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A local small farm CSA in Virginia wants to renovate two large chicken coops into high tunnels that will grow year round organic food.
A local small farm CSA in Virginia wants to renovate two large chicken coops into high tunnels that will grow year round organic food.
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For those that like updates. (ha ha)

Posted by Paul Phillip Meyer, VA Veg. Co. (Creator)

I guess I'm on my 1000th update and this won't be the last. ;) 

So a few nights ago past 2:00 AM in the morning scribbling down numbers trying to figure out how small farmers survive on such horrifically small incomes I came to the conclusion that I need to focus on growing more lettuce. 

I'm starting my winter crops and continuing my produce box business, farm stand, and growing my wholesale business. Yeah, I thought I'd have 4 months off. Pay the rent and walk away until next spring. That sure didn't happen! Good grief! I'll have a good two week break. I'll go to Maine for a week see and live in the rich foke house (the doctor's mansion) and then come back to my shabby but homey thirty year old winnebago with my 10 blankets to keep me warm through the winter. I guess I'll eat twice the amount of cans of beans that I'm up to now. Yeah, life as a small small farmer ain't that bad. Sure I don't have a line of women wanting to date me, a retirement account, working car, or home to go to but I have a lot of happy looking vegetables that need my endless love. Sometimes I think they are up to something trying to keep it all for themselves. I think most of you that are reading this just don't believe me. You think I'm cracking jokes. Partly I am and partly I'm not. I really need to create a short video to post. I'm sure all the types of beans I eat in cans will make you laugh. I have lots of choices! I have to admit Bush beans are my favorite brand.

On the topic of beans. Does anyone know where the beanstalk is to all the gold in the sky? Ha ha ha.

And on to new news. I've finished my herb greenhouse and plan to heat it very soon. Next will be my lettuce greenhouse and last finish chicken coop #2. Then I will be at my max. I networked with another local chicken farmer and plan to get around 50 chicks next spring. 

Well if you would ever like some fresh lettuce stop by the farm stand this winter in Powhatan. Also in December I'm planning to sell Christmas Trees. I sold all the pumpkins for October.

Until next time - stay warm, eat some hot soup, and finish your vegetables,



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    1. Paul Phillip Meyer, VA Veg. Co. Creator on

      @Chris - No root cellar. I do have a cooler I use to store some vegetables but mostly what I grow is very perishable like lettuce, microgreens, ex. I don't really grow storing crops like potatoes/winter squash. I do eat many cans of beans. Hahah it's the only thing that does store well in the constant changing conditions. When the truck is working I do get to Sheetz for a sandwich. That's a luxury!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Durban on

      Paul, I read and enjoy your updates. But what's with all the cans of beans? Do you not have a root cellar where you can store some of your delicious produce all winter long? Hang in there, man, you are making change happen! Chris (Paris)