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Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
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96% of shipments out the door by Monday!

Posted by Peak Design (Creator)

Happy Friday y'all!

This week, the entire PD team convened in the woods to talk about feelings and stuff. We call it the Peak Design Kumbaya, and we're proud to report that our snowflakiness is an an all time high.
This week, the entire PD team convened in the woods to talk about feelings and stuff. We call it the Peak Design Kumbaya, and we're proud to report that our snowflakiness is an an all time high.

Good news with fulfillment: By the end of the day on Monday, 91% of rewards will be shipped in full, and an additional 5% of backers will have had orders partially shipped. So, 96% of folks will have their rewards in hand or on the way. The remaining 4% of backers have yet to complete their surveys, which can be done through BackerKit.


Our 5 global warehouses continue to receive stocking shipments of the new products, and as those shipments are received (which takes several days to a week at this time of year) additional orders are processed and shipped. There are about 3000 orders that are in processing right now (meaning the stock is there, it's just a matter of picking/packing/shipping it).

There's an additional 450 or so orders that we do not have full stock for yet. Those orders will be split this weekend so that backers will receive part of their reward immediately, and the rest of their reward when the next stocking shipment is received by the warehouse nearest to them.

We're still on track to have all orders shipped in the month of December as we originally set out to do.


The short answer is we don't exactly know. The longer answer is that our system is complex and automated, with a ton of moving parts (different mail carriers, seasonal congestion, multiple stocking shipments arriving weekly to 5 global warehouses, each shipment containing various mixes of SKUs) that we can't predict. So, we opt for a system that takes into account all the data and splits things automatically. This keeps shipments moving and not at the mercy of our manual inputs. We're pretty smart and stuff, but shipping 100,000 products to 10,000+ people is best left to them 'puters.

Also note that we cannot fulfill Kickstarter orders from local dealer locations, or allow pickup of order from our warehouses. If you're still waiting for your stuff we kindly ask you to hold'll get your shipping notification soon!


On Monday we'll be launching our new products—Capture v3, Slide, Slide Lite, and the rest of our new accessories—on our website and across our global network of retail partners (over 2000 doors). The products will be available for their full MSRP (Kickstarter prices were at about a 20% discount). We're definitely sensitive to the fact that not all backers have gotten their gear yet, and we're trying our damnedest to make sure each and every backer gets taken care of as quickly as possible. In this case, we've been coordinating a joint launch of these products with our retail partners for months. We feel ready to pull the trigger with our dealers so they may begin serving their customers, keeping in mind that it will not slow our commitment to having every backer order shipped on time. Note that beginning Monday, orders of new products made at will not ship until all Kickstarter orders have shipped.


This weekend our brand new retail store in San Francisco will be opening at 529 Hayes St (we're on Google Maps now!) and we'd love for you to drop in and say hi! If you'd like to be notified when we have in-store events, signup here.

As always, happy shooting!

The PD Team

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    1. Scott on

      Looks like we're all in the lucky group of 450 that had our orders split due to stock not being available... I don't suppose I really wanted to test out this carry system in Iceland anyways...

    2. Missing avatar

      Adrian Zaitooni on

      I ordered your capture v3 clip with extended screws, but have yet to get a shipping confirmation for that, I did get the lens kit which I later added but nothing on my original backing of the clip. Are you still fulfilling orders?

    3. Christian Kaden on

      @Heiko Wagner,

      have a look at this link (it was at the end of the shipping information email):

      The 30L Backpack in Europe seems to be send at a later date. I have the same 'problem', but already received everything else.

    4. Heiko Wagner on


      got my tracking-number and a list of includet items, but one item is missing in the list.
      Backed a Capture v3 and added a lens kit and a Everyday Backpack 30L. The payment was correct.
      Now the backpack is not on the list. Are they out of stock or is something different gone wrong?

      sincerely yours,


    5. Anssi Kumpula on

      Got my CaptureV3 yesterday. Beautiful and well made. Comparing to my CaptureV1 it’s amazing how much progress has been made during these years.

      The box I received had broken corner as well that had not impacted any products in the box, just one product package. I got all add-on items I added but not Range Pouch Medium. I guess they are short in supply.

      For anyone interested, I was hoping to use the new smaller and lighter CaptureV3 together with Lens Kit to carry extra lens on my chest attached to my Hold Fast Money Maker two-camera harness but that's maybe not as a good fit as the Capture is when attached to a backpack strap as the sling system in Money Maker runs into the extra lens. So I'll be just using Capture on my Everyday Messenger and my hiking backpack. And that's why I'm waiting anxiously for the Range Pounch. In the meantime, I put extra lens on my Field Pouch attached to my belt but I don't feel comfortable putting big lenses in it (like my Tamron 85/1.8 VC) as the Field Pouch doesn't stay closed well enough when thick lenses are in it (partly the bad Velcro is the problem as well).

      Anyway, thanks Peak Desing, well done on new CaptureV3!

    6. Timothy Low

      The items were of high design and build quality, the packaging was really neat as well. Glad to have backed another PEAK design campaign on Kickstarter! =)

    7. Marko Koskenoja on

      I received my order (Capture V3, Slide Lite and Pro Pad) today but the Slide Lite was missing 2 of the 4 anchor links and the anchor mount that was supposed to be included and were illustrated on the packaging. All 3 products are well designed, of excellent quality and have beautiful (but unnecessary to me) packaging.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kim Arcos on

      Was pleased that my slide lite came so quickly. The rest of my order was not in the shipment. I do want to share that I was very disappointed that it came in a damaged and opened packaging. Thankfully it was something for myself and not a gift for someone else. It was so obvious there’s no way the person putting it in the box could have not seen how bad it looked yet still shopped it like that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Abhishek Chakrabarti on

      I'm still getting the "Shipping Processing." and have for several days now. I have not received any shipping notifications or tracking number.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ansel on

      Got all the stuff on last Sat:
      Thanks for the fastest shipment^_^

    11. Andrew Goh Wei Li on

      Is it just me? I got the sling 10l the main compartment zip is abit hard to zip and there is only 1 zip?

