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A haunting and chillingly romantic short that explores love and all its horrors.


Thank you to all our backers far and wide!  The support and encouragement we have received from you, both financially and otherwise, has been overwhelming and inspiring.  We are all more excited than ever to make this film — and we’re beginning pre-production now.  Stay tuned for more updates.

In the meantime — we’re upping our game.  This movie is happening, that much is a given.  But now we can make it even better.  We’re increasing our funding goal to $15,000 to allow for an extra day of shooting, as well as additional camera and grip equipment.  The added funds will go directly on screen, and give us more flexibility to create the romantic and macabre atmosphere that makes this story live and breathe. 

We have gotten so very far, thanks to you.  Let’s go further.  There’s room for all our friends — including ones we haven’t met yet — so let’s spread the word and welcome more to our team!


There’s a new reward in town — Pledge $75 and you’ll receive a select souvenir:  your choice of an autographed Philip Chidel short story, published along with stills from the set.  You can choose either:

a) The prose adaptation of TIL DEATH, or
b) The prose adaptation of ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY — the next short film we’re planning to make once Til Death is complete.  

Want both short stories?  Pledge $125 and they’re yours.   


An old movie once said Love is a Many Splendored Thing.  Well, we won't disagree — but our movie shows a darker side of love that is as inexplicable as it is permanent and strong.  Many splendored?  Maybe.  Powerful, unsettling and forever?  Absolutely.  

But that would make a terrible title.  And probably a worse song.

So let's just say our story is this:  A man loves his wife so much, he feels what she feels, in sickness and in health.  But when his wife dies, this empathy does not go away.  It takes hold.  And as he develops an extreme case of sympathy sickness, the grieving widower begins to decompose himself, and must take drastic action to not only save his own life, but that of his dearly beloved as well.

Written and directed by Philip Chidel, the creator of the cult film Subject Two, Til Death is a chillingly romantic short that explores love in all its eternity.  Made with heart and a fair dose of horror and humor, Til Death is haunting and macabre, and promises to be the most moving spook show you'll have seen in years.

Of course — that's what we'd like it to be.  But it can only get there with your help.


Any donation, big or small, is key to helping us realize this vision.  This film is 100% funded by contributions from the fans — which would be you.  So if we do not meet our funding goal, we will not be able to make this film.  

Love will go on.  But this film will not. 

So let's make sure that doesn't happen!  Your entire contribution (minus nominal processing fees from Kickstarter) will go towards the production of this film.  This includes personnel, equipment rental, makeup effects, location fees, music, and other key costs.  Every penny within our control will be put on screen.  If we can exceed our funding goal — which would be AWESOME!! — then every penny will still be put on screen.  

The more we can raise, the better we can make this film look, with greater resources and higher production value.

THIS FILM SHOULD LOOK AS RICH AS LOVE ITSELF.  So every dollar is helpful.


Whether you donate or not, you can definitely still help by assisting us with our promotion efforts. Here are a few things you can do:

• Follow us on Twitter @TilDeathMovie
• Like our Facebook page 
• Register with our blog at
• Or drop us an email and say hello 

Basically:  Do whatever you can to SPREAD THE WORD!!  We will only be funded if people know about us, so the more you can share, the more likely we can make this movie.  (But also please donate! That would be a good thing, too!!)


Um... let's see.... Here's a rough list of FAQ's:

Will my contribution be made public? According to our reward levels, we may mention you on our websites, tweets and such.  But if you want to remain anonymous, that's totally cool, too.  Just let us know.

Am I opening my door to spam? NO!!!  We will not misuse your email or any other info for anything.  We will only do what we specifically say we'll do — and if you don't like it, just let us know and we will immediately stop.  

Can I increase my pledge? SURE!  If you want a higher award, just donate again and will up your total contribution accordingly.  

What if I don't want a reward and just want to help out? That's cool, too!  We're flexible.  Really.  We are not some distant unapproachable filmmakers here... we're friendly!!  Any questions or requests you have, just ask.   

If funded, when will the film be ready? If funded, we plan to shoot in July, and have the short completed by the end of the summer.

What if the film is not funded? If our funding goal is not met, your credit card will not be charged.  All awards will become null and void.  And we will not shoot our movie.  

Bummer. Yes, bummer.  So let's make sure that doesn't happen!!!  :)

Wait — one last thing... What if I have other questions? Then just ask.  We are an email away:


One last, but very important thing:

Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.  Your support, both financial, promotional and spiritual (in the kindred kind of way), will help to get this film made.  We know that, and appreciate it.  We respect it. And we definitely do not take it for granted.  

So thank you.  And welcome to the team!


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    JUST FOR KICKS: Much appreciated! You have our humble thanks.

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    THANK YOU PACKAGE: You will receive a SPECIAL THANKS credit on our web site and film, as well as a personalized Thank You From The Bottom Of My Undying Heart letter from the director, Philip Chidel.

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    DIGITAL PACKAGE: The above, plus a digital download of the completed movie. You'll also get a souvenir custom photo card, direct from the set.

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    JOHN HANCOCK PACKAGE: The above, but now your credit will be bumped to AN EXTRA SPECIAL AWESOME THANKS. More importantly — you’ll get an AUTOGRAPHED DIGITAL FILE OF THE MOVIE. What is that??? Well, instead of the regular movie, you’ll get a version that’s been customized just for you, with its own personalized introduction from the director AS PART OF THE MOVIE, speaking directly to you, for you. How many of your friends have THAT?!!

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    LITERATURE PACKAGE: All of the above, plus a select souvenir: Your choice of an autographed Philip Chidel short story, which will be published along with stills from the set. You can choose either: a) The prose adaptation of TIL DEATH, or b) The prose adaptation of ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY — the next short film we're planning to make once Til Death is complete. (Or choose both stories for $125).

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    MOVIE PACKAGE: The above, plus a complete movie bundle!! You'll get the Til Death DVD, the Subject Two DVD, a hard copy of the Til Death script, and a crew photo — all signed. And a T-shirt (unsigned… unless you want otherwise!) All that and a bag of chips. (Seriously. You'll get some chips. Just name the brand.) (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl please add $10.)

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    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER PACKAGE: The above, but now your credit will be an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER. You’ll be featured with a prominent thanks in the Pub section of our website, and you’ll also receive a 2012 calendar of production stills from Til Death. You may also exercise your right as an Associate Producer to 'associate' with the director — a 1-on-1 chat with the director via phone, Skype or, if you're in the SF Bay Area, in person over coffee. Our treat. (Canada shipping, please add $6, intl please add $10.)

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    VIDEO PACKAGE: 'We're coming to get you, Barbara!! (or whatever your name may be...)' :) Here, you'll get all of the above PLUS you can impress your friends with a PERSONALIZED HALLOWEEN VIDEO just for you, starring one of the actors in full-on special effects makeup. Your choice whether to make it scary or not! Our choice whether to make it cool. (Don't worry. We will!)

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    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PACKAGE: All of the above, but now you're the Big Cheese: an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. That comes complete with your own title card in the front of the movie — and also a PRIVATE HOME SCREENING with the director of Til Death & Subject Two for you and your friends. We'll come to you!

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    THE NEXT BIG PACKAGE: Be careful with this one.. it's just a tad short of EXPLOSIVE AWESOMENESS. This time, you'll get everything above — but our next short will be based on YOU. A key character will have your name and select personal details, and the entire story will be affected by what YOU DO IN IT. How cool is that??? (People with heart conditions, pregnant women, and children under 48" are not recommended for this one... but can ignore this warning if they wish).

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