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Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 - Powerful Microcontrollers For Making Awesome DIY Electronic Projects
Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 - Powerful Microcontrollers For Making Awesome DIY Electronic Projects
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Packaging Rewards

Posted by Paul Stoffregen (Creator)

We're starting to package up rewards.

Testing is still ongoing.  So far, Brian & Erin have tested about 4500 boards this week.  Erin's now working on packaging, while Brian's finishing up the rest of the testing today, tomorrow and maybe a little Saturday or early next week.

In case you missed the mention earlier, the PJRC Team is 4 people: me, Robin, Erin and Brian.

Here's a shot of most of the Teensys tested as of yesterday, before they started going into the bags with cards.  Each bag you see is a group of 20 Teensy 3.6 (in the front 4 boxes) or Teensy 3.5 (in the back).

 Throughout this whole process, we're keeping counts of 10 or 20 boards.  Earlier we tried 240, but that turned out to be error-prone and unworkable to find and correct mistake.  As we do each step, 10 or 20 are handled at a time.  If any are left over or missing at the end of doing 20 of anything, then we know to recount and find the error before starting the next 20 pieces.

Yesterday we started combining stuffing the boards into the bags with cards & invoices, which were shows at the end of the last update.  Here's all of the Single 3.6 and half of the Starter Combo rewards:

In this photo you can see some of the labels, which are turning out to be the biggest challenge at this point.

I had originally planned on starting the label printing Monday morning.  Little did I know, Kickstarter gives backers 48 more hours to fix their addresses.  It's impossible to simply turn off addresses updates, as I had imagined (if anyone from Kickstarter reads this, please consider mentioning this in the docs).  Here's just some of the labels, I believe about 500-600 in this photo.

Yesterday Robin printed almost 900 labels in two long marathon sessions.  I did about 430 more from 2 to 7 AM.  They she started again this morning while I got some sleep.  Those were the USA labels, which go a little faster.  Now she's working on the international ones.  We're doing things carefully, and recording the tracking numbers and updating Kickstarter for each rewards, and of course grouping the labels into batches of 10 and sorting by reward levels.  Most labels take about 30 to 50 seconds or work, and some take a minute or two if there's something unusual.  When you multiply that times 3072 (the number with address survey responses), it adds up to a lot of work!  I had planned on this, we're going to be scrambling a bit to make up for the loss of Monday and Tuesday to print labels.

Of course, the very last step is to put the reward bags into the padded mailing envelopes and apply the shipping labels.  Erin's starting that part today!

Even with the 2-day label setback, things are going really well.  I'm confident we will ship almost all rewards next week.

Today we also got the notice that Kickstarter as started the funds transfer.  The total in fee worked out to be 8.88%.  The banks take a few business days to process the transaction, so we should actually get the funding right about as we're finishing packaging the rewards.

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    1. Missing avatar

      AngoLito on

      @PJRC Team

      Take a break!!!! :-)

      Amazing campaign!
      Excellent communication!
      Highly interesting product!

      Campaigns like this make great KS (take note KS team...)


    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      Kickstarter should highlight this project as an example of the perfect way to run a project:
      - Plenty of communication about what's happening (so many projects totally fail on this)
      - Interesting and useful 'behind the scenes' information (e.g. the test jig stuff was fascinating)
      - You clearly know exactly what you are doing.
      Big thanks!

    3. Larry Battraw Jr. on

      Bravo! What an incredible effort, you never really understand how much work there is to do, fulfilling a KS campaign. Thanks for the updates!

    4. Paul Stoffregen 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the concerns. We are all working long hours this week, but things are going pretty well.... well enough that I could take a little time to snap these photos, edit them (mostly blurring the addresses) and post this update.

      We will indeed rest soon. We are planning to have a celebration dinner next Wednesday. I will be traveling to NY Maker Faire shortly afterwards, and it's looking likely Robin, Erin & Brian will take a 3-day weekend. I think I can speak for everyone here that it actually feels pretty good to be making progress and keeping mostly on schedule.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Cass on

      PJRC Team is 4 people: me, Robin, Erin and Brian..... The NEW Fantastic Four!! Great job and thank you to the whole team!!

    6. Carlton Colter

      This is the most informative, kept up campaign. Amazing communication, attention to detail, etc. I love your updates and the insight they offer into the process that you and your small team are going through to make everything happen! Amazing work! You should all be very proud of your progress!

    7. Bryan Lyon

      I agree with the rest saying that I can wait a bit. Seriously, you don't need to BEAT your estimate for delivery. I'm used to KSs going way over their date, the fact you're even trying is amazing. Kick back and enjoy a well deserved rest every once in a while.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Jennings on

      yes great work but don't overdo it ... a day or 2 or more late won't matter to me. take a break :)

    9. salman sheikh on

      I can wait a day. Get some sleep at night unless you prefer working nights.

    10. J.P. McGlinn on

      @douglaslyon, What part? Except for 50 hours dealing with label printing in 3000 tiny intervals everything looks smooth and easy, just lots of work.

    11. Ryan Voots on

      I second that, you guys all deserve something for such a success.

    12. J.P. McGlinn on

      I hope you take at least one day this weekend to go out on the town, the beach or even just sleep all day. You've earned it and I'll happily wait one more day for my rewards to land in my mailbox if it means the PJRC team is healthy and happy. Great work, now go back and sneak in another nap.

    13. douglaslyon on

      There has GOT to be a better way to do fulfillment, what a pain!