    12. Zorik K on

      Currently status is "Shipping Processing".. what does it mean? was it shipped already ? Where can I see Tracking Number?
      Thank You !

    13. TWill on

      It is now Monday after business hours, and I do not have a shipping confirmation number. When I go to backer kit, it shows that I have done everything I can. Is there a problem with my order?

    14. King Pi on

      @Laurent Ho
      Just want to tell you that they did explained why they did this design change which is related to your feedback but, of course, you are feel free to think the explanation is convincing or not.

      IMOH, I had used Capture for several years. I tried V3 and didn't feel any difference about the looseness. It is loose when walking but not such loose that will bother you and it is very secure in fact.(I fell down and rotated for 2-3 cycles when skiing and my camera still stuck with Capture.)

    15. Dom on

      Got my two plates plus pad on Friday, can't believe how quick the turnaround was!

      I'm in total awe of the build quality of these new plates, they feel like a completely new product compared to the previous gen. So light and elegant, the material feels fantastic and the rubber part makes it feels so much more high quality when handling it.

      I'm also so glad that the adjustment bolt is gone. I never had a use for it, in fact it was always either too tight or too loose. I don't mind the little bit of play that it has now, in fact I prefer it this way - easier to slot in and regardless of the play it has I can trust it now.

      Something I hadn't picked up on in the campaign was that the bolt of the plate can now be moved off-centre, which is just brilliant as I can now align it so much better with the body of my E-M1 Mk2. Not a fan of now always needing a hex key though. Being able to just use a coin from my wallet meant one less thing to worry about.

      Just to put things in context, I'm not a fan of all the PD products. The bags and pouches are too bulky, heavy and rigid in my opinion, and that's after me having bought them, tried to pack them with my gear and then having returned them because they were just too restrictive (I'm aware of the irony). -- By the way, the return was of course with non-Kickstarter products bought from an actual shop. Kickstarter is not a shop where one can buy products - people can donate if they like an idea and if, and only if, they want then they may have the chance to get a free thank-you perk; if it all works out. It's like a box of chocolates.

      Anyway, continuing from before - I'm really disappointed that the new leash has gained the metal buckles from the slides. Not having these buckles made all the difference: The leash is meant to be minimalistic, now it's basically just another slide. In other words, now you have the products Slide L, Slide M and Slide S, but you don't have the Leash anymore. I did buy the SlideLITE, but got so frustrated with the buckles catching on my backpack and my jacket when moving my camera about that I now avoid using it. Same goes for the rubber bit on one side, it just hinders free movement. I was hoping to replace the SlideLITE with a new leash at some point, but alas... that's not going to happen now, unless I can find an old second hand one. Sad face.

      I hope this feedback is read and gets some attention - for now I am thrilled with the new capture clips! Thank you loads for all your hard work!

    16. Laurent Ho on

      @King Pi So what? I’m just giving feedback, the fact is it is loose and just really bad design. Have you even tried walking around with it? I get it, you made a shit product and don’t want to go through with a recall. I don’t have to go through the comments to know that I’m not the only one with the issue. I have supported this company for a while and like the things they make, but to send me a cheeky reply like that, it’s sayonara for me.

    17. King Pi on

      @Laurent Ho
      Well. PD did explain why they remove the twist/plate lock from Capture in FAQ.

      @Roger Kanemaru
      You will receive shipment notification email when it shipped. If you need to pay, BackerKit should indicate it when you was filling in survey.

    18. Anssi Kumpula on

      Hmmm I haven’t got a shipping notice and now your ready to serve your dealers – you say explicitly new orders on peak will not ship before backers got theirs but I’m reading that people buying new products from their dealers will get immediately. If that’s the case it’s a let down.

    19. Laurent Ho on

      Got mine but not liking the clip. It’s loose and not adjustable. I’m not intending to return it but when I gave feedback, all you did was provide a template reply saying you don’t do returns, exchange or I can just give it away to someone else. Wow, just wow. This is the last time I will ever buy from PD.

    20. Shelly L Broeckx on

      I got mine...but need a micro plate for my brand and model of camera.

    21. Missing avatar

      Roger Kanemaru on

      How do I know when mine is shipped or need to make a payment? I did the survey a few weeks ago.

    22. Denis Fok on

      Once again, PD team did excellent work. Awesome items and extremely efficient project management.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Fong on

      I received my slide in the mail and I’m loving it!!! Thanks PD team! You guys are awesome.

    24. Jeff Bevan on

      I received my carrier this week. Wow, what a great accessory. I'm a paraglider pilot and I've been looking for that failsafe way of carrying my camera while in the air. Problem solved. Going to Colombia in February and looking forward to putting it to use.

    25. Missing avatar

      BillGillespie on

      Thanks everyone, products came 2 days after your notification to Australia . Couldn't be happier with the whole process and products. Will definitely support again.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Salmond on

      Thanks to all at PD. A class act that demonstrates the best of Kickstarter. i.e. Set out the stall, fund, fab and fulfil — all in lightning quick time. Great!

    27. Austin Nooe on

      Congrats to the whole Peak Design team. Seriously, you guys make the best camera accessories there are. Seriously, great job on this campaign.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Where can I see if mine has shipped?