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Making a lot more than just pattys

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This project's funding goal was not reached on March 4, 2013.

About this project

The patty pro plus,a perfect gift for anyone,easy and safe to use, will make four different thickness pattys,mini sliders.crab cakes,turkey burgers,salmon pattys,veggie pattys,skinless sausages,meat balls,and a sausage stuffer,all attachments will be included and it wont need to be powered by an expensive machine.It will save you time and money making things from scratch / make anything you want with it,as far as your imagination can take you,easy and simple to use,and is safe enough that a child can use it. I intend to use the funds for,Industrial design,manufacturing,market campaign,an infomercial to run 2 weeks across cable networks.I have had so many people request me to make them one,pay me for it and the shipping and handling,asking me where to buy one,when i will have mine come to market,thousands of e-mails to buy one,thousands of hits on youtube asking me to buy one.My user name on youtube is super020469  ,and all these people only think that it just makes patty's and nothing more,but it does a lot more,and they still love it and want to buy it even though it is just making patty's in the video,but if i can get the final version done with a manufacture, its gonna be one of the top ten kitchen gadgets of the year.If you google super020469 and go thru the pages,its just about in every country,and i am getting 5 star reviews,I have surpassed multi million dollar companies that have finished products and doing only one thing,and mine does not need to me motorized,and wont cost hundreds of dollars to buy,but it will do 10 times as much.I just need for this one door to open and i promise that i will work night and day to get the job done,Also for Kickstarter backers that pledge for rewards will receive the patty pro plus first over the regular public for helping me kick start my project here on Kickstarter.

Thank you everybody that took the time to look at my project.

Thanks again and have a great day! :)

Risks and challenges

The only set back that i have had is trying to raise funds to get it to market,I have worked on my project for over two years,i have tested and made sure that every function would work perfectly,and then retested.All parts can be made with plastic injection.I have a company to do all that,from industrial design to packaging,and logistics with warehousing.The only challenge i have is the funds!

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