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A Genuine Adventure RPG about a group of young farmers for the Linux, Mac, Windows, the OpenPandora and now possibly Android and OUYA.

Where have all of the good farming games gone?

To my memory, I have only played one good farming game series, it involved harvesting, sprites, and a moon. Every time I browse the web for a farming game, the results are games that are not up to par with my expectations as a gamer . Do farmers not deserve honor? After all, they provide most of the food we eat. In March 2011, I decided to make a Farming Game. This farming game will satisfy me as a gamer. The mission was to not make a lame social farming game, but a full-fledged farming RPG where the farmers have stories and lives.

Cross-Platform for the Win!

It is time to break the standard convention of farming games

We want to show people that farmers aren't merely hermits on a farm, concentrating only on growing crops and livestock. We wanted to show that farmers are businessmen and women. There are many obstacles and enemies that they must face. Those enemies include thieves, other farming organizations, politics, and even wild animals like wolves. We would like to show others what many people have to deal with in the agricultural world; things which may not be seen to all of the city-slickers, despite the rise in popularity of Farmer's Markets in metropolitan areas. We will like to show people what many people have to deal with in the agricultural world, which may not be seen to all of the city-slickers.


Jezebel and her 'glory'

Yes, we know she may look ugly, but that is the point. When we see our enemies usually, they don't grab our eye as "wife-material"(beautiful beyond all measure). She is someone you will want to avoid them as much as possible. Her history is more broken than most of us, her family was killed by a group of meth-heads while she slept in the barn with her favorite pony. She woke up to see her family's home burned down with her family dead. This was all during harvest time, so out of denial she just began harvesting crops over and over again. She later grew bitter and vowed to be the most powerful woman in the world to ensure that no one will take advantage of her, like the murderers of her parents.

More Screenshots

Buying from Thomas

Martha or is it Mary..

So what do you do in Fields of Fresh?

[***]For those strategic farmers out there, the goal of the game is to maximize time, space and resources to produce crops at low rates with great quality. 

[***] For those who love to see and play-out a good story, Fields of Fresh takes you on a journey to uncover and repair broken lives of a diverse set of characters in a small rural town. 

[***] Each 'level/stage' has a set of objectives with various tasks from fighting a mob, selling a quota of crops, or simply rescuing dying sheep.

Get your Gear!

Here is some of the cool gear you can unlock.

Poster (11x17 in. or 2x3 ft.)

Why do we need your money?

Well that is quite simple. We will all love to make a good game, but we just simply can't spend all day long coding without paying our bills and life expenses. We will use your money to get artists to polish the graphics up, far better than a soldier can polish his shoes during bootcamp! We will like to get our artists to work on fixing up many of the sprites, tiles, and backgrounds that are a bit out of place/style. Also we will like to add tons more items, foreground and background tile images. One more thing we need your money is to help pay for things like a dedicated camera guy and voice actors. We don't want to give you a cruddy adventure. We want you to stand in awe of a little farming town that became the hometown of a legend.

The protagonist's family tree

Mark Duncan's family tree.

Meet Chase and Nathan

Yup, the UIC News Newspaper covered us!
Yup, the UIC News Newspaper covered us!

That was some sweet music, where did it come from?

Well now that you asked, the music is actually royalty free and made by a dude named Kevin MacLeod from

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

After getting funding for the project the fun will really begin. One of the toughest parts will be to maintain updates and it's cross-platformability of the game. There are still voice actors we need to grab for certain characters for the game and spriter schedules we have to work around. Even with a successful campaign, getting the word out about the game will be indeed a tough challenge. In the indie world it seems to be either a fail or a masterpiece. There seems to be a small amount of games out there that have middle class rank that many know about.


  • We plan to have Fields of Fresh launch on Linux, Mac and Windows on release day!

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  • OpenPandora runs on Linux, so we hope to port to their specific Distro on launch day.

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  • We are currently investigating if we will be able to have the ability to launch on those systems. Due to the game being developed in C++, we will have to investigate a way to port all of our code over to these systems and actually own these devices to test on. So there are no guarantees for these possible platforms to see a port for Fields of Fresh.

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  • Here is what we told Not Enough Shaders when asked the same questiom:

    "I haven’t even thought about posting such a stretch goal, until after we reached 100% funding. Nevertheless, since you asked, I will like to mention that we will love to get multiplayer on Fields of Fresh to work. Another thing that we would love to do with stretch-money is to fund better music and additional art to make the game become even more alive."

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  • We do not know yet, since the OUYA is not available to the public yet.

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  • Jezebel is ugly on PURPOSE. She is ugly because she represents every bad decision all of mankind have made. She initially looks quite beautiful and then she is shown for the hedius monster she really is later on.

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  • We plan to have the bonus missions last a few hours( roughly 2 to 4 hours total).

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  • We will like to surprise the world with our T-Shirts, do not worry. The shirt is suitable for work.

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  • I can understand your pain and for the sake of transparency you should know why these goals are so far apart. The previous goal was 15K because we really wanted to give our artists, musicians and actors a nice payment for their work; however, after further evaluation, negotiation and progress we've been able to get work done for cheaper rates. Also, Nathan has gotten a job since the last campaign launched and is saving money in the case our campaign goal is not enough to pay everyone.

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  • We plan to have full mouse support for those using laptop and desktop computers.

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    You will be credited as a founder of Fields of Fresh in the Opening and Ending Cutscenes and we will name a random NPC after you. Also access to Alpha version of Game

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    The Farming in Real Life Domination Guide(Physica),A Fields of Fresh watering pail(Physical), a statue in your honor in the game's town square. You also get A 60 minute Video Skpye chat with Nathan and Chase, access to vote with the development of crop types, farm animal names and town names from the $50 tier and you may name one of the player's family members AND one of Jezebel's goons. Includes all previous rewards.

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