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Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
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More new videos!

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Well, well, well! Aren't you looking fresh, spritely, well-rested, and reinvigorated. Something's different within your that extra pep? Wow. It must be a brand new year. Happy 2018!

Things are really looking up.
Things are really looking up.

Hope everyone had a great end of 2017. A day or two after our previous update we finished shipping out our last 1% of backer rewards, meaning that by the end of December we were 100% shipped! That is, of course, 100% of people who have filled out their surveys. There's still some of you out there who have yet to respond...don't ya want your stuff?! Yes? Well then head on over to BackerKit and retrieve your survey.


You got your stuff. And from what we've heard so far, you're really likin' it. But we want you to frickin' LOVE it. And that's why we're putting together a series of exorbitantly-high-production-value videos to acquaint you with every last nook and cranny of your new gear. Enter PD art director Lawrence "Belt-n-Suspenders" Landers and filmmaker Victor "Honeydew-of-a-melon-scratcher" Murillo. Together, they've put together a stunning array of cinematic masterpieces. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll cock your head slightly to the side and say "huh...did he do that on purpose?"

To quote some recent Youtube commenters:

"Presenter comes across as unsure and not confident sometimes. It comes across as though this guy is unprepared for this video and unprofessional."

"Disappointing marketing decision."

"Can you guys send me stickers?"





Well then maybe you should consider subscribing to our Youtube channel. That way you'll get all the funnies.

That's all for now. Smooches!

The PD Team

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      Russell Glover on

      Excellent videos, but most of all I wanted to thank you for something I never got round to thanking you for during the campaign.

      Thank you for the Black Slides not having leather on them. I find a lot of accessories for various ‘gadgets’ come with some sort of leather as standard for that ‘quality’ finish.

      It’s super cool of you guys to consider customers who want to make that conscious decision to not buy leather, yet (of course) still have that quality finish. I personally really appreciate that.

      Thank you.