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A mobile strategy game that combines the best of tower defense and real-time strategy and supports both single-player and multiplayer.

A mobile strategy game that combines the best of tower defense and real-time strategy and supports both single-player and multiplayer. Read more
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on February 26, 2012.

About this project

City Conquest

City Conquest is an innovative new strategy game for iPad 2+, iPhone/iPod 4+, and high-end Android phones and tablets.  It combines luscious, high-resolution tower-defense gameplay with a new game mechanic that allows multiple players to send creeps against one another.

This results in a new form of gameplay that has the simplicity, accessibility, and addictive gameplay of tower defense, with much of the strategic depth and competitive multiplayer support of an RTS (and without the unit micromanagement of an RTS).

City Conquest includes:

  • 9 Defensive tower types (most have 1 or 2 additional upgrade levels)  -- see Update 5 for an introduction to the defensive towers
  • 9 Offensive unit types (all have 4 upgrade levels) -- see Update 3 for an introduction to the units
  • 4 Powerful mothership-based game effects (spells)

The game will feature a full single-player campaign, a set of challenge missions, an extensive tutorial, and a set of multiplayer missions.  All single-player missions will include at least 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard).

In addition to the competitive gameplay, City Conquest also features two resource types and territorial control dynamics.

The full version of City Conquest will be priced at approximately $4.99 in the App Store.  We also plan to release a free "lite" version with a limited selection of missions and limited upgrade levels.

Update: We have now been featured on, the worlds leading website for news and information about artificial intelligence in games!  Read the full interview here.

State of the Game

City Conquest is 6 months into development.  The gameplay code is 100% complete (excluding computer player AI) and all in-game art and sound content are also now 100% complete.

The game's single-player AI is being developed by a recognized expert in game artificial intelligence with 17 years of industry experience.

Hotseat multiplayer will be available at launch, and we are hoping to add WiFi multiplayer in a post-launch update.

Your Donation

Your support will help us add WiFi multiplayer support in a post-launch update and allow us to build additional missions and commission additional music for the game.

Our Company

Intelligence Engine Design Systems, LLC is dedicated to advancing the craft of game design through the use of computational intelligence techniques and the application of game AI techniques to improve the state of the art in game design.


  • No. The full, paid version of the game will have all game features enabled plus a full, diverse set of single-player missions. In short, it will include everything needed to get the full game experience.

    The free "Lite" version of City Conquest is a limited game demo. As such, it will offer a smaller selection of missions and will have some game features disabled, as is typical for a game demo.

    We may offer additional paid maps for download at some point in the future; however, these will be *extra* maps for players looking to expand the City Conquest experience. The game itself will already feature a broad and diverse selection of game missions.

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  • That's a typo, and Kickstarter won't let you edit pledges after you've entered them. "Infinite City" was the original name of the project before I found out that there's already a board game with that name.

    Rest assured that these will actually be "City Conquest" T-shirts.

    Last updated:
  • No. Our video was taken at iPad resolution (1024x768), which is higher than iPhone 4 Retina resolution (960x640), so for any given zoom level, there is less stuff onscreen at the same time on an iPhone than on an iPad.

    Also, if you ever find the display is too cluttered, you can always zoom in further by touching the screen with two fingers and move them away from one another.

    We're running the game on an iPhone 4 right now and the game is just as easy to play on an iPhone as it is on an iPad.

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  • No; our system is completely different.

    We are first and foremost a game development studio. In the forseeable future, any external tools and consulting services we offer will be secondary to that.

    Once we do reach the point where we're ready to offer our tools and services, our offering will be quite different. Where the +7 "Balance Engine" ( seems to indicate that it tries to be a "drop-in" tool that tries to handle all aspects of game balancing as a "black box" system, we do not see such a goal as realistic or useful. Instead, we are working on a comprehensive set of design systems, including both specific software tools and broader design techniques, of which game balancing is only one piece.

    Additionally, any balancing & tuning tools we offer will have a much broader goal of supporting designers' goals and constraints, whatever those may be, and providing insight into how design changes affect gameplay dynamics. It is ultimately up to the designers to decide what "balanced" means for their particular game.

    This is completely different from the idea trying to tune someone else's game according to one's own view of what "balancing" means.

    The key is to empower designers, and provide powerful analytics that give them visibility and insights into their design changes, rather than provide any sort of "magical" tools to do their jobs for them.

    Last updated:
  • Not at this time.

    Last updated:
  • It's true that there are a handful of mods for WCIII and StarCraft 2 (such as "Desert Strike" and "Squadron Tower Defense" for SC2) that allow for certain forms of tower defense with simultaneous creep spawning and defending. However, the gameplay dynamic in all of these mods is completely different -- turns are usually simultaneous; there are no dropship pads as part of the mazes (or if there is some equivalent, it's in a separate area, as with Desert Strike, and not part of the maze itself); you spawn each individual creep yourself individually; there is no territory control mechanism, and so on.

    There are also many additional aspects of City Conquest, such as the path highlighting arrows, that can't really be done effectively as part of a WC3 or SC2 map, and which are really integral to the gameplay, since they let you know what path enemy units will take.

    So the mechanics are radically different, and City Conquest has a completely different dynamic -- one that, to our knowledge, hasn't been explored.

    Additionally, regardless of any mods, this particular territory certainly hasn't been explored yet to any appreciable extent on mobile devices. There are a handful of mobile games, such as Anomaly HD, where you play as the creeps instead of defenders ... and a handful of others, such as "Defenders of Ardania," where you play offense and defense at the same time. But both of these are completely different dynamics from the gameplay in City Conquest for all the same reasons listed above.

    For example, in "Defenders of Ardania," player positions on the map are fixed; there is no territory control mechanic; players must spawn each creep manually; and so on. So it ends up being a completely different dynamic.

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  • It hasn't been determined yet. We will support "high-end" Android devices, but it will be some time before we can nail down exactly what constitutes "high-end" and which devices are supported and which ones are not.

    Our game requires Retina (or near-Retina) resolution (i.e. 960x640 pixels). We're hoping to be able to support Kindle Fire (1024x600), but we cannot guarantee Kindle Fire support at this time.

    We will also require some version of Ice Cream Sandwich as a minimum requirement for the OS.

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  • Don't worry, City Conquest is still in production! You can find our new Kickstarter page at

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