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A haunting and chillingly romantic short that explores love and all its horrors.
A haunting and chillingly romantic short that explores love and all its horrors.
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Wrapping Thoughts

And so — as fast as it started — we have wrapped!  This whirlwind of the past several weeks has made updates close to impossible, but now that production has come and gone, I'll be able to fill you in as we progress at a more reasonable pace. But for starters, I'd like to share with you some of my instant favorite memories of the past few days:

- Watching my 7-yr-old son enter a fogged-up living room and start dancing and singing, 'Dancing in the fo-og! Dancing in the fo-og!!'  And he had no idea the moment was caught on our behind-the-scenes timelapse!!

- Driving the rented truck full of grip & electric supplies to our night shoot — leaving 2 1/2 hours early but still getting there a half hour late.  Late to my own production!  Humiliating. :)

- Being asked by a crew member if he could use the poster from my first film as a bounce board.  I could not have been more proud.  

- Watching our DP cringe when blood oozed from our rotting hero's mouth.  :)

- Squirting blood onto our actor's face in the middle of a take.  I was as stunned as he was!!

- Getting excited that we turned my pull-out freezer into a morgue drawer.  

- And perhaps the best memory of all:  Watching and working with this crew of friends, students and strangers, and experiencing the joy of seeing them all surpass their already high expectations.  This has been a fantastic experience from the first day the Kickstarter campaign was launched, and the film continues to grow and evolve into something truly magical.  This is indeed what dreams are made of.

I can't wait to edit this thing!  :)

More news to come... And photos and videos, too!!  Stay tuned...



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