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$3,076 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Anthony Bertolo
$3,076 pledged of $10,000 goal

55 Hours to go. A quick and dirty V-Log.

The End is Near

It was quite the journey getting to this point in the Kickstarter campaign. We've made some great friends and have grown. Many of you have shared very valuable insight and have given greatly appreciated suggestions. We have less than 57 hours before the funding deadline is hit. At just under 23%, it will be tough to hit that mark. Regardless, we will develop on!

This is our last two days to raise the funds. Let's make it count. We need your help. Promote Heroes of Forevia everywhere you can. Even if the funding goal isn't reached, additional exposure can help insure this thing is done right, and done soon.

The Video

The video is the first glimpse of "in-game" footage. It's very important to keep in mind that those two game instances are on two completely different game engines, and were my own personal test levels for my own part of the development. To put it bluntly: I'm not the artist of the group, so don't be shocked at the fugly artistic flare. Instead, focus more on the small things like the camera view, fluid-ness, and the simple fact that there actually is something there. Many of the game mechanics are in place and ready for the artists hand (which has already started).

You also got a glimpse of what the new popflame.com will look like. PopFlame.com will be the place where beta users (and all others at launch) can keep track of their characters as well as see what their friends have been doing in HoF. Stat tracking is a major focus for multiplayer because knowing how many skeletons you've re-sent to the grave is important to know. Especially when it's important that you've sent more back than Pat.


Get out there, promote the project, and even if this Kickstarter effort fails, you will still be able to keep up to date at popflame.com . There is still a shot at hitting the funding goal, but it will take the help of our backers to get there.

- Anthony


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    1. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      Wow, that video looks neat. And it is really fluid, wich really adds something.

    2. Anthony Bertolo Creator on

      We can retry the kickstarter any time. I know we should have had better rewards (we did spend more time than it shows on them).

      Our fear of releasing this type of video was that it may give the impression that our game would lack art direction / would be ugly. I realized at the last minute that showing that things _are_ moving along is better than nothing.

      We will still work on the game regardless of the outcome, but we may try another kickstarter with a more proper video and rewards.

    3. Duncan Sample on

      This is the kind of video you guys should have been doing all the way through! Seeing some real game footage got me excited, and then disappointed that it hasn't reached it's goal yet. I think if you had released this kind of video (and a few more) you might have seen quite a difference in attention.

      If you fail on this attempt what other funding routes will you try, or can you retry/extend the Kickstarter?

    4. Thomas Giles on

      Yeah, shame the funding isn't going as well as we all hoped. but it's good to see more of you guys, and see that you're still making progress with everything. I've got some coding experience in a plethora of languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C# and VB. So if I can be of any assistance, just give me a shout! The new look for the site looks great, by the way!