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Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
Camera carry gear that is versatile, stable, durable, and beautiful. Iconic tools with a new level of performance and aesthetics.
12,196 backers pledged $1,330,583 to help bring this project to life.
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      Peter Degnan on

      Really enjoyed the hang out last night in the UK. The technical issues at the start were hilarious, especially talking up to the camera. All of my questions were answered by the demos and it was great to see what we have signed up for. Personal touch was good too in letting us see the team behind the products. Thank You

    2. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      Hi Guys, I've uploaded a copy of Last nights Hangout to my YouTube Channel, I'll likely remove it once there has been a decision made whether it should be put on the Peak Design Channel.
      For the time being, the link is
      If you are interested specifically in the changes to Slide and SlideLite and the rationale, please click this link which should take you to 20 minutes 15 Seconds…

    3. Justus Ackermann on

      Fantastic, thanks a bunch!

    4. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Justus that is correct, I've downloaded a copy of the Hangout and am going to upload it temporarily to my own YouTube Channel as PD are offline at present. Apparently 4 minutes until the upload is complete.

    5. Justus Ackermann on

      Haha, I had horrible reception at the live session yesterday and planned on just watching the replay today. Now I see that the problems were not on my end and apparently the live was aborted, is that right?

    6. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @FranCis, yes, you need to add the equivalent on one shipping surcharge, for HK this is $12.

    7. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      @Thrym,it is indeed correct, this is a limitation of Kickstarter, the survey will be sent using a service called Backerkit, at this time you supply your shipping address and effectively use a cart-type system to select the items that you pledged for. You will also be able to add additional items at this point.

      We don't have a Fuji X mount, or plans at present @LooKiLittle.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thrym Kristoffersen on

      The Add On menu is elusive! I have pledged but not for the stuff I want because I cannot find the Add On menu. There is a suggestion below that The method is to pledge Without a Reward and add items when the questionnaire comes out. Can this be right - I mean, you pledge a support saying you want no reward but later you can add items to total your pledged amount? Doesn’t sound right. It seems like an easy thing for you to fix and will avoid a lot of confused backers.

    9. Missing avatar

      LooKilLittle on

      Do you have capture lens kit for Fuji X mount? want it so much!

    10. Kai Chinn on

      Wish i could have seen the live cast, is it recorded and shared on youtube by chance?
      Soo looking forward to getting the New and Improved Slide and a couple of the new Pro Pads as well as the new V3 Capture!!...I'm drooling, haha! :P LOL

      Way to go Peak Design, love backing you and love braggin about your products!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      FranCis on

      According to "You do not need to add any extra money for shipping beyond the $6 US (or $8 UK, $10 Australia, $12 everywhere else) shipping surcharge that is part of your reward.", should I add $12 for shipping to HK? Thanks!

    12. Dallas on

      PS. and I’ll add the actual items at survey time down the track.

    13. Adam H (Peak Design Employee) on

      The Add-On Menu is a virtual term, the list of available items is available to view at the following link

      The process then is achieved through changing your Pledge Dollar Value to the amount of items that you would like to Back (plus ONE Shipping Surcharge).

      Please see the FAQ at the following link

      This details the process with a Step by Step Guide are shown above

    14. Dallas on

      Oooh, you mean even tho I just backed you for a buck for love, (I still have stuff wrapped from the last campaign lol) i CAN just edit the $ amount to match what add ons in want (plus Au shipping in my example) and I’m good? If yes, darn I thought I was safe from your temptations this time.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Hewett Hallum on

      I’ve pledged for a slide lite but can’t add a a capture V3. I followed instructions received today. Doesn’t work for me.

    16. Missing avatar on

      I pledged for a clip. But how to add an additional plate? Thanks.