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Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
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    1. Justus Ackermann on

      If you twist the release button by 90*, it can’t be pushed in anymore. I don’t think the average pickpocket will know how to operate capture. Also, I usually wear my camera with capture on my hip or on my backpack strap, nobody can steal a camera there without noticing. So I think it’s only a risk of you put it on a messenger or slide bag behind your back. And then you use the locking-mechanism. And maybe you don’t do that in those certain cities. ;)

    2. Charles Kaiser on

      What safety feature is there to stop pickpockets from taking your camera right off the clip? Last time I was in a certain city in a country shaped like a boot, I had my charger and spare batteries stolen from a zipped closed camera bag while I was wearing it. Seems like pressing a button to release the clip would be a snap for a skilled thief.

    3. Justus Ackermann on

      Liked your give'r shirt in the hangout, Peter! Great community you have with those folks there, you guys have brought me to their 4-season campaign. Nice touch!

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      The problem with that suggestion Denver is that the rewards which contain Capture INCLUDE the Standard Plate, and therefore, adding $5 to those rewards will not achieve what backers required.

      Therefore please folks, follow the FAQ.

    5. Denver Garrison

      "Due to Kickstarter limitations, you cannot just add $5 to your reward to get a Dual Plate instead of the included Standard Plate. "

      You know that you can actually do this, right? Just go to manage pledge and add the 5$ to your pledge. Then at the end when you send out the survey, you can ask if we added the extra 5 to change it from the standard plate to the dual plate.

    6. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Hi Oatjo, the Dual Plate Dimensions are approximately 2.1 in (5.2 cm) x 1.7 in (4.2 cm) x 0.6 in (1.5 cm) (the height might change slightly)

      Compared to the ProPlates 2.1 in (5.2cm) x 1.5 in (3.81 cm) x 0.4 in (1.04 cm)

    7. oatjo on

      Dual plate size? Is it the same as pro plate?

    8. Peak Design 9-time creator on

      @Sam it is likely that the portion which is required to connect the components of the GoPro Kit, the plate will be offered for free to people who request it, but the Go Pro Kit contains the J-arm, Tripod mount etc. The purpose of that comment I believe was so that people who already own the POV Kit can transition across to the new Capture V3 whilst maintaining functionality of the Kit, through the updated plate.

    9. Phi on

      I have not bought the current POV kit yet but am going to buy. So I'll wait for the updated one.
      As I see here (spec): , this includes the capture (number 5). Once you are releasing the new one, will all component in box be the same with capture v3? If yes, I don't need to add an extra capture v3 as an add-on to my pledge. If no, I will do add it.

      Second question, if yes, will I be able to choose the color of the capture v3 when I buy it?


    10. Sam

      From one of your first replies in the comment you said:
      "...However, we're coming out with a new POV plate that we're planning to send (for free!) to anyone who requests it, so that their POV kits can work with the new capture."

      Is it going to be free like you said or not?

    11. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      Sooo.... I originally backed the clip with regular plate and read about the compatibility with older versions so I changed it to the dual plate, but I didn't follow the complicated steps you just mentioned in this post... It was pretty simple, there was an option with the dual plate and I changed to that one. Am I missing something?

    12. Missing avatar

      peerapong moovoravit on

      Please do consider POV kit for Sony actioncam too. They have odded shape. and difficult to find kit for them.