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$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal
$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal


Hi all — 

It looks like we have new friends in the blogging world!  Geek Smash has written a very warm and welcoming post about us, and they recognize the artistic merits behind flatulent superheroes!  :)  Thanks, Geek Smash, for the shout out – and for getting it!

As we stand now, we are only a few short days away from the end of our goal.  Without a last second surge, we're not going to make it!  Arggghh!!  But don't worry — Fartacus will still exist even if we don't hit our goal; it just might take longer to bring it to life.  Still, though, our mission to celebrate parent-child endeavors and to encourage collaborative publishing will continue!  I will be in touch with all of you as Fartacus proceeds, with or without a successful Kickstarter campaign (don't worry, though; I won't endlessly bug you).  :)

But for now... Here's to keeping Fartacus alive!  Thanks for your continuing support!

Father of Fartacus

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