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A camera sling strap and hand strap that are quick-connecting, quick-adjusting, comfortable, versatile and classically beautiful.
A camera sling strap and hand strap that are quick-connecting, quick-adjusting, comfortable, versatile and classically beautiful.
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Slide/Clutch/AL Issues and Next Steps to Take

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Hi everyone,

The PD team is converging on Cologne for Photokina, our industry's largest event.  The excitement and enthusiasm we all have leading up to this event is much heightened by the fulfilling of this campaign during the course of the last week. some 50 of you have already alerted us to...there is a problem with some of the products we've been sending out.  And so our focus and excitement for Photokina is unfortunately diverted, as figuring out the proper steps for getting ahead of this issue is now our main priority.

Before I get into the specifics, please know this: if you're one of the ones with the issue, we will never leave you high and dry.  That's simply not how we operate. We are doing, and will continue doing everything we can to fix this problem for everybody. We consider it a requisite condition for the existence of our company, and the continued good will of our backers and customers.


For a certain number of customers (50 and counting), the metal spring in the nylon Anchor Link housing (the connector at the end of all Peak Design straps) has been backing out of position, and subsequently popping out of place and disconnecting from the Anchor.  Typically, this is happening during the engagement or disengagement of an Anchor.  However, as of last night, we have discovered that it can happen during the use of the strap if the spring is "falsely" in place when the Anchor is disengaged.  In these cases, camera drop is a very serious risk, which is what makes this such a serious issue.  

We are in the business of carrying your cameras, not dropping them.  I suspect we will not be in business if we cannot entirely contain and eliminate that risk, which is why it is our top priority.


We're not sure, and we need your help to know.  To date, we've heard about the issue from 1% of the people who have received our gear.  That number will likely climb though, as we make people aware of the potential issue and give them a chance to see for themselves.

Note that Leash and Cuff do not have this issue because they have slightly different (yet completely compatible) versions of the affected part. And our Capture clips and other accessories don't contain this part at all, so it's not an issue for those products either.


The story of the design of our springs is a long one.  With the launch of Slide, Clutch and Anchor Links we made some small tweaks to the design on our Anchor Link housing (which was originally developed when we launched Leash and Cuff in 2012). The tweaks make the clips operate more smoothly and securely. After extensive testing of the tweaked design we OK'd a pre-production run of 1000 individual Anchor Link housings. 400 of those housings went on pre-production Slides, 200 on pre-production Clutches and 400 on pre--production Anchor Links. We sent those production units into the wild and the feedback was great. So, we released a PO for a full production run of Anchor Link housings.

Fast forward to last week. Over 3000 people received Slides and Clutches, and 800 Anchor Links went out into the wild. Within a few days we had a couple pieces of odd feedback coming in about springs popping out of Anchor Link housings. We did a little in-house testing, determined the problem was a small fluke, and emailed those folks back with an easy fix. A couple more days passed, and we got a dozen more of the same complaints. At this point we realized that this issue was less fluke-y than we initially thought. Hence, we're updating you all to make sure you're aware of it, and we're going to work closely with you from here on out to fix things.


It is, but until we can give you further information, you need to take precautions when using it. We realize that's not a particularly confidence inspiring statement. But our reputation as a brand lies in keeping your cameras safe and secure, so we'd be doing you and ourselves a disservice if we took the soft approach of telling you to proceed with zero caution whatsoever.

We're going to be cutting a video of what this check really is, but know that it is essentially making certain that the hook on the spring is engaged in its recess when you are attaching your Anchor Links.  If it is not, you may replace it, but you will of course again need to perform the test.  To our knowledge and understanding of the issue, it is not spatially possible for the spring to pop out of once an Anchor is engaged.  It can only pop out if it is falsely engaged.

Photos and video of these checks and descriptions of the problem are forthcoming.  Literally all PD members are on flights right now, and getting this message out, even without the benefit of visual aids, was too important to wait another 12 hours.


Here's what we'll be doing in the next few days to move things along:

1. We'll send out a survey to everybody who's received Slide, Clutch or Anchor Links so far. We kindly ask you to fill this survey out as soon as you receive it.

2. We're pausing our fulfillment of orders containing Slide, Clutch or Anchor Links until we know more. Yes, we know this hurts. But the alternative is neither ethical nor practical.

3. We're going to update you in a few days when we know more about how big this issue really is, and what our ultimate fix will be for it.


