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$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal
$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal

Fist Braces!!

OK — so we're plugging along with Fartacus, and Gibson just saw Iron Man 3.  So he's getting all Tony Stark on me and breaking open all of his electronic toys so he can tinker with them and invent something.  You know — breaking everything I've bought him.  

But then Gibson realized:  he has no idea what he's doing.  So he gave up on the electricity and gadgets, and went to good ol' fashioned masking tape.  He wrapped the tape around his hand tightly, like a boxer's gauze, then shaped it.  And drew on it.  He successfully made what he calls:  FARTACUS FIST BRACES!!

Yeah, the name can be better, but cut him a break.  He's 9.  

And now he's off to tinker on something else... :)
And now — while we enter into our final stretch... Let's push Fartacus through to a successful finish line! Let's tell our friends and reach out to people who might give a F*rt!  :)

Thanks for your continuing support!   PHHHFFTT!!

Father of Fartacus

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