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Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
Kickstarter's most funded bag ever. Beautiful, intelligent and adaptable, The Everyday Messenger is a giant leap for bag-kind.
17,029 backers pledged $4,869,472 to help bring this project to life.
Josh Rhoades, Joe Highfield, and 209 more people like this update.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bigley on

      I would LOVE to see this incorporated into this bag. As someone who uses a tripod daily for work this would make my life a whole lot easier. PLEASE do this!

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Harris on

      Would love this tripod solution!!!!! Can it come on the first shipment? I have already pledged and would love this!

    3. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Farhat on

      @Adam Hicks , cheers!

    4. Hanske

      Can't you put color LED's in the MagLatch ladder? So we can choose our own color scheme :-)

    5. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Mohamed Farhat the luggage is from Timbuk2, website…

      I hope these are the items you were meaning.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mohamed Farhat on

      Hi guys can anyone tell me the name of the luggage set pictured above , i'm looking for a set just like that which will go well with my messenger

    7. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      I'm actually digging the anodized color pops on both bags, one of the reasons I'm investing in the first place is that I'd like to finally have a bag that stands out a bit, while still being totally functional. I have to say though, as much as I like what you guys ended up with for a color way on the heritage bag (the strap color is perfect by the way), 8 times out of 10 the charcoal will blend in more with my everyday needs. I don't mind the logo placement or designs, hell I want people to ask about it, the ladder lock alone is just so different from what I usually see out there... but I do wish there was a version with the blue pops on the charcoal, I've found that blue ages better than red overall and this bag is going to get a lot of use!

      Quick question, does the design change to the support strap affect it's use while being worn as a messenger bag, as in does it still connect under the arm as a support strap? And have you found any issues in general with the support strap falling out of or catching on something and pulling out of the side pockets when tucked away? Is the intention to fully tuck the strap or leave the connectors exposed as shown in the pics? And lastly, what's the break weight of the axial attach point on the strap? I've never loaded a bag down with enough weight to break anything, but this does seem to be the weak point of the bag if it catches on something, or is suddenly pulled from the body. I noticed in some of the Trey vids, his bag doesn't even have them, I'm guessing since his is a prototype, the axial attach point is a newer addition to the bag?

      Thanks, and keep up the good work! I only wish I had this bag sooner for a gig in Germany late October, but I'll be putting it the test soon enough :)

    8. Hanske

      Don't like the anodized rivets on the MagLatch ladder (or any colored anodized item on there). I really think you should poll this before the final production run.

    9. Garry Marshall on

      The tag on the flap is totally at odds with the rest of the design. I really really dislike it. Can it be unstitched without leaving a mark if desired?

    10. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      The potential tripod solution and the heritage tan color look great! Awesome work. I have to agree with what others have said on the anodized accents though. It seems like you might be stretching for a "cool" look. If this truly is the last bag I'll ever have to purchase, I'd rather have something with a little more class that will stand the test of time. :)

    11. Thomas Campbell on

      wouldn't it be better for the tripod to mount on the bottom of the bag in a similiar way, so you could still have quick access to the camera with the tripod attached to the bag

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Wilson on

      I was almost convinced by the Heritage Tan, but I really don't think those purple/blue accents work, so may have to stay with the charcoal.
      The tripod support is a great addition and I love the internal logo, but not so sure about the external branding.

    13. Johan Ström on

      I love the heritage tan fabric but I think the blue details/accents look frankly terrible and distracting. I'm going to have to go with the charcoal one I think even though it's a bit "boring" looking. The tan with red or black accents would be an instant buy. Also seconding whoever said the tan bag looks much better with the black strap.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Recinos on

      May have to switch to the Heritage Tan... it looks awesome! Love the colored anodized accents.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Kume on

      This last update convinced me. I'm a backer now! Can't wait for my bag!
      - I really prefer the tripod on the top, so that we can easily set the bag on any flat surface. Perfect!
      - The elastic band, on the other hand, bothers me a bit, since this is a clear departure from the overall concept (no loose parts nor hanging stuff). But if this is the only solution, fine.
      - Logo looks really nice for me. A bit of decentralization is always welcome.
      - I also like the colored anodized accents.
      Way to go Peak Design!

    16. Missing avatar

      James on

      Thanks for the update guys!
      Can I ask, does increasing the rear panel size increase the overall width of the bag from the dimensions specified on the campaign page? Being a slender guy, I am worried this bag is going to look gigantic as it is.. :P.
      P.S. Unfortunately, also have to agree that the colouring of anodized axial attachment have made it look a little 'tacky'. However, appreciate that you are investing time in the details!