Every time we've ever released a product, it's not been without its issues.  I would like to think it's possible for a flawless release, and one day I hope we can achieve it.  But until then, I want to extend our sincere gratitude to this community....not only for being the group that believes in us enough to take a chance on our products, but also for being the group that guides our decision making through these often challenging issues.  Peak Design is very fortunate to have a following of users that is very technically adept, and very interested in helping us succeed as a company.  It's a special relationship, and we continue to cherish it.

Thank you in advance.

Peter and the Peak Design team


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    1. Missing avatar

      ZH on

      I have not received the products or any shipping notification. With the situation as it is, I'd rather wait and get the product as it was intended, rather than a malfunctioning one. After all I still have my current strap. Please send to me only when the problem is solved. Thank you.

    2. Kelvin Lee on

      Actually, the issue exist when I purchased the wrist strap in the past. The spring will pop out with my 5dmk3 but I have not suffer any camera drop before. I can't imagine how bad it is going to be with the Slide. a Glad that there will be a solution to it. However, what is the plan for international backers? I have received shipment notification last week.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex Choi on

      I got the my Slide 6 days ago and it has the problem described in this email. On top of top, The Pro plate I ordered does not fit into my Manfrotto 804RC2.

      Still waiting for the survey for next step. I appreciate about the open attitude.

    4. Justin Ache

      I had an issue, I just thought it was me and I was just using it wrong. Glad to see you guys are working on it, hopefully it's an easy fix on your end as well

    5. Robin Canfield on

      My Clutch and Slide both arrived the day after this post but I've been waiting on the video you said was forthcoming to try them out. Nothing I can see here or on your website about the video yet, any news on when we can expect it?

    6. Missing avatar

      KrazyKrivda on

      Thank you for the update. I have not received delivery of these items yet and I look forward to when I do.

      That being said, for those of us that got addons, can those be shipped or will I have to wait for these items as well?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Just received, and it popped out. It happens when you click-in, and the metal spring isn't completely pushed forward. You need a flat head do get the metal spring back in. Happend for both the clutch and slide, and is easy to replicate the issue.

    8. Dan Yan on

      Just received the package (although i thought it was on hold).
      My clutch has this problem the first time when i try to connect the anchor and the strip back together.
      My slide seems ok... but would check more times

    9. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      I too am having this issue on my Slide, PLEASE find a solution to this problem ASAP. I tried snapping the metal spring back into the housing and able to force it back in, but when I attach the anchor links to the housing again, the metal spring pops right back out. I appreciate Peak Design's willingness to fix this problem, but this problem is still a huge inconvenience. Please fix it!!

    10. Camille Wright Felton on

      I'm having the same problem. In addition to that, my plate isn't attaching to my Manfrotto tripod securely.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ilya Zhiltsov on

      Oh dear lord! My clutch and slide have this issue.

    12. Robert Olarte on

      Yup running into the problem with one of my anchor links so far, hopefully there's a fix some time soon

    13. Missing avatar

      Denny on

      Thanks for the update. I have had my slide pop out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Reiter on

      Just a thought that you might want to re-send that warning email with a subject line that alerts folks that there's an issue so they will definitely open the email. Recipients of the product might otherwise assume that this is about fulfillment timelines or other products that are irrelevant to them now that they have the product in their hands.

    15. Ty Criner on

      I too am having the same issue with my slide I have not noticed the issue on my clutch I will double check... Please keep us updated as to the solution or warranty? Thank you Peak Design for your prompt attention to this matter.

    16. Giorgio Iurcotta on

      Had the same problem, noticed it the second time I pushed the anchor in. Once you are sure the spring is hooked right there is no way it can snap off. Please update us with a fix.

    17. Michael R. on

      @Johnny Black: if you haven't received a shipment notification the new shipment is on hold until the problems are solved. When this is the case is probably unknown. First PD needs to figure out a solution for this and probably the other problems some backers are reporting here.

      Some people in Europe and Asia already received the gear. But like me not everyone. And this might be good as it saves me the trouble of potential sending the stuff back for repair.

    18. Johnny Black on

      When are the shipments to the UK due, please

    19. R&R on

      This is how you handle hurdles. I love the open and honest approach. I truly appreciate your immediate action and commitment to making it right. It is businesses like yours that will survive the long haul. My kudos and thanks.

