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I wanna test a big gob of light bulbs at 30 seconds. I suspect that a CFLs won't do well - but how poorly, exactly, will they perform?
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paul wheaton

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farmer laboratory 30s CFL video complete

Thanks to all of you that made this possible.  I hope that your mention in the credits is all that you hoped and dreamed. 

The delay was due to the light bulbs not dying on schedule.  :)  Several are still going!  I finally decided that the video would not wait for the last bulbs to die.

farmer laboratory CFL update

I expected the CFLs to die at about two weeks.  Three of four of them did.  One is still running and it is now day 100.

I expected the incandescents to die at about four weeks.  Both incandescents are still going strong. 

I already have most of the video footage for the video.  Getting more today.  And am gonna wrap this video up in the next week even if those remaining light bulbs are still burning.


It's been just a few hours and it is already half funded!  Hot dog!