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The world's best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.
The world's best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.
26,359 backers pledged $6,565,782 to help bring this project to life.

99% shipped, and a plan for the rest. A new backpack video. Last minute gifting?

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Happy Friday and happy holidays backers. Adam here, the other jolly bearded marketing guy who's working his touchis off right now. Sorry, not trying to equate myself to Santa. I get Christmas off. Also, I'm half Jewish (hence I used the word "touchis," pronounced "took-iss," Yiddish for "tush").

Let's get down to bidness.


Backpack backers! We've finally put together an uber-detailed instructional video, showing you how to operate every last bell and/or whistle on those suckers. It's a solid 30 minutes long, but gosh darn it, you'll love it. Take it away, Art:

I could binge watch that for days.

Sling backers, we've got a video for you too, here.

Tote backers, we're working on one!

And no matter what you backed, if you haven't seen the series of videos that Adam Hicks put together, then holy moly, you're missing out.


That's right, of those backers from whom we have completed surveys, 99% of their rewards have been delivered, or are in the hands of shipping carriers. To break that down:

  • 25,235 orders have shipped or are in the hands of shipping carriers
  • 287 orders have not shipped yet
  • 837 backers have not completed their Backerkit survey (if you're one of these folks, GO HERE to retrieve your survey link).


The 287 orders that have yet to ship are all out of the Hong Kong warehouse, and all contain Charcoal Totes. Due to a manufacturer shipping error, our Hong Kong warehouse was short 300 Charcoal Totes. Unfortunately this issue was discovered when a shipment arrived at the Hong Kong warehouse a couple weeks ago and the quantities didn't match up with the receiving information we had sent to the warehouse. Those 300 Charcoal Totes were still being manufactured, so upon finishing them we express shipped them to our Hong Kong warehouse for fulfillment. They were supposed to arrive at the warehouse on December 21st, but we hit port congestion which pushed back warehouse receiving. Tonight we received an update that the warehouse hopes to receive the items by the 24th. If they don't receive them on the 24th, they won't get them until the 27th due to holiday closure. Either way, we're working closely with the warehouse to expedite order processing for these remaining 287 orders so they leave on the 28th or 29th. It's a tough time of year for our warehousing and shipping partners since they're all operating at capacity, but we're working with them as closely as we can to get y'all sorted.


As mentioned in the previous update, and evident now to around 500-or-so backers who have received their shipping notices in the past few days, not all orders will hit doorsteps in time for Christmas as we initially hoped.

First, we apologize to those backers who aren't getting their rewards in time for the holidays. This Summer, our conservative estimates told us that every single backer would have rewards in-hand by Christmas, and those estimates looked accurate even up through the beginning of this month. But a handful of bumps along the road—most notably the Tote shipping error, the Tote hook fix, and sluggish Range Pouch production—pushed us right up into the thick of the holiday shipping season, where in many cases no amount of pushing and prodding can make things go faster.

We have been and we continue to do everything in our power to make good on the expectations we set with you. In Canada, for example, we recently rush shipped several hundred Tote and Range Pouch orders so they would arrive today or tomorrow. Our customer service guru Jen has been on the phone with our warehouse managers nightly, devising ways to speed up handling and packing times. We've also air-freighted roughly 70% of our supplier-to-warehouse shipments for this campaign. Normally, we sea freight all shipments, since air freighting costs double. It sometimes costs more than the cost of the inventory in the shipment itself. We are pulling every string that our fingers can reach, and we'll continue to do so until that 99% becomes 100%.

Please note that we are expediting shipments when and where it makes a difference. Due to another season of overwhelming demand, there are many areas where expedited services are not currently operating at their service standards. If we can expedite a package and get it to your doorstep by Christmas, we will. If it's a matter of your package arriving on the 26th versus the 28th, we won't.

Overall, we are immensely proud of how this campaign has gone. This is our 6th campaign and our 6th massive fulfillment rodeo, and it's been our biggest and most complex shipping task to date. The overwhelming majority of our backers have shown nothing but satisfaction and excitement, which has filled the entire PD team with a glowingly positive energy over the past few months. But we will not make light of the fact that there are small number of folks out there who are unhappy and frustrated. Those of us on the team who are driving fulfillment and customer service—Jen, Dan, and Adam Hicks—continue to put in late nights to make things right. At a time when most of us are taking a break to be with loved ones, Jen, Dan, and Hicksy are quietly ducking out of family time to answer emails and hop on calls with our shipping partners. We sincerely empathize with those who are peeved right now, and we hope for your empathy in return. You have a right to be upset, we just kindly ask that you be kind and respectful to our staff and other backers.


Congrats Ken Wong, you get one of our new not-so-secret PD tees and a $50 gift card!

