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Bring together youth from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro to climb Tri-peak in the Balkans Peace Park, where all 3 countries meet on the summit Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 10, 2009.

Bring together youth from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro to climb Tri-peak in the Balkans Peace Park, where all 3 countries meet on the summit

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About this project

I want YOUR help to run an experiential peacebuilding expedition through the Balkans Peace Park with young people from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Not only will your support allow the expedition to happen, but will also allow for seed money for a post-expedition community service project for the youth to implement and benefit all 3 of their communities, and a grass-roots publicity campaign to highlight program successes world wide.

International Peace Park Expeditions combines environmentally friendly operating values with sustainable tourism practices; we throw in a dash of rugged adventure trekking, remote border crossing, and local organic gastronomic delights and build it all on top of an intimate cross-cultural experience within the framework of understanding about peace parks and their growing role in international diplomacy.

Our for-profit adventure expeditions support our non-profit Experiential Peacebuilding Expeditions, working with young people impacted by conflict from the different International Peace Park countries.

These customized peacebuilding programs integrate and enhance the natural peace building potential that exists in outdoor experiential learning - both in single day excursions and extended wilderness expeditions.

The objective is to provide a rich, unique, peacebuilding experience which can develop the bonds, skills and compassion of emerging young leaders, so they can serve as catalysts for peaceful change in their communities.

The Balkans Peace Park is a proposed trans-national, cross-border park in the adjoining mountain areas of Kosovo/a, Montenegro and northern Albania which would serve as a symbol of peace and cooperation, help to promote environmental conservation, and stimulate local employment while also promoting sustainable visitor activities in the region

ABOUT ME - See my Kickstarter profile.

The minimum for this project is $3,500. That would cover the cost of a plane ticket from the US to Tirana, Albania; the logistical planning and on the ground costs of running the expedition; the experiential peacebuilding activities and printing of participant information packets, and the costs to sponsor 3 youth from each of the 3 countries, and provide at least $1,000 in seed capital for the youth post-expedition community service project.

When the project exceeds the minimum funding goal, I will begin my work; and with each milestone above the minimum I will expand the projects effectiveness by including a professional photographer to document the expedition at $5,000, and any additional funding will increase the seed capital for the post expedition community service project.

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    Receive access to the Interactive Google Expedition Map, showing our route and progress, and geo-locations of photos and embedded expedition video.

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    I will keep you up to date on the progress via email and access to the Interactive Expedition Google Map

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    Recognition on “thank you” list on the Kickstarter Experiential Peacebuilding Expedition page on the IPPE website - featuring your name

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    T-Shirt: International Peace Park Expeditions logo with Organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes - S, M, or L. High Resolution 8x10 print of the Summit Photograph.

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    Sponsor an Expedition participant and receive the opportunity to participate on both a pre/post expedition Skype Video call with them. After returning from the Expedition they will personally email you including a photo slideshow from them, highlighting the memorable moments.

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    Receive a framed, high resolution print of the summit photo and the International Peace Park Expeditions Summit Flag with a signature and hand written note from each participant describing their most memorable experience on theExpedition to the Summit of Tri-Border Peak.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

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    Join me on the expedition through the Balkans Peace Park and be a part of the project, first hand. Meet the young people from all 3 countries. Participate in experiential peacebuilding activities. Trek through the stunning alpine landscape, and have the cross-cultural adventure of a lifetime – all the while knowing that your donation helped make all of this possible.

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