    17. Nikki Dunn on

      I think the tripod spot is a great idea!!! Love all the little improvements!!! :)

    18. Missing avatar

      edelle on

      Love all the improvements! Especially the luggage strap option that, in my view, is a secret backpack option. I read a few backer comments that slammed my comment re: backpack conversion (hey, to each his own! i'm just commenting, and have no direct influence on the design, so CTFD). I am going to use this primarily as a messenger bag, as designed, but if the load is heavy, it's great to have a strap hack that can distribute the weight on both shoulders, even if just for a few minutes. Thanks for the update!

    19. Rich Harley on

      Strong sticker game on the laptop.

    20. Missing avatar

      TC on

      I'm still firm on the grey, but please, skip the red/blue anodized accents - Or at least do a poll.
      The bag pics on kickstarter page one looks mutch cleaner, with just some red/blue threads.
      And the tripod solution looks great, even if I'm not sure about the impact on the camera safety ?
      Anyway, keep up the good work and looking forward on your updates.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sarah Clausen on

      I really like the heritage tan bag. I don't mind the anodized accents but the brown strap is not my favorite - it does not match and detracts from the overall look of the bag. The bag already has black accents on it - why not use the same strap material as on the grey bag? Please?

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Korff on

      I find the Heritage tan bag a very attractive choice. I may change my original selection.
      Like the changes, however, the tripod may be better at the bottom so that it won't interfer with the zipper access into the bag.

    23. Royston Toh on

      Loving how the tan bag looks! However I agree that the anodized accents and the branding on the outside are distracting from the clean look that made this bag totally dialed in the first place. Would really prefer it without the anodized accents.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Moar on

      I would like to see the pockets within the front zipper pocket to remain black, and for the logo on the flap to be removed. The logo there looks out of place in my opinion, although I have no problem with branding (I actually love the logo under the flap).

      I think that a tripod / monopod solution is a must. I like the solution your coming up with, but I definitely think a solution has to be found. It would make this bag the most perfect bag ever. I'm super excited to get it. Finally, no more "I wish I had my camera with me" scenarios!

    25. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wanivenhaus on

      I really like the new brown coloured bag...but I have to agree with the others here that the blue bit and pieces don´t fit so well...something more suttle would be much nicer. Apart from that it looks great and I also love the tripod idea!

    26. Kamal on

      You may want to do another Poll/Survey on the updates especially for the Coloured Anodised Accents, Branding tags, and the Tripod Solution.

      The blue Anodised accents do look a little ostentatious to me.

      I like the hidden branding under the flap, but the branding on the outside of the flap I would have preferred on the zipper tags. Or added subtly on things such as embossed on the strap rivet, or the magnetic latch. I know you want to get your name out there, but I'd rather have people stop me in the street and ask me more about the bag. If I have time to answer their questions that is. If not I'd just say it's a peak design back and carry on.
      I want a bag as other have said to be stealth in what is actually in the bag.

      One last thing, with the widening of the back of the bag to fit slightly larger Apple 15" laptops, the front looks out of proportion now. I'd like it if the front got widened in the same ratio so that it like the initial prototypes.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rico on

      Hey, maybe you could check an option with a little strap on both sides of the inner side of the flap with small pockets nearly like the stabilizer strap. So the leg could be tighten an maybe it will be a bit more stabled like now. But just check it in Reality. I believe you'll find a great way.

    28. Thomas Paris

      I'm lovin' it!
      But now I'm afraid I'll have to buy 2, one in each colour scheme...

    29. Jay Robert Luguevarra

      I think it's better to store the tripod below the bag so u can still access the full top zippers n flaps to get in n out of ur gear. without the intrusion of the tripod. Just install some kind of hidden strap on the button I guess for the tripod.... just a suggestion thanks.

    30. Gaetan Gueraud on

      I'd love to see the Tan version worn on video or at least with external pics without any extra light.

    31. Chris Bozzelli on

      Actually, I'd call the branding non-subtle and pretty obnoxious. The original looked way sharper without it. Seriously considering pulling out - Feels like a bait & switch. Gah.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Schneider on

      For me the coloroed anodization is a bit too much (expecially the rivets) - I think it was more straight before, but that's just what I think from the pics...
      I really like the other modifications and am really looking forward to my new bad.

    33. Adrian Morgan on

      I like the material choices, and the way the tripod slot is not obvious. I really don't think the bag needs the 'bling' touches of increased anodising and the outside label. The initial bag was clean and simple, which is one of the things that attracted me to it and this is now starting to get more a more complicated.