Ken Wong (@goldenfish023) stylin' with an Everyday Backpack 30L.
Ken Wong (@goldenfish023) stylin' with an Everyday Backpack 30L.


For those of you subscribed to our newsletter, you recently got a note from our entire team encouraging folks to donate to a non-profit in the name of a friend or loved one. It's a gift that's meaningful, instant, emotionally impactful, and just so gosh darn easy to give.

Looking for ideas? Read our latest newsletter to see which non-profits our team (and a few friends) have donated to this year.

And that's that. Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. Happy holidays to everybody. Thank you for your incredible support this year. We freaking love our jobs because of you.

All our love,

Adam & the PD Team


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    1. Karen L Vater on

      Still waiting for the instructional video on the peak it still in the works?

    2. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Estrangedones please contact for Customer Support

    3. Missing avatar

      Estrangedones on

      my backpack shipped out on 3rd of Dec. but i still didnt get it yet.
      what i supposed to do?

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Sengyee Tai I don't have access to shipping and reward info, but if you didn't have a Charcoal Tote as part of your reward, it should have already shipped. In the first instance, as noted above, please check that you have completed your Backerkit Survey as 837 Backers haven't

      If you have completed your survey, please email where Customer Support will be able to give further information, the comments board are not the best place for direct support. Thanks, Adam

    5. Thomas Campbell on

      Truly sad that people are making such a big deal about a bag. It's a bag. If your Christmas is being destroyed by not having a bag, then you really are missing out on the great things about Christmas being with family and friends.

      If a trip to another country is being destroyed by not having a bag, you have never used before or have any idea if it will really suit your needs until you pack you gear in it, is destroying your trip, you might consider traveling somewhere else.

    6. Sengyee Tai on

      Hi, I pledged $214 in September and supposed to receive the backpack in December in Singapore but no news at all, possible to trace for me? Thanks.

    7. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Everything ships at the same time, but separately. It is a known issue that items can be separated in delivery. Normally items arrive of their own accord.

    8. Missing avatar

      Toby Roberts on

      Hello, I recieved everything for my pledge except for the actual everyday backpack that I was expecting. Should have everything come at once or would the bag have been shipped seperatly?

    9. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @HK warehouse Backers. Sorry, it was planned to post a small shipping update last night, however, as I have awoken to find it hasn't been provided it is probably due to a lack of clear and accurate information to make an estimation for fulfilment. The HK warehouse, as others have been closed for the holiday period, this appears to have slowed receipt of stock.
      I'm hopeful that more information will be provided when the US staff come online later, all I can do in the meantime is apologise once more for the delay in updating you.

    10. Krissada Kongkunakornkul

      Okay, it's now 30th. Any news on unlucky 1%? ... Still waiting for Everyday Backpack 20L, Charcoal Tote and Range Pouch from Thailand. :((

    11. Jacky NG on

      Any updates for the unlucky 1% order in Hong Kong?

    12. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      I got the Everyday Backpack 20L about 1 month ago and I really use it every day. I love the concept and it is very versatile. The details are amazing! I think this is the best product I bought on kickstarter. Thank you and greetings from Austria (Europe)! Keep doing this way!

    13. Yooshin Kim on

      I too am in the unlucky 1%. I'll be relieved and happy if and when I get it before December ends.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lisa Daugherty on

      Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful video. When my bag arrived, I began to use it immediately, but had forgotten parts of what I'd seen in other videos here. This is a great way to review all the ways it can be customized. Very helpful. Next stop: NYC! Thanks again for the wonderful products -- L

    15. Jaroonphan Kitphanich on

      @Adam Hicks Thanks for your information.

    16. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Jaroonphan Kitphanich For support with shipping issues, please contact It is a known issue that items are being separated during delivery, in general, all items arrive without intervention. However, in a number of cases Customer Support are able to provide an additional tracking number (but not in all cases).

    17. Jaroonphan Kitphanich on

      Today, I received just only Range Pouch but from email my order 5575289 said:
      The following items were included in this shipment:
      1 x Everyday Backpack 20L - Ash - KS (BB-20-AS-1)
      1 x Range Pouch, Small - Charcoal - KS (BRP-S-BL-1)
      What can I do to check about my order?
      PS. Tracking Number: CP982661529HK

    18. Gianni Bugno on

      Any swiss citizen have received their backpack yet? How much you had to pay on top?
      Still waiting on mine... Maybe next week. Maybe next year ;-)

    19. Pablo Noel on

      Aww, It's not fun to be in the 1%. Anyhow thanks for the update! I can wait some more weeks. Happy Holidays!!! :D

    20. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Chrisrophe, you should find a tracking number on your confirmation of dispatch email

    21. Christophe Noualhat on

      Thanks for the update and happy holidays!!

      How can we follow where our shipment is at ?


    22. Jeremy Pepper

      Oy, misspelled and mispronounced. Got my bag, it's amazing and recommended to a reporter for his work at CES.

