeve, and then within that your bag awaits. We've opted for something a bit different—a recycled paper bag with a tear-away sewn-in seam—for what we believe is a better experience for customers and for Mother Nature.

We can't wait to watch you rip these things open.
We can't wait to watch you rip these things open.

WeAh yes, and one more thing—The Field Pouch—we finally have production units of both Charcoal and Heritage Tan:

That's that. As always, thank you for your incredible support. And remember, if you want to add anything else onto your Kickstarter reward, do it now by logging into your BackerKit survey!

Happy Shooting,
The PD Team


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    1. Andrew Elston on

      Silicone grip!? I thought this bag porn was all natural!

    2. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Mortaux, the general shipping has not started yet, the test shipping was for a limited 200 backers.
      The update is clear that the target is for December shipping and that plans are going well to achieve that.

    3. mortaux

      can I got the information when reward was been shipping?

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Tristan Findley, yes the Field Pouch comes with two anchors attached.

    5. Tristan Findley on

      Does the Field Pouch come with the Anchors, or do they need to be purchased separately? Just want to know if I need to stock up - Might just do so anyway as two of mine really havent lasted well and have unfortunately worn to the point I dont entirely trust them. they're only a few months old too :(

    6. King Pi on

      @Rebekah Fowler
      You do understand the difference of retail price and special discounted price, right?
      That said, US and Canadian backers still save 10 buck when comparing with this special pre-order discount.(This special discount is for US and Canadian customers only)

      Furthermore, Kickstarter is a funding campaign instead of a shop. Backers are involved in the design/production process, raising questions, giving advice directly to Peak Design team which is impossible for normal customers.

    7. Rebekah on

      I'm confused. When I backed this project, you said, "Save $55 off expected retail price." Now, people can order the bag for $249 AND get a free field bag. So, how did I end up saving money?

    8. Missing avatar

      2K C on

      Sigh. Wish I'd been notified of these pics before lockdown. Would have switched to the tan one had I seen them.

    9. YW Hui on

      I do not seem to be one of the lucky ones of them.

    10. Ang Hock Hee Alex on

      Seems like I am not one of the lucky ones.

    11. King Pi on

      @Loke Kok Fai
      Lucky you. If you got tracking number, you can go to to trace it. May need 24 hours for the tracking number taking effect though.

    12. Ng Ching Lam on

      @Kok Fai Congratz to you but not for me, go and try to buy mark six and see

    13. Loke Kok Fai on

      Woot! one of the lucky 200!

      ...But how do we track this thing? Keying in the order number on the website doesn't work. And I'm not sure where to enter the tracking number I was provided with.

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Chiang on

      OMG! I was just notified that my bag was shipped and will arrive tomorrow!!

    15. Jonathan Chia Guangrong on

      suspense is killing me. no notification and it's 3.25pm tuesday this side of the world. still crossing my fingers that i'm among the 200

    16. Missing avatar

      Josh Harris on

      @rahseed the webpage offer is $10 more expensive than the KS prices ($225+15=240 <249.95)

    17. Rasheed Brown on

      I have a question, on your site and IG Page, you offer the pouch for free with new pre-order. Can I cancel my kickstarter order and place a new pre-order? As it seems unfair to not offer those who supported the original Kickstarter the same option.

    18. Gamy Wong on

      This just needs to be here already in Taipei. Killin' me!

    19. Reiner Knudsen on

      I am really glad I went for the heritage in the first place. I knew you guys would give me something very special �
      These bags are the icing on some incredible products you have created so far. No doubt that you have the most valuable Kickstarter products I backed so far. Thanks for your efforts on these products and keep surprising us with new ones in the future!

    20. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Grant, it's a pre-order offer available through the website, advertised by a newsletter e-mail. The offer is for USA and Canada, is $250 and closes the same day as BackerKit survey lockdown, 6th November.
      For Backers here, it is cheaper to add the bag and pouch in BackerKit $225, and as International orders are not included in the Pre-Order offer, if you don't live in US/Canada, the free pouch offer is not an option anyway.

    21. Grant on

      @michael Hanson where does it state you get a free pouch??

    22. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Chilwin if you alter the items in the BackerKit survey trolley, you will find the total will be $5, it will then ask for payment details.

    23. Chilwin Theodoroes on

      Another question, how can i add 5$ to the payment? i want to upgrade my slide strap after i changed my bag color ;)


      Thanks! to @King Pi and @Creator

    25. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Michael Hansson, just as a clarification to your comment, I'd note that International Backers can add a EDM Bag and Pouch for $225 within BackerKit, delivered along with their existing pledge (assuming that the initial pledge level includes the postage surcharge).
      Thus, if backers want an additional EDM Bag and Pouch, best to revisit BackerKit before the Lockdown, which is incidentally the same date that the Pre-Order Deal closes.