    34. Kor Shu Yen on

      For the tripod solution, if a camera mounted with a lens was in the bag, would it cause the camera LCD to crack under the weight of the tripod?

    35. Frank Farm on

      Here I thought that once you make over US$1M on a Kickstarter you rent the Exploratorium and throw in food and drink and a DJ and party with the team and their families until the money’s (almost) gone, but it seems that instead you keep working your butts off to make the product even better than you originally pitched it. ♥ Both Heritage Tan and Charcoal are looking great to me. Yes, I can see how too much anodized accent color might make some uneasy, but I like what’s been shown in this update just fine. (I also like the original.) My favorite part: non-obnoxious branding. Why can’t that be a selling point for everything? Signed, Frank in San Franciso. ;-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Chapman L on

      I agree with Grant's comment, I think the new accents are a bit too much. Especially for the anodized axial strap, if that is going to get scratched over time, it might look that great. Would also prefer no accent colour on the rivets. I think the ladder looked much cleaner without them. Everything else looking good so far! Loving the new tripod capability and the more capable side pockets.

      Great work, you've won my pledge!

    37. Grant on

      I thinks the anodised axial strap is too much, and I prefer none on the closing ladder system either. It just is like an after thought and prefer the original a lot better

    38. Gerry on

      If you're committed to no tripod placement on the bottom, it looks like you guys are going in the right direction. (I was actually starting to consider removing my pledge because if you didn't have a tripod solution this go around, you guys would likely have an option in one of your later bags and I was ready to wait for that one.) As long as you guys are confident the top flap solution won't wear away quickly with use.

      The heritage tan looks great. I'm very tempted to ask for that color instead.

    39. Sapandeep Ahuja on

      Never been so excited about a bag, love all the updates!

    40. ChweeLian SEE on

      Love the details on both bags. Don't make it any larger otherwise too bulky for longer time carry. Yeah, prefer no logo on the inside. Unbranded makes it more desirable and creates a "I want that bag" from onlookers.

    41. Missing avatar

      Cameron Fong on

      Looks really awesome, I love the tripod solution, and th red anodisation on the charcoal bag.

    42. Missing avatar

      Blair on

      Love the red anodizing color addition. Looks great. Keep doing what your doing!!!

    43. Rafael Castillo on

      I'm loving the tweaks and improvements. That touch of blue looks great against the heritage tan and I'm happy the laptop pocket is bigger. The tripod loop is an exciting development; I hope it works out.

    44. Marius Strom on

      I'm heavily leaning grey, but the tan looks much better this round of updates than it did in the prior ones. I will echo what others are saying about the photos - the blue anodizing looks more purple/lavender to me than blue.

      What I'd really love is the grey bag with blue accents. I think that would look really sharp.

    45. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Thanks for the update - that heritage tan colour looks really good.

      Is that the final colour for the brown webbing? Not sure if it's just the lighting, but it looks pretty pale. I'm worried it will pick up grime and water stains really easily (check out any red seat-belts that have been used for a long time and haven't been cleaned regularly). Something like a dark chocolate might be more forgiving.

      Like some of the other commenters here, I'm still not convinced by the lilac accents - they seem to clash with the tan rather than complimenting it. I'd like to see it with a midnight blue or, at the other extreme, a pale, bluish silver. The charcoal/red combo works really well, but says "hi everyone, I'm a camera bag", so I'm hoping the tan/blue combo works out.

    46. Paul Roper on

      Love the new tweaks! What about a clip/zinger to hang keys on? You guys (& girls) rock!

    47. Dompud

      Fantastic and discreet iterations. I LOVE the red accents and anodized features. Absolutely beautiful and (IMO) perfectly in line with the aesthetic of the bag. The tripod solution is ingenious also. I hope that works out. Great stuff!

    48. John Lafferty

      Great additions!

    49. Missing avatar

      Rico on

      Great job guys, we know why we're trusting you!
      But one small intervention. Please let the accents just be accents. The axial strap attachment in anodized red is a bit too much. Please don't kill the simple and clean design. ;-)

    50. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Plouffe on

      Not really liking the Anodized coloured details. A bit distracting.
      I still like the Charcoal one better.

      I was suprised with the Tan one in these pictures. I ALMOST wanted one until i saw the anodized "blue" detail. Not really liking the "blue" that was picked. It looks more like a purple!
      If the anodized detialing was a different colour on the Tan.. Perhaps a neutral Grey or something less tacky/ugly. I would consider switching.

      Great job on the Tripod solution!