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Build an oven powered by just a few twigs from your yard. The carbon footprint is about 1% that of an electric oven.
Build an oven powered by just a few twigs from your yard. The carbon footprint is about 1% that of an electric oven.
1,647 backers pledged $80,016 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Russell, the survey was sent out about 10 days ago.

    2. Missing avatar

      russell sherwood on

      when do you send the survey out to be filled or did i just get taken again by kickstarter

    3. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      yay! can't wait to see this materialize. so much great information

    4. Tracey Pera on

      so happy to be part of such a great group.! CoNGRATulatIONS!

    5. Katherine Cunningham on

      Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! Looking forward to all the goodies coming downunder!

    6. Wardog

      Congratulations, Paul!! And to the crowd of innovators who are making all this happen!

    7. Robert Montgomery

      Congratulations on a successful campaign

    8. Missing avatar

      Sarah Kaplan on

      Paul and collaborators, it is so much fun to see your kickstarters get funded 10x. You rock at this. And I'm really excited about having all these different plans/builds to learn from.

    9. Missing avatar

      Julia Mason on

      Congratulations! What a tremendous success. I hope you can fund projects like a good well up on the lab. I'll keep working on my beautiful rocket oven. I suppose I should start a thread so people can see it when it's finally done.

    10. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      First, gimmie a few days to clean up. Then we get the official stuff from kickstarter in 14 days. Then the surveys. Then we finish editing the dvd. We will get the final product out to digital folks first. And physical dvds should arrive about a month earlier.

      All of the rest of the goodies will probably come out over the next two months. The ones that already exist will come out first. The rest will come out as we get them edited and stuff.

    11. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Lisa, thanks for your continued support! I hope to keep coming up with further great kickstarter stuff for you!

    12. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Terry, we will probably spread the goodies out slowly so you can savor them.

      And so our servers won't get overwhelmed. :)

    13. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Derek, I'm not sure whether to thank you for the extra bump or curse you - now i have some extra work to do! :)

      I have looked up who the producer is, and I need to ask him if he is ready to have his name bandied about. (clue: he posted to the permies thread)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyrt on

      So this is my first time doing a Wheaton Kickstarter with pre-published digital content.

      When should we expect to gain access to extant content (PDC, ATC, RMH DVD Streaming, etc)?

    15. Missing avatar

      Lisa Chumley on

      Consider my gob well and truly smacked. Thanks, everyone, for your overwhelming crowd support. And well-deserved congratulations, Paul! I don't consider myself much of a "bandwagon" sort of person; but this is the fifth Kickstarter of yours I've supported, so it looks like I am, in special circumstances, willing to rethink my position. I see but a dim future if permaculture ideas don't inform it, so I am on board with the world domination idea. Go ahead--spend all that money in one place! As long as it's permaculture.

    16. Missing avatar

      Terry Byrne on

      Congratulations to Paul and all involved in this project. There is so much here to read and absorb. Is there any actual date set yet on the August release. I feel like a kid waiting for Xmas!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Derek Callihan on

      Though the real thanks should be to whoever pledged for the executive producer package with 10 minutes to go that put us within spitting distance right at the end.

    18. Missing avatar

      Derek Callihan on

      I guess that would be my teeth that got skinned. I refreshed it at 15 seconds and saw we were 60 short and couldn't stand the thought of coming so close and falling short, so I bumped mine up to cover the difference. I hit summit with about 2 seconds left on the timer. It must have took a few seconds to process, but it went through.

      This is why I don't gamble, I get too emotionally invested. At least it's going to a worthwhile cause and we all get the benefits versus whatever I would have wasted it on instead.

    19. Missing avatar

      Krista Schaus on

      is it too late to up my pledge? I really want those solar dehydrator plans. =)

    20. Missing avatar

      Annette Howard on

      Awesome! I was watching it, thinking it would not get over the 80 top, and then ding! My email rings with it just over that amount and with just seconds to spare. Way to go, everyone!

    21. Missing avatar

      BernardW on

      wow $80,000 by the skin of someone's teeth. Great for us as we get the extra stretch goal.

    22. Dana Martin on

      YAY!!! Good Job Paul!!!!

    23. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Wacky, it counted down to zero and it was under 80. Then about ten seconds later, it went over! Somebody must have been working on their pledge stuff as the timer expired and kickstarter let them finish.

    24. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      The gapper fee is a forever sort of thing.

    25. Missing avatar

      lyda eagle on

      YIpeeeee 80,000!!!!!