    26. Missing avatar

      Steve Wang on

      This tan looks better than the one on the survey. Changed my response.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Hansson on

      What is this pre-order of the Messenger bag and get the Pouch for free - Valid for US/Canada only...
      Well, that stunt shot your credibility down to nothing.
      Adding the pouch for free is frankly an insult to the backers in general, and to the large number of international backers in particular, who won't even get the option to pre-order for a second bag. Seem like the success of the messenger bag turned PD into a big business company, and you have forgotten the core fans.

      It says below the comment field: "Be respectful and considerate"
      You should apply that sentiment towards your KS backers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Adams on

      @PD, what's your estimated delivery for orders shipping to the US (Midwest)? I'm not sure if my patience is going to let me wait until after the move if I don't have to.

    29. Peak Design 8-time creator on

      @elflin -- We choose those countries due to the proximity and the number of orders that fit the order profile we were looking for

      @Karl -- yes, the tether is in the final design

      @Benjamin -- Yes, if you are one of the 200 you will be notified via email when your order ships

      @Ng -- they will likely ship out on Monday

      @Robert -- the bags in these photos are all the exact same bag. Color differences are simply due to lighting differences

      @WONG -- Yes, the 200 bags that will be shipping are the final bags. We simply air shipped them to the warehouse while the rest have/are being sent via sea freight

      @Chilwin -- You can log back into your backer kit survey ad update the color until your survey is locked down

    30. Barry Doolan on

      @Robert R, I see what you mean about the different colours of tan in the pictures, I'm guessing this is inconsistent lighting/processing of the images. Perhaps the video from the recent PhotoPlus Expo will give a better feel for the colour it really is?…

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Adams on

      I want to echo the comments of some of the others here: The tan bag is stunning; you've converted me away from the charcoal color.

      Brilliant job all around guys!

    32. King Pi on


      The survey has not yet been locked down. You can amend it as many times as you want before the lock down date mentioned in this update.

    33. King Pi on


      We only have "production Everyday Messenger bags" in our Hong Kong warehouse facility at the moment. So, we're doing a test run to regions near this facility so we can get quick feedback and results.

    34. Chilwin Theodoroes on

      Hi, i already finished the survey but after i saw this post, i really change my mind and i want the tan version instead of charcoal.. is it still possible to change the bag's color?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ka Fai LEE on

      As a Hong Konger, I am excited and feel honoured by this update! Really look forward to this surprised!!!


      I want to ask are the 200 lucky backers going to receive the final version of the bags?

    37. Mark Gray

      @Arran I like where you're coming from. Thinking of doing the same, though it will have to be after the first lockdown so my credit card doesn't snap.

    38. Arran on

      Very annoying. These closer up pictures of the Tan make me really want one, but the charcoal is so nice as well. I can use two bags can't I? Time to go upgrade my order i think......

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew K on

      I agree with Robert R. I am considering the heritage tan bag, but it is hard to figure out what colour it really is.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Frewin on

      You people rock! Seriously the best crowd on Kickstarter around. I love the look of the modifications and small well thought out additions to the bags. Like every other backer, I can't wait to get my hands on the bag and start using it. Lucky, lucky 200 backers in Asia being the first to get them shipped. But the rest of us can wait...rock on Peak Design Team!

    41. nick.does.bags

      Agree with Marius. Grey with blue trim would have been a winner for me. Hence why I'm stuck deciding on which bag to get still lol

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Hansson on

      Mega awesome. And the outer packaging is cool as well. Very Japanese in style and concern. I like it. Pity we have to tear outer packaging to get to the bag :)

    43. Robert Rydlo

      Looking at the all images of the Heritage Tan bag.... which of all those (at least 4) different brown colors is the correct one???

      I was thinking about getting the Heritage, but with those images, I guess I will better stick with the charcoal one as the browns range from "nice" to "meh..." . And I don't want to gamble 200 bucks on "lets hope it's the brown I like"....

      Can you please post an image that shows the correct colors? Thank you!

    44. Ng Ching Lam on

      Good news for East Asian to get this first YAYA.
      That mean if it ship tomorrow then i will receive it on Tuesday like that?

    45. Kian Lee on

      I'm looking forward to this~~

      – Comment from HK~

    46. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Plouffe on

      I live in South korea. Is that considered in the "region" of the the 200 bags being sent out early... Its inbetween China and Japan.

      Also will the 200 people receive somekind of email notifying them the bag is coming early as part of the 200 ?

    47. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Karl Hedstrom, sorry missed your question earlier, Yes the bag will come complete with the keychain attachment and cord.

    48. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Marius Strom The 'red trim' on the back of the brown Field Pouch are the Peak Design Anchors for attaching a strap, rather than being an inconsistency in the colour scheme.
      As Mr Ford would have allegedly said "Peak Design Anchors are available in ANY colour you like, so long as it is Black and Red"

    49. Karl Hedstrom

      Great pictures! Did the final product include the cord for your keys?

    50. Xavier Lim on

      What a great news!! I'm from singapore. Hope can get the bag soon :D