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The world's best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.
The world's best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.
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The EDL and what it means to us. Plus, pals you should meet.

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Breaking news!

Breaking News Story Features Everyday Backpack In B-Roll Segment
Breaking News Story Features Everyday Backpack In B-Roll Segment

Props to @yulmbutler for capturing that morsel of #realnews the other day. When we saw this on the ol' Twitter machine it got us thinking: golly, our Everyday Line of bags (EDL for short) sure has opened a lot of doors at PD. So, we thought we'd share a bit more detail on what the EDL means to Peak Design:

1. We see PD bags EVERYWHERE. On the news, on the streets, in the airports, and even on Marshawn Lynch. And from the notes you've been sending into our customer service team, it sounds like many of you have as well. It's a pretty swell feeling.

2. REI now carries PD gear. Having a complete bag line was a big factor that tipped the scales here. We hope to continue building partnerships with retailers in the outdoor and lifestyle space.

3. Our customers are more emotionally attached to the stuff we make. We're aware that sounds a bit fluffy, but for us it's a big difference from what we've seen in the past. Many folks carry our bags every single day. It holds all of their most important everyday things. It becomes part of their life in ways that our other products don't, and the longer folks use them the more they discover new bits of functionality that they previously overlooks. This article from the Verge is a good example of that. The writer states "It’s one of those rare products that makes you smile unexpectedly as you discover yet another great feature over time."

4. Peak Design is not just a photography brand anymore. We've always viewed ourselves as a carry brand (i.e. we make stuff that carries your stuff) but we nonetheless spent our first years focusing on camera carry. With the launch of our EDL, the world at large has started to view PD as less of a company that makes good camera stuff, and more of a company that makes good stuff, period. That's another reason why we're in REI now. It's also why magazines like Outside have been covering us lately.

If you find a June issue of Outside on the stands you'll find an Everyday Sling inside it.
If you find a June issue of Outside on the stands you'll find an Everyday Sling inside it.

 5. We've been able to grow our company and grow our design capacity, so we can work on some really, really epic stuff. 2 years ago we had 2 full-time designers. Now we have 6 full-time designers, and a 9-person design + supply chain team. That's 3x the design bandwidth, and boy oh boy have we been busy. We're not going to issue any spoilers just yet, but if you want to start guessing, take a look at the results from our last customer survey. We're working on a number of the projects that were most requested by our backers.

That brings us to our last point...when will our next Kickstarter be?

Well, for a variety of reasons, it may not come this year. And that's fine. We launch Kickstarter projects when we have big new products to bring to life. While we'll definitely be launching some exciting new things later this year (things which you'll be the first to know about) we'll likely reserve our next Kickstarter for something that we believe is truly a breakthrough. And that something, if all goes well, will be coming to KS in the first half of 2018. Stay tuned.


Okay, so we just spilled the beans that we won't (well, probably won't) be doing a 2017 Kickstarter. But that's ok, because there are a handful of projects/companies right now that are doing some pretty dope things that we think are right up your alley.

Arsenal, the intelligent camera assistant (just hours left to pledge!)


We've seen a number of clever camera triggering devices pop up on Kickstarter over the years, each of them touting their own specialties. Arsenal, which has raised over $2.3M already, is by a long shot the most well received smart camera control to hit crowdfunding. A sleek combo of hardware and software, Arsenal is the first camera control to boast the use of machine learning to help you take better pictures with less manual tuning. With under 20 hours left in their campaign, you've still got a chance to pre-order one yourself.

Oru Origami-Inspired Kayak


Kayaks are great, until you have to take them off the water. Then they're an unwieldy plastic/kevlar behemouth that make an ordeal out of travel and storage. If you live in a city, you probably don't even think about getting a kayak. Enter Oru, who designed an ultralight kayak that folds into a box that can be easily schlepped on your back or in a compact car. Oh, and guess what? They just joined 1% For the Planet!

Rumpl Puffy Poncho


If there's one thing millennials crave, it's festival wear. And Rumpl, makers of the original puffy ultralight camp blanket, recently launched the ultimate puffy festival poncho. It doubles as a blanket, it holds a beer, and it's got a pretty funny KS video to accompany it. Also note that it's for more than just's for carefree road trips, #vanlife, camping with nice clothes on, urban picnics, and any other highly 'grammable moment.

And that's all for now. As always, happy shooting!

The PD Team

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    1. Justus Ackermann on

      EDC = Every Day Carry ?

    2. Lauren Wojtalewski on

      I am definitely emotionally attached to my bags and camera straps. I used my tote everyday now, as a diaper bag, purse, knitting bag, camera bag, etc. I keep my micro 4/3 camera in it all the time and it's so easy to grab when I want to grab a shot of my toddler.

      I really hope you consider developing a dual camera strap. As a wedding photographer, this is so crucial. I hate having to take my PD plates off to switch to my cotton carrier plate every time I need to carry two cameras. I think you guys could come up with something so awesome. PLEASE!!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      C. Kohlhaas on

      How about EDR - Every Day Range?

    4. Missing avatar

      C. Kohlhaas on

      Kind of sad to see you let go of the photo focus... but then I look at my EDM, EDS and EDBP and that sadness is gone :)
      I have been an original capture backer (it was my first kickstarter backing) and I've ended up backing each of your products, and buying some regularly off the shelf on top of that. Not 'cause I'm a mindless fanboy (I hope; and I think you could reduce prices a bit), but because the products simply are that good.

    5. Peak Design 8-time creator on

      Hey folks! Apologies for our use of that EDL acronym. We certainly had zero intent of in any way aligning ourselves with (or for that matter, making reference to) the English Defence League. Sounds like we'll need to find another TLA (three letter acronym) for our Everyday Line. Suggestions?

    6. John Welton on

      Hey Chaps,

      As a lot of others have said... EDL is not a friendly acronym in the UK. It stands for English Defence League - who are probably not the people you want associated with your great products...

      You just might want to have a rethink!

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan Stephen

      I had the same thought as Hugh about the use of EDL.

      Although there isn't a direct equivalent in the US, it would be somewhere between covering the product with Gadsden and Confederate flags and having a celebrity endorsement by David Duke.

    8. Justus Ackermann on

      "It’s one of those rare products that makes you smile unexpectedly as you discover yet another great feature over time."

      What a coincidence, a week ago I discovered the hidden passport-pocket on the inside of the EDB-flap (below the maglatch-ladder) and was pretty surprised :) Later I realized that this pocket has of course been shown during the campaign, but there are just so many little things on the EDB, I simply forgot.

      I am pretty sad that there is no PD summer campaign this year, but I understand your reasoning (it obivously would not make sense to do a campaign just to do one) and I honestly could use the extra cash :)

    9. Hugh Platt on

      Errr...guys, you might want to rethink using EDL as an acronym. It has some pretty unpleasant connotations here in the UK:

    10. Brad Ford on

      I had 2 interesting moments. firstly I live in Japan, so really didn't expect to see any of your products.

      1. In a small remote area of Tokyo, at a trunk storage place a guy was wearing backpack leaving the exact same place.
      2. I was at Starbucks, as I left I opened it up to move things around (top and sides). As I was leaving a lady came running outside chasing me down to find out about the bag. Apparently whilst she was in the toilet her husband spotted me and really liked what he saw... But was too embarrassed to ask. So when she heard she quickly took over :)
      And of course I shared and showed them.

      PS: we still need an add on for the backpacks to add a bungee type martial with velcro around the edge. I want to use this to make a layer in the middle.
      Also on the next revision, can we put a little thin pocket on the outside of the backpack, maybe on the back side.