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$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal
$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal

Fartacus Will Still Fly!!!

Hi all — 

So the end is here, and alas, we did not meet our funding goal. But this is not the end! Fartacus WILL STILL FLY!! :)

Gibson and I will be working on the book over the summer, and we hope to have ebooks available to you all by the fall. We're looking forward to writing and sharing it with you. 

But most importantly for now — Gibson and I both want to THANK YOU IMMENSELY, for all of the support and well wishes throughout the campaign. To us — even though it would have been nice to be able to make and deliver rewards — it was never about reaching our goal. It was about taking the first steps towards finding and creating a Fartacus community. All of you wonderful backers are now the original members of that community — our Founding Farters, if you will (sorry, couldn’t resist!) — and for that, we are both eternally grateful. 

And for bigger, more exciting news… As we write the book, we are also aiming to build a collaborative publishing platform to invite creative works from kids all over. That could mean writing, drawing, movies, pictures, or anything else that showcases the spirit of freedom and play. We want to celebrate a child’s imagination, and our Fartacus stories are just a part of that plan. We’re still developing it all, but first things first — we’re going to write the first book and go from there. 

So thank you for helping us take the first step in this ongoing flatulent fantasy. ☺ Your amazing support and well wishes inspire us, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. There will be more news to come! THANK YOU!! 

Father of Fartacus

Oh — and Gibson has something to say as well:


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