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$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal

Sundance and Spreading the Word

Hi all —

We got a double dose of good news recently — The Sundance Institute (yes, that Sundance) has included us on their curated page!  Which is awesome.  And the crowdfunding blog Crowd Crux has included a post from me as a guest blogger!  Which is also awesome.  :)

So word about Fartacus is starting to spread... And with 10 days left, we need it to spread even more! So if you have any suggestions about who may be interested in fun, family-friendly superhero stories that just happen to be based on The Humor Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned, then please let me know.  After all, kids will LOVE this... even if their parents may not.  :)

On that note, I'll leave you with two more character renderings from Gibson.  First up:  The BOOGER — a kid who means well, but with his latest cold, alien mucus took hold, and it turned him into a phlegmy foe with explosive snot!  (Yeah. Parents might hate this.  But roll with it.)  :)

Then there's the WEDGIE WIZARD — a vindictive janitor who turns his broom into a staff that allows him to willfully wedgie any smart-mouthed brat that crosses him!  

Aah... the joys of thinking like a 9-yr-old... :)

Enjoy!  And let's keep spreading the word, you friendly fans of Fartacus!  There's more to come!

Father of Fartacus

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    1. Philip Chidel 3-time creator on May 9, 2013

      Thanks Kristin!! I'm going to have some more pics to come as well. And I did tell Gibson this, and he smiled from ear to ear. :)

    2. Kristin Beckstrom Radcliffe on May 9, 2013

      Let Gibson know my 7 yo son LOVES all he puts in to this!~ Love, love, love the project :)