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A Sci-Fi short featuring Hunt, a soldier from the future, who must deliver an urgent message to the past to avoid a great catastrophe.

The Story

Imagine a world where commercial time travel was available to the world's elite.  Humans traveling back to view historical events such as the American Civil War, the first flight or even being brought back to the time of dinosaurs. But even while taking great precaution, could mankind be trusted to resist the urge to alter the future?

Stitching is a piece of an epic time travel tale about Hunt, a soldier from the future who gets swept away in a conspiracy that twists the time continuum. Hunt must deliver a message that will prevent a great catastrophe from occurring, but that might cost him his life.

The Project

Stitching is a short film based on the large scale time travel story that Michael Brown has been developing for over two years. Paul Genzink and Michael Brown have worked on several projects together, but finally are able to team up and work side by side, blending their talents, to create a highly entertaining and interesting story.

Your Contribution

Filmmaking is not cheap.  We are invested in this project, both creatively and financially, but we are looking to you for extra support.

The money that we are raising for this project will go to help cover costs such as: paying cast and crew, equipment rental, props & production design and other miscellaneous costs that arise when making a film.

Our goal is to raise $2,500, but we could always use more.  Every extra dollar that we raise will allow us to make this film that much better.  This initial amount will go straight into the production of the film, but we have big hopes and dreams for this film.

Upon completion we intend to submit the short film to regional and national film festivals which hopefully will gain enough attention to allow us to pursue our next dream: make the feature length version of the film.  That's right, there's a feature length film version too.

The Team

Michael Brown (Writer/Director) - Mike is a writer/director with several years experience in the film industry. He has a degree in film studies from Cornerstone University and has worked on several productions in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area, as well as some New York based projects.

Paul Genzink (Producer) - Paul is the owner of Parachute Productions and has been involved in the film industry for the past 6 years. Over the past few years, Paul has been heavily involved in a variety of projects in the West Michigan area as well as Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. In 2010, Paul released his first short film, Not So Superheroes, and in 2011, produced and directed a web series, Perks.

Kemp Lyons (Associate Producer) - Kemp is also a graduate of Cornerstone University, has worked on a number of short films as a producer and writer, most recently a short film called Endnote.  He currently spends his days lending expertise to students at Cornerstone as the director of its media center.


We want to thank you for visiting this page, and to all of our friends and family for their support of this project.


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