    20. Rodel Caguiat on

      As soon as I received the product I put them together and I have the same issue, the clipped pop out. I thought it's okay but I received an email that there are some people complaining the same problem. Will not use it until there is a solution.

    21. Gen Nady K on

      count me in as having an issue with the clutch. shelving the strap for now.

    22. Mishan Warnakulasuriya on

      Having serious issues with this product.. The part that you pull to make the strap tight is already showing signs of wear.. and I only used it one day.... it does not stay tight and its really difficult to adjust.. does not work as what it was supposed to work as.. disappointed.. but hopeful that you guys will fix this. And Yes.. Thank you for being open with us :) wish you success

    23. Doug Gehlsen on

      Haven't read through all of the comments, but another issue that I have noticed is that the anti-slide sticky coating on the center of the strap is on the same side as the buckles. Which means that if you wear the strap with the buckles out so the slide and buckles are facing out as they should be, the sticky, anti-slide coating is facing out and not resting on my shoulder. As the strap is stitched, there is no way of reversing the strap so the sticky side on on your shoulder..

    24. Dennis J Smith on

      Yes, as soon as I got my slide, one one side, the clip popped out. Has not happened yet with my clutch.

      However, the strap on the clutch is a dit too long and is not tight enough.

      Nice that you ate dealing with the issue. Makes for good confidence in the product. Will be waiting for the survey and solution.

    25. Missing avatar

      William Stein on

      I'm seeing the problem (spring pops out) on my Slide. Showed up on first use. So far Clutch does not show the problem.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Tracy on

      My clutch works well. However, I find that when I tighten the strap the leather section hits the top of the strap where it is attached to the camera. It would be helpful if that lead was another 3/4 of an inch longer things to flow smoother. (a full 1.5 would have to be added to that looped end to result in the 3/4 to added while using the clutch. I wear XL in gloves.

      I remember when I first attached the clutch it took some specific effort to get the strap loop far enough into buckle for the spring load clip to close. Since not doing this correctly could result in the camera crashing to the ground and little more emphasis in the instruction my be useful the current version of the instruction blows past this important step.

    27. BarryG on

      Just got mine and the metal sprig that holds the anchor on my slide pops open when I try and slide the anchor in.. bummer ... I know you'll send replacements as it is truly a great idea but honestly should have been tested before it ever was shipped..

    28. Peter Walkowiak on

      I have an issue where the anchors are extremely difficult to get into / out of the strap. Not sure if it's similar.

    29. Josh Kuehl on

      The clips on my Slide work just fine. The clip on my Clutch does have the issue. I reseated the spring, but it came out again today. I was disengaging the clip and the spring literally popped out and hit the floor. It seems that there is just enough deflection on bottom half of the spring that if your finger is right on it moves the hook out of its seat. Then with force of trying to slide the Anchor out pulls the spring out of place, the hook misses the seat, and hits the floor. I hope that helps. I am not sure why my Clutch clip does it and my Slide clips do not. Different spring tensions? Materials? Difference in clipping manipulation? I hope you guys figure it out. Otherwise, I really enjoyed my new toys on two shoots last weekend.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Morrow on

      I had one come loose but I believe I got seated correctly. I will wait for the video before I use the strap again.

    31. Jim L on

      Just got mine and same here. Mine backed out and anchor fell out.

    32. Kathy Dodwell Wilson on

      One of mine was loose when it arrived. I slid it back in place but not sure it's secure. Happy to learn you all are addressing this issue.

    33. Missing avatar

      JAMES LEE on

      one of my 2 buckles have the issue of popping loose.

    34. Manuel Navarro on

      Mine is affected as well.

    35. Kaishi Axon on

      I'd like to follow up on my previous comment:

      1) D-ring was removed intentionally, per the Pro-plate product information. I must have missed that, oops. My mistake.

      2) Anchors are available on the peakdesign store page, $10 for 4.

      So in other words, I didn't read very well. Sorry guys!

