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Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
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Introducing the Travel Line

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Ladies and gentlemen, Kickstarter number 8 has launched. Introducing the Travel Line.

In the past 3 years, this has been the single most-requested set of products by our backers and customers. As prolific travelers ourselves, we're incredibly proud to launch a line of luggage that adapts to the many different types of trips we take.

We could go on and on, but we'll stop here and just say what's most important: thank you, backers. You got us here. Like our previous 7 campaigns, this one's for you.

Now go check out the new stuff and let us know what you think!

All our love,

The Peak Design Team

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    1. Michael Meissner on

      One thing that is more of a missed opportunity. On the camera cubes, it would be useful occasionally to have one or two straps on the outside of the cubes that is just the right size for attaching a Capture plate. I would imagine normally using the capture plate and when you pack the gear, moving the capture plate on top of the camera cube, and possibly putting a camera there short term (for regular packing, you would obviously want to secure the camera, but there are often times when I want to use something like a camera cube to hold all of the rest of the stuff, and have the camera available.

    2. Michael Meissner on

      Also, the new packing cubes do look interesting. It is too bad you don't have rewards offering just the cubes and not the backpack.

      Yeah, you could pledge without a reward, and the add the cubes after the campaign, but it would be useful to have 2-3 rewards layers where the primary things are the cubes and not the backpack.

    3. Michael Meissner on

      Since I haven't backed the new project, I can't comment over there.

      I looked briefly at the new bag, and it doesn't do it for me. For some time now, I've used a 22" roller bag that was 9" tall. I've found that in some flights that was just too large for the carry on space, and I would have to gate check the bag. I've downsized to 20" and 7.5" just so I will be less likely to have to check the bag.

      And for a backpack, I've found that the 16" bag I bought last year was too big to go under the seat in front of me. Instead, I use smaller more generic bags with camera dividers inside in order to slide the bag under the front seat. The problem is when you put the bag on the floor and try to angle it down to slide on the seat, it catches on the seat and is hard get into the slot.

      I've learned from experience that if the bag allows me to stuff in, I usually will, and it is better if the bag doesn't allow expansion beyond the size, so it fits in the space it was designed for.

      Looking at the video, I see the strap to fit over the handle of the roller bag means you have to tilt the bag side ways. I dislike that for two reasons. The first is I'm used to the standard backpack slip on that has the backpack staying in a vertical position. I can more easily get to water bottles on the side, or tickets from the top pouch. The other reason is it may make it harder to go down a standard plane aisle with both roller bag and backpack, since the backpack is 22" wide, and the standard aisle is more narrow.

      As somebody whose waist is rather large, I also wonder if the waist straps would be at all useful to me. If you don't have an extension system that allows an extra belt to be added, it is probably not something I could use.

    4. Missing avatar

      JEREMY on

      The new pov kit not yet release?

    5. Missing avatar

      Janelle Ward

      I clicked on the link andnit redirects me to the previous kickstarter....please fix with the new link :)

    6. Roni Stern on

      Looks great. Is it possible to back the additional containers like the wash bag and packing cubes without backing the travel bag?