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Gripping new crime thriller from Paul Osborne, the writer of TEN 'TIL NOON & director of OFFICIAL REJECTION. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 6, 2011.

Gripping new crime thriller from Paul Osborne, the writer of TEN 'TIL NOON & director of OFFICIAL REJECTION.

About this project

[Note: if you've missed the deadline - don't panic! You can still get involved by investing.  Just contact us directly at - and thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!!]


"You always used to say you could tell how good a friend is by whether or not they'd help you move a dead body. "

"Yeah.  Sounds like me."

"So... would you?"

Kip Desmond has gotten everything he's ever wanted: a thriving career, beautiful wife, and an affluent lifestyle, all of which is put in jeopardy when Abby, the woman with whom he's having a casual fling, is accidentally killed. Desperate, he ends up on the doorstep of childhood friend Marvin Croat and asks him for a huge favor: help get rid of the body. This gruesome situation begins a series of events which unravel Kip and Marvin’s lifelong friendship, leading both men to murderous acts neither had ever suspected themselves capable of.

FAVOR is the gripping new thriller from writer/director Paul Osborne, who brought you the cult hit TEN 'TIL NOON and acclaimed documentary OFFICIAL REJECTION.  It will star Blayne Weaver and Patrick Day in the two lead roles, and production is set to commence this June in Los Angeles.

What we're doing here is trying to raise money toward that production.  Fortunately, the digital revolution has made it possible to make a quality movie on a very tight budget.  But actors still need to get paid.  The crew still needs to eat.  Make-up, costumes, props, insurance, permits... it adds up fast.  Your donations will go toward all of that and more.  If you back us here, you can rightly swell with pride during our shoot knowing the Best Boy got his PB&J sandwich that day because of you!

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, here's how it works: you simply click on the green donation button (contributing anything from a dollar on up to... well, there is no limit, really) and it uses your Amazon account to charge your credit card, just like buying a DVD!  And you can get some cool rewards in the process.  But if we don't reach our $20,000 goal by the time we hit our deadline, you get charged nothing.

Every donation, no matter how small, allows us make a better movie, and every backer will get project updates thru Kickstarter, keeping you saavy with insider scoop on the film you're helping to create.  You can also increase your donation after it's been pledged (provided the deadline has not yet been reached).

In addition to contributing money here via Kickstarter, there are a few other ways to get involved.  If you're interested, you can make an actual investment or do product integration in the movie.  For more information on those options, or just for an additional glimpse of the project including bios, synopsis and other nifty stuff, please download our FAVOR PROJECT PDF.

Please feel free to check out, contact us thru the email address provided there, or follow the director on Twitter @PaulMakesMovies.


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    Access to exclusive Kickstarter updates on the project and our eternal gratitude.

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    Access to those very same updates plus a SPECIAL THANKS in the film's end credits.

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    Updates and a SPECIAL THANKS both in the end credits and on the film's IMDB page.

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    Updates, plus a SPECIAL THANKS in the end credits, on IMDB, and on the film's official website, where your name will link to the website of your choice - your Twitter page, Facebook, blog... you name it. (These rewards are included in all subsequent rewards levels...)

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    PRODUCTION INSIDER - Receive EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes pictures and video clips DAILY during the movie's principle photography. These will not be released anywhere else, ever. (Included in all subsequent rewards levels...)

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    Pledge $50 or more

    5 backers All gone!

    We've got 5 copies of Blayne Weaver's hit indie WEATHER GIRL autographed by both Mr. Weaver and star Tricia O'Kelley (of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE). There's never been a DVD signing for this movie before and there may never be again. When these are gone, they're gone.

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    Get the BLAYNE WEAVER FAN PACKAGE: A 6 MONTH RULE T-Shirt, autographed copy of the WEATHER GIRL and OUTSIDE SALES screenplays, and an autographed DVD of OFFICIAL REJECTION.

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    Get a one-hour film festival strategy and advice session - either in person, over the phone or Skype - with Paul Osborne and Blayne Weaver.

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    Pledge $300 or more

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    Get enrolled in a series of 3 acting classes at the YOUNG ACTORS SPACE in Los Angeles, taught by Patrick Day himself. (Travel and lodgings not provided.)

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    Get FAVOR'd: Even though this movie's plot is top secret, you get to bypass all the mystery and get a PRE-RELEASE DVD screener of the film as soon as its completed, as well as an autographed copy of the screenplay and a one hour SKYPE session during production where you can watch while they're shooting - LIVE!!

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    Get even more FAVOR'd - In addition to the pre-release DVD, autographed screenplay and live SKYPE peek at the production, you get to BE A FEATURED EXTRA IN THE MOVIE. Includes IMDB credit as a member of the cast. (Travel and lodgings not provided. Production is set to take place in greater Los Angeles between June 12th and July 1st, 2011.)

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    Pledge $5,000 or more

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    Be an actual EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the film: Name on the silver screen, IMDB credit, the whole deal - as well as the chance to view early cuts of the movie and invitations for you and a guest to our wrap party, premiere, and any festival screenings (travel and lodgings not provided).

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    You get IT ALL. Every single one of these awards combined, plus your production company logo (if you have one) at the beginning of the film (after CONSPICUOUS PICTURES) and on all trailers and posters for the movie.

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