    36. Michael R. on

      @Kaishi Axon: You can order them and lots of other fine gear from the PD shop:…

    37. Missing avatar

      Bob Bowné on

      Thanks for the timely email that arrived yesterday and my Slide and Leash arrived today. Thanks for the warning and also information on how we should handle the situation. First time that I have had a strap product form Peak Design and it appeared to me that both of my spring clips on my Slide were not "set" properly.
      I at first thought it was part of the design fo the spring clips to pop out, (they are not).
      I just set them the way that they are designed, making sure that the little "hook" on each spring clip was secured into the plastic of the Anchor LInk Housing...and all seems to be well. I am not an expert...but I think it was a slightly sloppy assembly issue...but all the parts seem to be just as they should be. Care was not taken in final assembly. I would not have known to look out for that if you had not warned me.
      I do plan on looking at the video just to be sure that I am on the same page as Peak Design..and I look forward to receiving the opportunity to check that out!!!!
      Thanks guys and gals!!!!!!

    38. Kaishi Axon on

      Thanks for the transparency. I'll be completing your survey as soon as I receive it.

      I have a few other questions, though. I felt like I read that all "pro" plates were to come with your D-ring screw rather than the original flat+button-head hex socket screw. My pro plate came with the standard screw and I was expecting to see the D-ring screw (or I would have ordered one).

      Also, what about the anchors (not the link side, just the little red+black modules on the cords): you say to replace them if they are frayed, but, where can we get replacements? I'd like to have 5 or 10 more of them :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Chi Wang on

      Update: Nevermind, I see how I wasn't attaching the slide properly when using the clutch. Pictures from the main paged helped.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chi Wang on

      I have noticed that the clutch strap that goes through the camera latches (a Canon) prevents me from also using an anchor link there for using the Slide. I guess I can't use both the slide and clutch at the same time?

    41. Max Ducci on

      Sorry, but would you be so kind an explain again what we should do.
      I just got my notice that my order was shipped today.
      Should we deny the delivery and have it return to you in wait of a non defective product?

    42. Kara Monroe on

      It's communication like this that will make me a repeat customer. I received my Clutch a week or so ago but hadn't had a chance to get it on the camera until last night when I noticed the problem as well. I think I got it back into position by simply closing it back up by pressing down against a hard surface with the anchor in place, but I'll look forward to your video tonight to make sure that's the case. So sorry you guys had this problem. The Clutch is truly awesome and buying a couple of the additional interworking pieces was already on my to do list for today. Appreciate you communicating so quickly with us about it and getting us help.

    43. Jayvee Macasaet on

      Now I raise a concern as well with the anchor links, especially when carrying a camera with a large zoom lens attached. Besides the threads on the anchor links being frayed over time, how strong is it? I would, of course like to feel confident that it will not give way unexpectedly.

    44. Peak Design 8-time creator on

      Hi everyone,
      We intend to post a photo and video rich update later this evening after we get our Photokina booth set up and get back to the rented apartment.

      Regarding the shipping notifications, we were unable to prevent 380 of our int'l shipments from going through. We actually had all of them ready to release first thing Monday morning around the globe, and had to pull the plug at the last minute.

      We will also provide a much more detailed shipping update as soon as we can...hopefully tonight.

      Thank you all for the overwhelming show of support thus far. It has been a great comfort in what has been a very difficult time.

      Be well and speak soon

    45. Roy Teo on

      I've not received my clutch and slide yet but like many below, i received a confirmed shipment and shipping info the same day as the email about the issue mentioned so i'm pretty sure..the items i'm getting is part of the defective batch...

      From the email:
      2. We're pausing our fulfillment of orders containing Slide, Clutch or Anchor Links until we know more. Yes, we know this hurts. But the alternative is neither ethical nor practical.

      I was just surprised to see a confirmed shipment after seeing the above statement

    46. Jayvee Macasaet on

      I received my slide and used it for the very first time yesterday (Sept. 14, 2014), and the clip did come out. I even took a picture of it to notify you @ Peak Design. Security is indeed an issue. At least I know now that it just wan't me and the unit shipped to me. I appreciate the quick attention you are putting towards this and look forward to it being resolved soon.

    47. Missing avatar

      Joseph Borda on

      Ok same spring problem with the slide not the clutch yet. Thanks for the update before I attached my camera. Its a quality product I am sure you will work it out. Keep your backers updated.

    48. Kevin Chow on

      Thanks for your update, I have backed your last project too. Since then I fall in love with your products, keep it up guys. Honesty is most important to customer, product can be broke but it can repair. If you broke the trust, there is no way to repair. Good job guys I am looking forward to get my reward.

    49. Peter Imhoff on

      I am one of the early ships that has the problem (on only one of the clips). These things happen. I am most impressed with the attention and response I have received on this issue. Quality people.