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$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal
$3,174 pledged of $4,850 goal


FREE???!!!  That's right — free.  Check it:

As of this writing, we have about 12 days left in our campaign, and we're about a third of the way there.  We're gearing up for our final push now — and it remains to be seen whether we'll meet our goal or not.  We definitely have a chance!  But certainly nothing is guaranteed.  

So... in case we DON'T reach our goal... I was concerned that all these fun and games surrounding Fartacus would go kaput.  Which I don't want to happen.  Fartacus is too fun of an idea to let (ahem) dissipate.  So I came up with this idea — which will further promote Fartacus and also REWARD EVERYONE WHO HAS ALREADY TAKEN PART (and will take part), whether the Kickstarter campaign is successful or not.  So here it is:

You will get a FREE PDF EBOOK of I Am Fartacus when the campaign is done!

WAIT... Whaaaa??? How is $10 free?? And aren't you raising money to make the book in the first place??

Here's the deal: If we wind up not hitting our goal, the ebook will be free because your donation will not be charged. And if we don't hit the goal, I'll still write the book — it just won't have all the bells and whistles. There will be less artwork, and also no printed copy, no enhanced e-book with sounds and animation, no video, no games, no T-Shirts, no supporting materials such as the Fartacus Encyclopedia or the Fartacus Cookbook of Awesomeness: Bean & Chili Edition... and so on. The story will still be there and will be AWESOME — it just won't be as well-rounded an experience as what we are aiming for with this Kickstarter campaign.

BUT THIS WON'T BE AN ISSUE. RIGHT?????? Because there's still time to donate, so we can still make this puppy REAL. :)

Still, though – Anyone who donates $10 or more gets the ebook REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OUR FUNDING GOAL IS MET. It's a NO-RISK DEAL that rewards anyone who wants to be rewarded.  So let's spread the word and help others take advantage as well!! 

Thanks!  And on that note... I'll leave you with a picture of his new phone cover (which he promptly defaced) and his rendering of the climactic scene of Fartacus attacking The Windmill, who's hard at work trying to destroy an oil rig.


Father of Fartacus

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