    26. Devon Olsen on

      with seconds to go it hit 80k!! woohoo lol

    27. Melanie Camirand on

      While I'm waiting for the closing, I wonder if there is a limit of time to use the Gapper Fee bonus. We are in Canada (in the north), so it's a long trip to plan, but we would like to use it next year or the year after if possible. Congratulation for the success of your kickstarter!

    28. Devon Olsen on

      so close to 80k!!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Rudy Valvano on

      Yes Paul. Thanks for that.
      And congratulations.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sunny King on

      Thanks, Paul. I will re-do so that it's all in alignment then, so it is easier for you guys on the back end. And now I feel dumb posting twice! (got a micro-doc for that?)

    31. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      Here is what I wrote in response to your comment on the update ...

      It helps a LOT if it can be hammered into showing what you really want. We make a lot of this stuff available at a very low cost because we hand out the goodies en masse. I do think we do an excellent job of making sure everybody is happy in the end, but it seems for every kickstarter there are about a dozen people that say "I paid $5 and I demand the $150 goods." - and I promise that those people will be unhappy.

      I guess this is a long winded way of saying that if you make sure that your reward selection is showing correctly, that makes things so much smoother.

    32. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      I think your earlier comment was commenting on the update. Here, you are commenting on the whole kickstarter. They look very similar.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sunny King on

      Well, my original comment disappeared! Trying again (and hoping it doesn't duplicate, apologies if it does!)
      I increased my pledge, but it still shows at my original amount for 'level'. Will we sort this out on the back end, or do I need to cancel and start over again? Had a tiny windfall in the budget this week.
      So exciting to be a very small part of this HUGE outpouring of interest in this project!

    34. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      We just announced that you can select the $40 pledge and specify "virgin islands" for the shipping destination. This is $0 in shipping - all digital. Does that work for you?

    35. Missing avatar

      Rudy Valvano on

      Does any $40 pledge get the dehydrator plans, even if at a lower tier?
      Ex. $25 HD download but type $40 in the pledge box.

    36. Flip

      I was also considering moving up to the $40 pledge, but as others have mentioned I don't want the physical DVD, but I do want the extra perks from the stretch goals. I also don't want to pay the $25 shipping fee. However if I understand your update correctly, even if backers don't want the physical DVD they will still need to pay $65 either way, so it's actually not a $40 pledge it's a $65 pledge ($45 if you're in US). Instead of offering a pledge at $40 you want international backers to pay $65 and add more "goodies" with the pie program.

      I want to pay $40, not $65. Is it possible to open a new pledge at $40 with the option of getting all the rewards at the $40 level without the physical DVD? Plus backers still get the stretch goal rewards that they want at this level! Thanks

    37. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Rudy, see the latest update for info about alternatives to the shipping fees.

      You can get pdc/atc upgrades right now. Go to the forum containing the hd streaming and you will see the offer.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rudy Valvano on

      I supported at $40 for the dehydrator plans but don't really want a physical DVD.
      I also got the pdc/atc streaming last time, but regret not getting the download. How bout a trade?

    39. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      I see that you supported the kickstarter at the $150 level. i think kickstarter is trying to help you out by moving the $150 level to the top. Might that be the case?

    40. paul wheaton 7-time creator on

      Kevin, I still see the $150 level.

    41. Kevin Young on

      The $150 level disappeared. What happened to it?

    42. Wardog

      @Logan - fine idea!

    43. Missing avatar

      lyda eagle on

      Wow, every time I look at it, it has gone up a few thousand. So exciting!

    44. Ryan Lee Skinner on

      I wonder how many people funded at the $35 DVD level and would up it $5 for the Dehydrator plans... Uh... i did

    45. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      I just left $80, I like all of things I'm going to be able to get with that, as well as it gets us that much closer to the J-tube (without spending so much to get the spouse on my bad side)! I'm excited for the thought of a good no-weld J-tube!

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter NAGY on

      This is AWESOME! I'm very excited about the door thermometer video and the dehydrator plans as well. Let's shoot for the alternate style J-tube! Great stuff!

    47. paul wheaton 7-time creator on


      I jumped through a lot of hoops a couple of years ago so they could be shipped to japan. For a while, i saw amazon orders for all over the world. I admit, it has been a while since i have seen an amazon order outside the US.

    48. Flip

      @Paul: thanks for your reply. I’m actually only interested in one deck for myself. I checked your site, which led me to Amazon, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Japan. :(

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