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Teensy 3.0, an affordable 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 board, for development in Arduino or C/C++.
Teensy 3.0, an affordable 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 board, for development in Arduino or C/C++.
1,572 backers pledged $70,874 to help bring this project to life.

Seventh Software Update & Support Forum

Support Forum

We now have a forum for Teensy questions and support.

For project guidance and tech questions, please use the forum.  You post code, screenshots and other info, edit your posts, and have a dedicated topic.  Kickstarter's comments don't have those features, so please use the forum for any serious questions.  Of course, comments here are perfectly fine for casual conversation.

Software Update #7

Here is another software update.  This versions fixes several minor bugs and adds support for Arduino 1.0.2 (released yesterday).

I've also released Teensyduino 1.10, which includes all the Teensy 3.0 stuff except the ARM compiler.  This release represents a bunch of work to bring Teensy 3.0's development back to the Teensyduino installer.

Rewards Shipping Status

All but 10 of the rewards have shipped.  Today received the shipping address and other info for one.  Robin says it will ship tomorrow, leaving only 9 rewards left.  All 9 of those have no response to the survey and no response to multiple messages sent using kickstarter and direct email.  Kickstarter only gives us email addresses, so we can't ship those last 9 until we get responses.  If you're one of those final 9, please email Robin directly, robin at pjrc dot com.

Teensy 3.0 is selling normally now from stock with nearly all orders shipped same-day.  Both with and without pins have plenty available.  Here's the pages.

Future Updates

With this Kickstarter effectively completed, I'll probably post projects updates only when new software releases add major features.... and I am indeed working on them: missing USB types, various Arduino libraries, etc.

To follow Teensy 3.0 more closely, especially regarding specific library compatibility or minor features, please use the forum.  That's where most of the conversation will be.

Thanks for backing the Teensy 3.0 launch here on Kickstarter.  Your support helped us get Teensy 3.0 out to the world much more quickly.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks again!   :-)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Callow on

      The link for the 32 bit Linux download actually points to the 64 bit version
      The correct link appears to be

    2. Missing avatar

      andy on

      If possible, create a new "Library subgroup" heading section on the forum board and
      at the beginning create an admin "read-only" topic that states what Teensy 3 libraries are complete and the projected porting dates for the others,
      This way, the T3 users will have some idea on what software development they can work on until the other Arduino libraries are ported to the Teensy 3 ARM.