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BALL PIT will be our 5th and BESTEST music-comedy album, and we wanna roll it out with bonus content, videos, and more!
BALL PIT will be our 5th and BESTEST music-comedy album, and we wanna roll it out with bonus content, videos, and more!
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Here we are. The final 24 hours. And we can hardly believe all the amazing stuff your support is going to help us create. The BALL PIT CD. EXTRA BALLS. Amazing art. The RPG Soundboard App. The previously inconceivable PaulandStormonomicon as both an eBook and paperback (which is ONLY available through this campaign). And now we’re sneaking up on the Animated Holiday Special collaboration with The Brothers Chaps.

We have no feeling left in our arms because we’ve pinched them too much*. Thank you.

Now all we need to accomplish a clean sweep and fund the Ice Cream and Guacamole Truck Tour is to raise an additional $165,000, or 1.5x the amount you’ve been generous enough to collectively pledge to the campaign thus far, in one day.

[pause for derisive laughter]

We are, of course, dead serious about doing The Tour. But even we recognize that, barring a benevolent mob of unknown origin deciding it would be good, just, and entertaining to descend upon Kickstarter and help some scrappy entertainers give away a whole lot of ice cream and guacamole, it’s entirely possible that it might not fund.

So just in case we don’t make it all the way to $265k, we thought it’d be reassuring for you to know how we’ll put any funds pledged over $100k to work. In no particular order (and tbd mostly by what the final total becomes):

  • A shorter version of the tour. The length would depend on total funding, but the amount of fun would be the same. 
  • Music video for our new song “Dusty California”, an Eagles-style romp about a struggling rock band that gets blasted by cosmic rays and becomes a superhero fighting force. We’d hire a Real Artist and motion-comic animator, and might also be able to make it into a comic book. 
  • Improvements to the RPG Soundboard App. These might include additional functionality and/or compatibility with additional platforms. 
  • Music video for our new song, “My Favorite Band”. We’d tell you more, but won’t, because spoilers. 
  • More funds for other musicians and/or studio/mixing time to record the EXTRA BALLS cover song collaborations.

The main point is that we want everyone to know that every dollar we collect is not only appreciated, but will be put to use in creating even more fun and entertaining stuff.

So THANK YOU once again for your support, and we’ll have more info for you about the process and timing for claiming your Rewards and desired Add-ons after the campaign has closed.

Also: we’re gonna do a Google Hangout starting one hour before the campaign closes, to celebrate, cajole, enlighten, and entertain, and we would love you to join us. We'll post the link for it in tomorrow's Update, and on Twitter.

See you on the other side,


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    1. Paul and Storm Creator on December 13, 2013

      Also: oopsie for putting the wrong heading for this update; but you guys are all smart, and know what we meant.

    2. Paul and Storm Creator on December 13, 2013

      Thanks, Adam! We've actually opted for pennies, so that it'll seem that much more impressive. And Scrooge McDuck.

    3. Adam Keyte on December 13, 2013

      Yay for reaching six figures. Have you decided which one of you gets to roll around on a bed covered with dollars, Indecent Proposal-style?

    4. Paul and Storm Creator on December 12, 2013

      Melissa - that happened after the first day.

    5. Missing avatar

      Melissa Kuhns on December 12, 2013

      I thought you were going to say you had no feeling in your arms from flailing in excitement.