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Heroes clash and strategies crumble as players scramble to collect the ember stones. Only the devious and cunning will revel in victory
Heroes clash and strategies crumble as players scramble to collect the ember stones. Only the devious and cunning will revel in victory
Heroes clash and strategies crumble as players scramble to collect the ember stones. Only the devious and cunning will revel in victory
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      Chris S

      We had a lot of fun tonight playing with different decks over three games. It's a pretty tight game, and we really liked how interactive it was. There were also a few cool card combinations and power moves that we were able to pull off with some planning, scoring 25 or 30 ember stones with one card sometimes. Very good game, thanks!

    2. Kenneth Maurer

      Received my copy in NJ. Looks good. Thank you

    3. Mike Musial on

      Hi guys. Last update was over a month ago. Can you tell us where we are at this point? Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Laura Kaplan on

      I am so happy for you! congratulations to you and Josh, You did it!

    5. Missing avatar

      Donna Pagliaro on

      Congratulations...never really crossed my mind that you wouldn't reach your goal! Can't wait to play again.

    6. Missing avatar

      wingkon on

      Yes! I was so worried that it wouldn't make it. I'm stoked to play this game!

    7. Mac Wyman on

      WOO!!! Skidding into the finish!

    8. Elizabeth Bannon on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to playing.

    9. Natalie Jaran on

      I am so pleased this game has funded. I had so much fun trying it at GenCon. :)

    10. Robert Miedel on

      Congratulations! I have to imagine that you feel relieved.

      Well done,
      Robert Miedel
      -Sky Dynasty Creator

    11. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      We're trying our best John Michael! Everyone deserves their own copy of Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon!

    12. Missing avatar

      John Michael Eadicicco on

      Down to the wire—you can do it!

    13. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks Robert! We are doing everything we can on our end! Sharing it on social media is great. Letting specific people know that you think would be interested works as well. We appreciate the help!

    14. Robert Miedel on

      Its so close. I've shared your project on facebook and pintrest, let me know if there is anything else that i can do to help.

    15. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks max!

    16. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Good luck you guys!

    17. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Keep sharing the page everyone, we're almost there! Leave any suggestions for us or your fellow backers here in the comment section!

    18. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      It was great playing Ember: Shroud of the Shadow Demon with everyone at GenCon! Thanks for backing the project, and we can't wait to get you all your own copies! Let's make it through these last two days and get funded!

    19. Casual Dragon Games on

      Great seeing you at Gencon. So many people loved playing Ember!

    20. Robert Miedel on

      I know my friends really liked playing Ember at Gen Con. It was great meeting you guys, and we look forward to our copies. Thanks for supporting my project as well.

    21. Rachel Huffman on

      I play tested this yesterday at gen con and immediately backed it. Fun game!

    22. Ivan Turner - 9 Kingdoms Publications on

      I know you guys are going to be at Gencon and I know you're going to be pushing the hell out of Ember during the stretch run. Can you please let us backers know where you're going to be and where there are scheduled games at the convention, either here or through and update (or both)?

    23. Missing avatar

      Rachel Sardo on

      I love Ember!! I'm so lucky to have been able to play it already (a crazy amount of times). There are so many reasons to buy this game. It's worth it. For me my favorite thing about it is that it brings people together. Also, it's interesting how it makes you feel when you're playing. I get very into it the game and it is almost scary before you get to make your next move because you don't really know what will happen before that time!

      I wish Paw-Warrior Games all the luck, but they don't need it they have Ember. I can't wait for my next battle!! I can't wait to own my very own copy.

    24. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Thank you for all of the comments! We did try really hard to make a game that was simple to learn but had enough depth to keep more experienced gamers interested as well. We're glad you like the game and hope we can keep spreading the word so more people take notice. Make sure to let us know if you have any questions about the game itself or how we came up with any of the concepts. We'd love to answer any questions!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Alomeri on

      Simple rules makes it easy to learn and teach friends. There are endless scenarios and card combinations. You'll surely discover your favorite card and develop your own signature move. I've played this game many times and I'm always excited to start a new game of Ember!

    26. Missing avatar

      Katie Davey on

      This game is great! I haven't played many card games like this before, but this one is really fun and easy to pick up. The more you pay, the more complex and strategic the game can become. So much fun!

    27. Missing avatar

      Bruce Greenspan on

      I've been playing card and boardgames for a long time and this is one of the best I've ever played. It's combination of uniqueness, fun and skill is as good as I've ever seen.

    28. Casual Dragon Games on

      Ember is a really great game. Not only did I get to play it but I also got to witness many other groups of people get to play. One thing was consistent, they all loved it.

    29. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Thanks David! We had a blast playing with everyone at Dexcon! Such a great community of people.

    30. David Sann

      Loved playing your game at dexcon.

    31. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Thank you James! We really appreciate that. It was great being table-neighbors at Dexcon with Pure Fun Games. We will be at Metatopia as well, so we will see you there!

    32. James Muckell on

      Hey it's James Muckell from Pure Fun Games aka one of the creators of Shadow Strike. It was great seeing you guys at Dexcon this past weekend. I really pray you guys can succeed with your campaign. I pledged for a copy of your game to help you to your goal. Next stop for Shadow Strike is Metatopia! And thank you again for playtesting our game! God Bless.

    33. Paw-Warrior Games 3-time creator on

      Ivan, one card that was added to the game about half way through development was "Ingduhl's Wriath." It gets placed into an opponent's emberscape, and is worth negative points. It has definitely become a fan favorite when we demo the game at conventions.

    34. Ivan Turner - 9 Kingdoms Publications on

      I've played this a few times at conventions and it's one of those rare games that I like better each time I play it. One of the things I like about it is the multiple uses for each card. Each card is worth points and has text or can be used as a mode, etc... Did you guys experiment with any other multi-use possibilities, like maybe the cards do different things when they wind up in other players' score pile or Ember scape?