    23. Missing avatar

      M on

      I love my bag- It's already been to Ubud, Bali and Chania, Crete-perfect for my photography needs

    24. Missing avatar

      Helmut Schulz on

      @Adam: thanks, will do so!
      Kind regards,

    25. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Midnite I'm sure that is right?

    26. midnite

      In the youtube video, the grey one is 30L, and the charcoal one is 20L. Is it correct?

    27. Thomas Burstyn on

      Oh, and thanks (is sarcasm disrespectful?) for not replying to a previous, more polite, enquiry.

    28. Thomas Burstyn on

      Sorry I trusted your promise to have my backpack delivered by Xmas. I flew to New Zealand from Vancouver last night without it. Received notification upon arrival that the bag will be delivered to an empty office on Tuesday. Thanks for nothing. Disappointed customer.

    29. Jason Capp on

      My Everyday Backpack has been one of the best additions to my daily life this year. It's fantastic! I bring it everywhere, and I've been getting a ton of great feedback here in Tokyo. So many friends and colleagues just gawk at my bag, and when I tell them and show them all the nifty things about it, they start drooling. haha.

      The market is yours, Peak. You've created a truly remarkable series of bags, and I am beyond pumped that I'm among the first to display this bag around the world.

    30. Brad Pearce on

      I am ecstatic over my decision to support Peak Design and with my 30l bag. The bag is functional, comfortable, professional and the best designed backpack that I have ever owned. This is also by far the best product I have ever received from a Kickstarter project.

      Well done!

    31. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Helmut, GLS seems to be the normal partner for Parcelforce in Europe, in your situation I would contact as I don't deal with Customer Service queries, I am reflecting the report from another Backer on the board. They were advised that the parcel would have to be delayed for 10 business days after the anticipated delivery date for it to be considered lost. Especially at this time of year, I guess there is the chance it will turn up, but please do email to receive the appropriate official advice.

    32. Missing avatar

      Helmut Schulz on

      Dear Adam, dear PD team,
      I am very much looking forward to receiving your great products for my 2nd time I backed a PD project!
      Unfortunately, Parcelforce lost my shipment to Germany - tracking status says "held for pickup" but their international department cannot tell at which logistics partner and where; I did not receive details by mail as I would expect for this status.
      What can we do about it?
      Thank you very much in advance for any help to receive my pledged items!
      Kind regards, and merry christmas!

    33. Missing avatar

      BZachariasX on

      I just want to say "thank you" to @Adam Hicks for his great support within the comments section and his videos :)

    34. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Rex Moribe, I'm glad you received your items, with respect to the Customs Charges, please refer to the FAQ which explains PD's approach to shipping and minimising additional charges by using 5 International warehouses

    35. Missing avatar

      Rizqi Djamaluddin on

      @Rex Moribe: I had to pay about $200 for $400ish worth of stuff (customs here decided they counted as luxury items)... But at least I'm setting it aside as a business expense. Unfortunately I don't think any company would be capable of skirting customs laws without breaking them.

    36. Rex Moribe on

      I just paid an extra $83 bucks on customs because it was shipped in two different boxes and the price of goods. :( So did I really save by buying the bundle? Doesn't seem like it. Would have been cheaper I out a store. I will be sending Peak designs the receipts of customs, would think they would know shipping around the world ways for the customer to save on money. Super stoked but bummed I had to fish out another $83 to get them.

    37. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      I am one of the 25,235 lucky backers. The backpack, sling and field pouch arrived here in Norway three weeks ago. They are great. Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tsuyoshi Habe on

      i'm getting tired of waiting for the terrible delivery of the charcoal tote from HKG

    39. Jacky NG on

      I am one of the 287 unlucky backers. I have a lonely Christmas in 2016 :(

    40. Missing avatar

      Antoine Bourgeois on

      got a first notice on the 19th, spent 3 days "being prepared" (so why the notice...), got shipped a couple of days ago. How can I know if it's air or sea? By air there is a chance it arrive on the 25th, by sea no way...
      Still pretty unhappy about the delay because of the field pouch. If I had known, I wouldn't have added it to the reward (but of course nobody told us of the risks)

    41. William

      Got my UPS shipment notification today so looking forward to receiving my bags next week. Happy holidays from Canada!

    42. Piyachet W on

      Thank you so much for your effort PD team.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dov Lebowitz-Nowak on

      You guys are amazing as always!

      Love the backpack *very* much and excited for the video -- I know there are little (undoubtedly awesome) features/uses I haven't even found yet.

      Also, gotta say; the field pack is super nifty! Pretty sure I'm gonna have to order a handful more of them (one for the office desk, one for the car, one for the utility closet, one more for my backpack, an extra just in case... �).

      Thanks again -- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!