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CA$ 768 pledged of CA$ 48,000 goal
CA$ 768 pledged of CA$ 48,000 goal


Want to reach right into a live video broadcast and change something?
Glitch lets you do that.

From your web browser, phone, tablet or TV you will soon have a whole new way to actively participate in your streaming entertainment. A modern mash-up of live broadcasting, sports, video gaming, hunger games, reality TV and web technology. 

Glitch brings an interactive audience, you, into the digital world of a video broadcast and gives you the ability to change that digital world.

From Virtual Reality interview shows, to survival games, to player vs player team combat video games, Glitch brings an interactive audience to digital broadcasting. 

Live entertainment doesn't need to be passive anymore. It's about time we were able to reach into those digital worlds and interact with our favourite entertainers.

After all, it's all ones and zeros, so why can't you change the world? Why can't you tie the quarterback's shoelaces before the big play? Why can't you help her find the resources she needs to survive the night? Why can't you turn his sword into a banana and his armor into a ball gown?

Now... you can.

Want to change the world? There's nothing to it.

What is Glitch?

It's live streaming entertainment with a steering wheel. 
It's a platform where creators can connect to an interactive audience.
It's a stage for next generation entertainers.

And... importantly... a working prototype is already online. 

and here: 

How does it work?

I like Minecraft. So let's use that as an example:

  • We'll have a player (that's me, broadcaster extraordinaire)
  • We'll have a game (a Minecraft mod that connects my Minecraft server to Glitch)
  • And you, the viewer (button, button, who's got the button now eh)

The game (Minecraft Mod)

  • Registers a session
  • Registers a glitch in the session
  • Registers each player in the session
  • Provides each player with a broadcast link

The player (that's me)

  • Clicks the link to create a broadcast
  • Streams the game online via their streaming channel of choice

A viewer (that's you)

  • Views a broadcast
  • Interacts with broadcast widgets

The game (Minecraft Mod)

  • Receives the result of the viewer interaction
  • Alters the live session (and... my sword is a banana, thanks for that)

A viewer (that's you)

  • Watches the player struggling to defend themselves from a hoard of zombies using only a banana while sporting a fetching full length ball gown.

Building an engine 

So here is where I am so far:

  • The API is fully tested and documented.
  • It's built to operate at scale (I have experience with this). 
  • It is secure and highly available.
  • The development pipeline is in place, the infrastructure is ready to scale out.

The platform is operational, but we don't have a lot of content... yet.

Kickstart the engine

So we need developers/creators to add glitches to their digital worlds and players/presenters to play and broadcast. 

Viewing broadcasts is free, but glitching a broadcast requires a paid subscription. 

Revenue from viewer subscriptions is split equally 4 ways.
Broadcast on Glitch, we pay you.
Connect your content to Glitch, we pay you.

Your pledge

Pledge to the Glitch project and your money will accelerate further development of the platform.

So little to do and so much time...wait, strike that, reverse it

  • more glitch input widgets
  • UI/UX improvements
  • mobile client
  • smart TV client
  • game integration mods
  • connect more digital worlds to Glitch

More features, more broadcasters, more viewers, more fun, more positive change.

 Help fund this project and a winner is all of us.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge facing this project in these early days is finding imaginative developers to create truly unique digital experiences. Glitch doesn't dictate in any way how developers glitch their digital worlds so we are relying on the creativity of others for this project to gain escape velocity and become self sustaining.

If you are a developer / mod hacker and you are interested in being an early adopter we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message.

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